BoF 2012

BoF at Akademy 2012, designing WebAccounts togetherr


There is a common agreement that we need to centralize the account and identity management of all internet services.

We all agree that we should show the same interface across all applications, including Akonadi / Telepathy.

We will create by default all services but keep them disabled


  • Identity centric overview (Central kcm)
  • Application identity view (integration with app's)
    • Create account
    • Show only accounts we are interested on
    • Editting account
  • QWidgets interface
  • QML interface

Work to do

  • Make WebAccounts a service within the computer
  • Write a WebAccounts library
    • Models for handling accounts
    • Convenient methods for finding accounts
    • Interface bits to integrate into app's (both QML and QWidgets)
  • Move path kcm into a different place -- Aseigo
  • igrate all akonadi resources to akonadi :33
  • Merge Account details into web accounts as a "local account" plugin

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