This section is about the build of the unstable Amarok 2.0 version on Windows. The stable version of Amarok (1.4.x series) will never build on a Windows platform !

This page has been created in order to bring together all usefull information about the way to build Amaork 2.0 on a Microsoft Windows platform. At the moment, it is a very preliminary guide, with very few information. Everyone interested in the port should edit this page and share its experience...

Developement environment

What is it ? The KDEWIN Installer is aimed to be a installer tool to ease kde installation on windows.

What shoud I do with that ? TO BE DONE

What is it ? Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

What sould I do with that ? TO BE DONE

  • Perl : LINK HERE
  • Taglib

Taglib requires Zlib (LINK HERE) Taglib build process produces a taglib-config shell script. It is not usable on Windows... (MORE INFORMATION HERE)

  • Visual Studio 2005 express edition (free) LINK HERE

Building Amarok

  • Using Visual Studio 2005 express edition (free)
  • Using Nmake

Build process error

  • general information C source code portability
  • const char *__value -> __value is a keyword with visual studio !!! (in stdlib.h)
  • error C2259: 'TagLib::MP4::Tag' : cannot instantiate abstract class d:\Amarok2\src\metadata\m4a\mp4file.cpp 48

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