Amarok has had a great number of developers over time which you can all find listed in the "About" dialog in Amaroks Help menu. Currently these are the developers actively working on Amarok with their IRC nick, in alphabetical order:

Name Nick Expertise
Bart Cerneels "Stecchino" saved playlists, podcasts
Rick W. Chen "stuffcorpse" Cover Manager
Stefan Derkits "HorusHorrendus" gPodder integration
Ralf Engels "rengels" collection database, dynamic playlists
Kevin Funk "KRF" notifications,
Lucas L. Gomes "MaskMaster" gPodder integration
Soren Harward "sharward" APG
Sergey Ivanov "Sergey_Ivanov" tag dialog, MusicBrainz implementation
Mark Kretschmann "markey" project founder, QML
Sven Krohlas "sven423" Amazon mp3 store, Free Music Charts script, (services), (scripting), unit tests
Sam Lade "Sentynel" user support, "Jack-of-all-trades"
Matěj Laitl "strohel " iPod/iPhone & UMS collections, MemoryMeta classes. Release manager
Nikhil Marathe "nsm" UPnP integration
Teo Mrnjavac "Teo`" the playlist, mobile adaptation, transcoding, likeback
Myriam Schweingruber "Mamarok" bug triaging, user support
Patrick von Reth "TheOneRing" Windows builds
Valorie Zimmerman valorie documentation, handbook

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