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Proposed for Deletion
This page has been proposed for deletion for the following reason:

This page is not a project so much as a list of bugs compiled by a single user.

KDE has many desktops, one of them being mostly Mouse/Keyboard driven. What can we do to make the things we know work in this paradigm work even better? How can we make better use of the bigger screens today's desktops have? At the same time, how well does our desktop work with netbooks?

In order to make any serious improvement in "first impressions" we need to list those seemingly small details that "annoy the hell" out of users. Let's get started!

◈ If you change something in usability, do it with an option with checkbox - 50% of people
probably wouldn't like you idea of removing a feature that they use


► Unintended unexpected thing may happen when selectng multiply files with SHIFT button: they may accidently be moved instead of just being selected, if you accidently move your mouse while making the last click 320896

► If double click interval =0 (needed to prevent bug 298556) combobox is working only while mouse button is being hold (if you make a simple click, combobox list appears and immediately disappears after the mouser button is released) 320898

► Imposible to disable drag-n-drop of selected text 320900

► Selected file with rectangle over file name and selected file with rectangle not over the name is not the same! if you select a file not over the name, pressing DELETE will delete underlined file instead of selected! It's necesary to make underlineing of selected file. Also when moving or copying a file into directory, the file will be selected, but not underlined; pressng DELETE will delete not that file. Also when pressing UP/DOWN key it will not select file above/below to selected, but above/below to underlined 320903

► Imposibility of disabling wheel scrolling on task manager 198661

Mouse & Keyboard

► Hotkeys(shortcuts) don't work while contextmenu/menu is opened! 127752 70063

► Imposibility of creating hotkey combinations such as META+wheel, META+CTRL, META+ALT, META+SHIFT 211061 169691 84243 179504

► Shortcuts dont work with secondary layout 71147


► Deletion of files steals focus - I have to press UP then DOWN keys after each deletion. Also "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys react as they should only from the second time 181214

► After switching between windows (I have META+left/rigth_arrows for switching) minimizing the current window (META+arrow_down) or closing window with META+z don't work if META wasn't released after the switch 320907


► If all windows are minimized, they are unminimizing when you start a new application 299655

► No ability to resize windows without losing locked window position. But needed to make selection which (1 or 2) of corners must be locked 320908

► Firefox sometimes breaks it's forced size and becomes larger or smaller in width/height for several pixels 320909

► No option to remember coordinates & sizes for all windows of all programs


► Plasma elements such as Kickoff menu, battery info, calendar of clock widget don't remember their coordinates and sizes (Kickoff menu) 320910

► Plasma popups don't disappear when cursor is above them 301841

► Plasma popups appear and disappear not instantly 301841

► Stupid slow animation when moving task manager items. Why can't you make it nice and fast as moving tabs in dolphin? I need no animation anywhere. Also always have to move an item to the far half of another item for changing the position in the bar 320912

► Removing plasmoids does not clean ~/.kde*/share/config/plasma-desktop* from old things, and new plasmoids don't get simple numbers, but get numbers like 49, 65, etc 282955

✩ No ability to remember individual position of each program in task manager 320915

✩ No simple solution for complete disabling all notifications at once 157272

✩ Imposible to remove "cashew" button. Why I can't remove it if I don't use it? 154535

✩ The size of disconnect button in network manager is too tiny 320917

✩ No more ability (4.8) to resize plasmoids like windows (164355 but in 4.4.5 it was!)

✩ No abity to change size of icons/items in the panel 320918


► No more ability to add separators in the beginning of dolphin's toolbar for creating free space before buttons, but in 4.4.5 it was!!! 202850 143087

► Konqueror always shows hidden places after restart 320920

► No ability to place location bar above tabbar in dolphn 320922

Other Issues

► KWallet asking three times for a password (wireless, IMAP email, POP email)

► No ability to minimize and restore ktorrent (or other programs) by clicking on it's tray icon 166126

► When changing an icon, no ability to select no icon 320924

► In kdesu when you enter a wrong password, the window terribly stretches before, after

✩ Imposible to remember view mode for directories without creating hiden files in them 320926

✩ No ability to hide custom files. I want to completly hide /boot, /bin, /etc & other files from my mom in all programs 320925

✩ No ability to change association for all file types in a group at once, instead of that I have to spend an hour editng every type of association. Also no ability to search associations by typing a proram name 81137 76327


  If you know any bugreports or other supporting evidences for this issues, please supply
                      If you found any grammar mistakes, please feel free to fix them

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