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Calligra/Building/2/Developing With QtCreator

If everything is setup properly as explained here, you will be able to run Calligra apps and debug them from within Qt Creator. Git integration works too.

First, you have to get the source of Calligra and install all dependencies. That is described best in the Building Calligra 2.x article, which would be anyway a must read, if you are building the first time. Following recipes were tested for Calligra 2.x , QtCreator 2.x or newer and Qt 4.8.x. All paths here are kept similar to these explained on the Building Calligra page but make sure you use correct ones.
This is a simplified Calligra- and CMake- specific recipe, more extensive documentation is at [1].

  1. Start Qt Creator, use File -> Open File or Project from the menu and select CMakeLists.txt file which is in the root of your Calligra source tree directory. The CMake wizard should start.
  2. In the Build Location wizard's page you can set a custom build directory. Better do not use the proposed one (/path/to/source/qtcreator-build) but /home/YOURLOGIN/kde4/build/calligra or something like this. If you built this code from command line before, it's best idea to use the same build dir as before. Thus you can use Creator-based and command line-based builds exchangeably.
  3. Click Next. On the Run CMake wizard page you should add at least the install-dir build option:

    Depending on what kind of build you want, you can also append these options:
    • For a build where you want to be able to obtain backtraces (good for bugfixing or reporting bugs)
    • For building tests as well append
    • For a fast running release build (not really useful for development).
  4. After finishing the wizard, change to the Project view.
  5. Edit the Make build step and set the Additional arguments to:
    -j5 install
    (change 5 to other number as explained at [2])
  6. Add the variables to the build environment as listed below. You can use the Batch Edit button for convenience. See also Qt Creator Manual. Note you cannot use $HOME and other variables there. Compare to [3]. Replace paths containing lib64 with other if your OS is 32 bit.
  7. Assure, that in Run Settings Run Environment is set to Use Build Environment
  8. Now in project's Run Settings you can select in the Run configuration which program should start when you execute Run or Debug.

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