The Amarok project is looking for active supporters, as the project is growing really fast the need for active contributors is increasing almost as fast. If you want to donate some spare time to Amarok without actually coding, you might have a look at the following working areas.


Promotion is an important part of every open source project, especially for Amarok, where the promotion team, called Rokymotion, not only cares about promotion in it's original meaning, but also about documentation, providing infrastructure to the core developers, bug testing and so on. Rokymotion is the team leading the non-developing part of the Amarok project, so if you're looking for a way to contribute to Amarok, the Rokymotion team will find one, even if it is not promotion. Have a look at the how to become a Rokymoter guide. You can also get most Amarok related information from the Rokymotion team.


Artwork is really important, we want to provide our users not only a good looking interface, we want it to be perfect. Good artwork (icons, splash screens etc.) are necessary part of a perfect interface therefore the Amarok project is always looking for good artists. If you have knowlege in creating and editing of raster and/or vector graphics have a look at the how to join the artist team guide.

Documentation Writers

With such active development, keeping Amarok's documentation updated is a constant battle. We're looking for volunteers to write content for the Handbook and maintain Amarok's FAQ. Currently the Manual is being written on KDE Userbase. Please get in touch with us in #rokymotion on and ping valorie or Mamarok, or subscribe and write to the [email protected] mailing list

Web Designers (MediaWiki)

The Amarok website, AKO, is getting about 10,000 hits per day, the more important is it that the site looks awesome. As most content is stored in the wiki, is a good looking but also functional theme absolutely need. If you have skills in web designing (especially MediaWiki and/or Drupal) mail the Rokymotion team for how to get started.

Web Hackers

From time to time it is needed to code some lines of PHP or change a JavaScript to work smoother. This is when we need a web hacker to do this in a proper and productive way. Basically it's just about being around in case someone needs bit of web code. If you're hanging around in #amarok waiting for some work, mail the Rokymotion team so that they can create a list with people to ask.

Quality Assurance

Amarok is a really big application, with a far too many features, as the developers are able to test before each release. Still this fussy testing is needed to ensure a perfect user experience without nasty bugs. This job is really easy, it's basically testing Amarok, according to a testing guide, before each official release. As usual, contact the Rokymotion team for how to get started.

Bug Managing

There are many bugs filed against Amarok that need, pruning, closing, discussion, or just being brought to our attention. If you are familiar with Amarok it would help us a lot if you could help us sort out which bugs are important and which ones are invalid! This may help.


We are always searching for people to translate the Amarok website content (i.e. News and Wiki pages). So if you want to improve your English skills mail the Rokymoters ;-) If want to help translating Amarok itself, please contact the localization team for the language in question at KDE Localization.

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