As amaroK is an open source project, everybody is invited to contribute code. The used language is C++ and the Qt application framework. Best thing to get started with amaroK development is to take a look at the code and subscribe to the amaroK development list as well as join #amarok at Everything related to development, no mather whether it is a patch, an idea or a concept, can be discussed there. The kind development squad will surely assist you with any question about development.


You can join the amaroK promotion team, called roKymotion. This team cares about all official press releases, promotional activities, and the presentation of the amaroK project in general. For information of how to join have a look at the roKymotion wiki or join #rokymotion at


Translations are always an important part of any application. AmaroK's user interface and handbook translation is done by the KDE Localization team. If you want to translate amaroK to your native language, the best thing to do is to ask your language's team where to get started. You should also take a look at a special page with information related to amaroK's translation. If you don't want to translate the interface, or your language has already got one, you still can translate the amaroK wiki. Just take a look at the wiki pages and the special internationalization page to get an idea of how to do that. If you need help with one of those particular jobs, please contact our Senior Director of Interproject Coordination Activities, Harald Sitter, apachelogger <[email protected]> .


amaroK is not perfect, Linux® distibutions are neither. This is the reason why there are sometimes people, who need help. Thoose are either generic questions like "how do I get my roK to play mp3's?" or the more advanced ones "my amaroK crashes at startup, what can I do?". This job isn't hard to do even not for a newbie, just follow the dialogues in #amarok at or watch the forums for a while. Very soon you'll be able to answer quite lot of the appearing questions. If you need help with this job, just ask one of the other people giving support. They might support you with giving support.


Although amaroK is an open source project we have expenditures: we support our web hoster ( for spending us the server and administration for free, try to do meetings from time to time and do promotional activites. If you can contribute some money just use the paypal form at the left navigation of the amaroK page or ask at the developer's list for direct bank transfer's data.

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