Is it possible to have Amarok output to an IceCast stream instead of directly to a sound device?

If so, would one then run a second copy of amarok to connect to and play the icecast stream?

(or is it possible that the first copy of amarok can output both an icecast stream *and* read its own stream and play it on a dsp device, (reading own stream in order to have the same 2second lag as other computers on same lan playing the same stream).

If anyone knows how to setup amarok to act as a radio station for your LAN, please update this wiki page. I currently use a spare PC as a music server, and VNC into it to change volume and to skip songs on playlist, but would so much like to have it stream so i can listen with headphones on own PC.

I've found what your looking for:

Streams only as ogg, but I'm sure a simple patch to the code and you could do mp3 as well.

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