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OS X Port

The OS X port of Amarok is a work in progress and not intended for end users. DO NOT file bugs against the OS X port, or expect any support for it.'

Most developers aren't using OS X and probably can't help you much. However if this doesn't deter you, and you still want to know more, contact illogic-al in #amarok for more information. You can also view the work-in-progress build instructions ind the building link below.

When Amarok reaches a state where we're ready to start releasing builds for alpha testing on Linux, a OS X .dmg will be made available. Until then, be patient ... but if you can't wait start submitting some patches. ;)


Amarok is currently usable, at least for testing and development purposes. However, just like the unix version, it is in pre-alpha state and not ready for day to day use because not all functionality is available yet.


See for the build instructions.

Screen Shots

Just a couple of quick screenshots of progress so far:

Amarok after throwing some stuff into the playlist from the collection. Yes, it plays too.

Amarok OS X 01.jpg

And here we have Amarok showing the file browser

Amarok OS X 02.jpg

And here's the Internet Browser.

Amarok OS X 03.jpg

And here's the internet browser actually doing something useful; fetching podcasts via opml feeds.

Amarok OS X 04.jpg

Issues so far

- Sometimes scrollbar for the track doesn't move when using phonon or xine backends.

- drag from file browser to playlist crashes amarok

- Opening "Play Media" from the dock icon crashes Amarok (need to check with "vanilla install")

- Repeat messed up. All repeat settings do one thing, repeat the currently playing track.

- Pause does not pause. Playback is stopped instead.

- Playlist -> Add Media crashes amarok.

- Saving the Playlist doesn't work. Amarok seems as though it saves (giving no errors) but it does nothing.

- win+whatever entries get mapped to ctrl+whatever. Probably global KDE issue (kded4).

- tray icon "Minimize" doesn't work (I don't think this should be in the tray icon for _any_ OS)

- Menu layout needs to be rethought for OS X

- We break Apple HIG by not having "Window" menu. See: Apple HIG guidelines


- icon needs to be 'monochromed' -> kind of done, with new icon.

- DMG support

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