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Please add all requests for scripts that do not exist to this page.

WANTED : Radio Automation/Scheduler Script
Latley I have been involved in the setup of our new community radio station,and I want to use Amarok to handle playlist generation. So I figure if I set up a ruby script to handle the scheduling/automation , it would be perfect. The problem is that I have only recently started dabbling in ruby, and I'm not sure where to start. The main thing I want the script to do is load certain play lists at certain times. For example I could have a 60's play list, a classical play list, a rock play list, and some advertisement play lists and so on ...

Another feature that I eventually want to develop is one that will do the time stretching for program slots, so that when a play list in a slot ends there won't be any dead air and it would end on time for the next program. I guess this is really a matter of making the play list the right size in minutes, I have no clue how this would be done , other than manually :(

If anyone could Give me a hand, some script examples, ideas , or even a full script :) i would be the happiest fellow alive !

Maybe Pop me an e-mail or something ; )

WANTED : Daily scheduled interruption with new file, then return to previous playlist
I could use something similar to what is described above, but I'd settle for the ability to download Democracy Now on FLAC every night at 6pm (downloading could be a cron script I guess), interrupt whatever is playing at 6:30pm with that file, and then return to whatever playlist was going. Bonus if it can repeat at 9am the next day.

Hopefully this is relatively easy, but I have no programming skills. email Ed

WANTED : Copy/Move file(s) from context menu of the Playlist, near Delete file... We use a "To select" folder where all the music is download. Then we hear it and filter, which themes we want to preserve (moving to "Selected" folder) and which we want to delete or hear better in other moment. Also some times we want to Copy some files from the Playlist to a shared folder.

WANTED : Alarm
I was wondering if it was possible to have an alarm script like dailyalarm (I think) was for Amarok 1. If somebody could give me some pointers, i.e. how to refer to the system time and such, I could maybe take a stab at this. Shoot me an email to email. Thanks!

WANTED : BPM Counter
I'm looking for a BPM tool similar to this one for amarok 1. . I just want to be able to manually tap a BPM beat and hit enter to have that written to ID tag. I don't want or need any automatic BPM detect mumbo jumbo. I also found the feature that would skip to the next song and fast forward 30 seconds extremely useful. The first 30 seconds of many dance tracks are indistinguishable and it just saves me the step of having to do it manually. I have no programming skills but this seems like it would be easy enough. Send me an email if you want, it would mean a lot to me email.

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