Amarok currently has a list of the active developers with their area of expertise. There are many different components in Amarok, this lists them along with their maintainers. This list should be kept in sync with Amarok components as seen on and current maintainers should match Default CC list of respective components. (as seen under Enter Bug page, hit Show Advanced Fields)

Component Maintainer Bugs list
AFT: Active File Tracking Matěj Laitl AFT bugs list
Collection Browser Collection Browser bugslist
Collections/CD Bart Cerneels CD bugs list
Collections/DAAP Daap support bugs list
Collections/iPod and iPhone Matěj Laitl iPod/iPhone bugs list
Collections/Local: Database and scanning process Matěj Laitl, Ralf Engels Collection bugs list
Collections/Media Devices, MemoryMeta classes Bart Cerneels, Matěj Laitl Media Devices general bugs list
Collections/MTP player MTP player bugs list
Collections/Nepomuk Phalgun Guduthur Nepomuk collection
Collections/Organize Files Dialog Ralf Engels Organize Files dialog bugs list
Collections/UPnP Bart Cerneels UPnP support bugs list
Collections/USB mass storage and MSC Bart Cerneels, Matěj Laitl UMS bugs list
Context View: applet pane Context View general bugs list
Context View/Albums applet Album applet bugs list
Context View/Cover Bling applet (in playground) Cover Bling applet bugs list
Context View/Covergrid applet (in playground) Manu Wagner Covergrid bugs list
Context View/Current Track applet Current Track applet bugs list
Context View/Info applet Info applet bugs list
Context View/Labels applet Daniel Faust Labels applet bugs list
Context View/Lyrics applet Lucas Gomes Lyrics applet bugs list
Context View/Photos applet Photos applet bugs list
Context View/Similar Artists applet Similar Artists applet bugs list
ContextView/Songkick applet Songkick applet bugs list
Context View/Spectrum Analyzer applet Daniel Dewald Spectrum Analyzer bugs list
Context View/Guitar Tabs applet Rainer Siegle Guitar Tabs applet bugs list
Context View/Upcoming Events applet Upcoming Events applet bugs list
Context View/Video applet (currently removed) Video applet bugs list
Context View/Wikipedia applet Rick W. Chen Wikipedia applet bugs list
D-Bus interfaces Alex Merry D-Bus interfaces bugs list
Documentation Valorie Zimmerman Documentation ugs list
Edit Track Details Dialog Sergey Ivanov id3 tag editor bugs list
File Browser Matěj Laitl Files Browser bugs list
Internet Services Mark Kretschmann
LikeBack feedback system Teo Mrnjavac LikeBack bugs list
Moodbar implementation Sam Lade Moodbar bugs list
Notifications (On Screen Display -OSD- and KNotify) Kevin Funk Notifications bugs list
Playback/Engines Bart Cerneels Engines bugs list
Playback/CUE sheet support Bart Cerneels Cue sheet bugs list
Playback/Replay Gain Replay Gain bugs list
Playback/Streams Remote streams bugs list
Playlists Playlist bugs list
Playlists/Automated Playlist Generator Soren Hardward APG bugs list
Playlists/Dynamic Playlists Ralf Engels Dynamic Playlist bugs list
Playlists/Layout Editor PLE bugs list
Playlists/Saved Playlists Bart Cerneels Saved playlist bugs list
Podcasts Bart Cerneels Podcast bugs list
PopUpDropper Mark Kretschmann
Service Browser Service Browser bugs list
Services/Amazon MP3 Store Sven Krohlas MP3 store bugs list
Services/Ampache Ampache service bugs list
Services/ Stefan Derkits, Lucas Gomes service bugs list
Services/Jamendo Jamendo service bugs list
Services/ Sam Lade service bugs list
Services/Magnatune Magnatune service bugs list
Services/MP3tunes (Casey Link) MP3tunes service bugs list
Services/Podcast Directory Bart Cerneels Podcast Directory service bugs list
Services/Spotify Xengliang Feng
Services/Tomahawk Lucas Gomes
Shortcuts Shortcuts bugs list
Toolbar Thomas Luebking Toolbars bugs list
Tools/Bookmark Manager Bookmarks manager bugs list
Tools/Cover Manager Rick W. Chen Cover manager bugs list
Tools/Equalizer Equalizer bugs list
Tools/Script Manager Script manager bugs list
Transcoding Matěj Laitl Transcoding bugs list

Of course, let's not forget the general amarok bugs which do not go with a specific component: General Amarok bugs list

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