Calligra/Chart Shape/Refactors

This page has a list of refactors that are planned for the chart shape.

Status Description Contact
TO DO Move data retrieval logic from DataSet to ChartProxyModel and make KDChartModel a filter for the ChartProxyModel. This will also remove the dependency on KDChartModel from DataSet. Johannes <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Clean up dependencies to KD Chart in KDChartModel Johannes <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Sort out responsibilities of 'god classes' Axis and ChartShape Johannes <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Make PlotArea (or a new separate class) responsible for diagrams instead of Axis Johannes <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Put ChartShape::saveOdfData() and ChartModel::loadOdf() into own class, e.g. TableLoaderSaver Johannes <{{{3}}}>
TO DO Remove LastChartType indicating that a data series has no specific chart type (inheriting that of the chart), by e.g. explicitly setting the 'main' chart type in every data series.
--> Removes dependency of DataSet to PlotArea and DataSet::Private::effectiveChartType()
Johannes <{{{3}}}>

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