Amarok/Development/ Profile Guidelines Profile Guidelines

Amarok authors and contributors: if you wish for extended data from to be displayed in Amarok's new about dialog, you need:

  • An account (obviously), with a profile filled according to the guidelines listed below.
  • An entry in ocsData in main.cpp that connects your username with your KAboutPerson object.
  • Keep in mind that your profile will be loaded in the about dialog only when the user enters his credentials.

Profile guidelines:

  • Under Irc Channels please put only a list of channels, separated by single spaces and without other words (such as your nick, that goes elsewhere). (Authors only)
  • Please add a 50x50 ("small") picture.
  • In main.cpp, be sure to add your homepage, complete with http:// in front of it, and double check the completeness of your data.
  • The homepage used in the about dialog is the one from main.cpp, not the one from the profile.
  • Since this is a music player we're doing, I'll add favorite music artists. UPDATE: no need for special formatting, this can be free-form text.
  • Attention: please really double check the validity of your username in main.cpp because at the moment a wrong username makes the dialog hang, waiting for data. Obviously I'll fix this with a timeout, but still please insert valid usernames.
  • !!NEW!! The social about dialog now supports multiple social network links. This requires some changes in your profile. Your main homepage should be declared as a "Homepage" type of link in your profile, and is used only if you haven't defined a homepage URL offline in KAboutData. For other profile links, make sure to specify the correct type (social network name). is currently (16/10/2009) not supported in and I don't know why, feel free to add your profile as "other". -- Authors only for now

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