This page lists help and instructions for those using Fedora.

Installing Amarok

Fedora includes PackageKit, so go to (gnome) System -> Add/Remove Software or (kde) System -> Software Management, search for amarok and select it for installation. Alternatively, use yum directly:

yum install amarok

Phonon Backends

Both the GStreamer and the VLC backend are available, the gStreamer one is installed by default. The VLC backend can be installed with

yum install phonon-backend-vlc

For more on Phonon, see the Phonon page.

MP3 Support

Fedora, by default, does not include MP3 support for legal reasons. To enable MP3 support, the rpmfusion repository should be enabled. Configuration instructions for the rpmfusion repository can be found here.

Once rpmfusion is enabled see the MP3 on Fedora page for installation instructions.

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