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Slogan for Amarok 2

Amarok 2 needs a new slogan. The old one "Rediscover Your Music" is dated and does not convey the motivations behind Amarok 2.

What are the motivations behind Amarok 2?

Amarok 1 was essentially a very souped up XMMS clone. Amarok 1 was about listening to your music, which is still important (and supported of course) - but Amarok 2 is revolutionary. It doesn't differentiate between local and remote "collections." Amarok 2 is about listening to all music.

Here are some points to think about: The slogan should:

  1. Have "music" (or something close to that) somewhere in the title
  2. Convey our Music 2.0 focus
  3. Sound catchy and cool
  4. Try to be somewhat original

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  • Amarok 2 - Rediscover Music
    leinir++ (this one was sorely missing from the list ;) )
  • Amarok 2 - The World is your Playlist
    well, I really like this one. - nhnFreespirit
    That slogan is great Schiggsen+
    Best one of the bunch illogic-al++
    I have a problem with the word "Playlist". First of all it's a technical term, only known to geeks. Second it sounds antiquated. Markey
    What?! Everyone who's ever used an app to play music knows what a playlist is. It's a universal, not geek, term. illogic-al+
    Mxcl's mom probably doesn't know what a Playlist is, neither do my parents. I do like the "The World Is Your" part, but "Playlist" disagrees with me on many levels. Markey
    I'm inclined to agree with Markey on this one - "playlist" doesn't really mean "music" to anyone other than geeks Christie Harris
    Ok, markey's mom doesn't know what a playlist is, but my 13 year old (girl) cousin, 9 year old cousin, 18 year old girlfriend, all my other friends (dudes) know. I know many other non-geeks who know this. I think it's safe to say the millions of itunes, wmp users know what playlist are as well. I think your mom is in the minority. I think "Playlist" and Music are pretty well engrained on this side of the pond. But hey your gramma trumps all because she'll actually use amarok right? illogic-al
    I agree with illogic, everyone who has listened to music on a computer or with an ipod knows what a playlist is. My mother knows what a playlist is and she is definitely not technically inclined. And I can't think of anyone that would not associate the word 'playlist' with 'music'. Ramblurr
    So much fuss... How about "The World is your Jukebox"? Of course it could be argued that kids today don't know what a jukebox is, but really... :P - mojo
  • Amarok 2 - All The Music!
  • Amarok 2 - A World of Music
    This one is cool because it is succinct and catchy while following rule 1 and 2 Ramblurr++ Ramblurr
  • Amarok 2 - Free your Music
    Lfranchi++ +
    This one totally ignores rule number 2 Markey
    i dispute the importance of rule #2 :) i think <foo> 2.0 has been overused as a cliche catchphrase. Lfranchi +
    You misunderstand rule #2. It's not about actually mentioning "Music 2.0", but about conveying Amarok 2's focus on integrating music from many sources (Internet), as opposed to just your local collection. Markey
  • Amarok 2 - Music, reimagined
  • Amarok 2 - Music renewed
  • Amarok 2 - The world is your playlist
  • Amarok 2 - Music, Music Everywhere
  • Amarok 2 - The music of the world
  • Amarok 2 - A world of music
  • Amarok 2 - The music you thought you knew!
  • Amarok 2 - Music, everywhere
  • Amarok 2 - More than music
  • Amarok 2 - More than your music
  • Amarok 2 - More music
    Christie Harris++
  • Amarok 2 - We do Aural
  • Amarok 2 - Pure aural pleasure.
  • Amarok 2 - Deep aural pleasure.
  • Amarok 2 - Access All Areas
    Not bad... kinda of an "in" thing though Christie Harris++
    This one fails rule 1 and if you are not already familiar with Amarok's Music 2.0 nature it does not convey rule #2. Plus it is sort of 90s but I don't want to say it fails rule #3.Ramblurr
    I made some suggestions below, but this is by far my very most favoritest!!
  • Amarok 2 - Free the Music
  • Amarok 2 - Music from anywhere, everywhere
    Markey++ +
    This one almost has it.. it could use some work, can anyone think of a way to make it better? Ramblurr+
    I agree, with some polish this one could really cut it. I like the direction. Markey
  • Amarok 2 - All Music from anywhere, everywhere
  • Amarok 2 - Gets your wolf howling
    I love this one but it fails rule 1 and 2 :( Ramblurr
  • Amarok 2 - Where the music plays!
  • Amarok 2 - Music from the Tubes
  • Amarok 2 - Bringing music into view.
  • Amarok 2 - Music like never before.
  • Amarok 2 - Making Music "Mine" Apoorvkhatreja
    This is exactly what Amarok 2 does not do. Ramblurr
  • Amarok 2 - Music to the Home. Pouyou
  • Amarok 2 - Let any music play. Pouyou

Here's a few more...

  • Amarok 2 - Music without Borders
  • Amarok 2 - Rock|We Rock|Rocking the Planet!
  • Amarok 2 - Rock|We Rock|Rocking your World!
  • Amarok 2 - Broadening your Musical Horizons!
  • Amarok 2 - Telepathic Radio
  • Amarok 2 - Music from the edge of creation!
  • Amarok 2 - When one world of music just isn't enough...
  • Amarok 2 - No music left behind
  • Amarok 2 - Listen to your world
  • Amarok 2 - Music without limits
  • Amarok 2 - Tune the planet|world...
  • Amarok 2 - Your back-stage pass to the world!

I like "Rock the Planet!" though I still like "Access All Areas" even though it (sorta) doesn't follow rule 2. But there's this dead-head sensibility in me that can't resist that one. - mojo

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