Changes required for 1.4

All screenshots will be updated at once.

Some non version-specific sections could use cleanup and rewriting, but not priority.

If you notice anything else missing, please add it.

Quick Start Guide

  • Listening to Streams - Streams page is only a placeholder at the moment.
  • Playing Audio CDs - Recent changes need to be mentioned.
  • New screenshots

--Pretty Much Done. -LiQuIdIcE

Configuring amaroK

Mainly removing options that are no longer used.

  • General Options
  • Configure Playback
  • Configure Engine
  • New screenshots

Using amaroK

  • Equalizer Thanks Curtis!
  • Sidebar browsers - should reflect changes in context browser, remove "home" tab... Thanks Ljubomir!
  • RMB Menu - Lots of changes
  • Dynamic Mode - rewrite to reflect recent operational changes
  • New screenshots
  • Cue sheet support

Advanced amaroK features

  • DCOP interface - add new options
  • Command-line options - add new options
  • (probably) Script Writing - might have changed, I don't know.

Questions and Answers

  • Speaks for itself
  • Probably some kind of blurb on the differences between 1.3 and 1.4

Documentation that needs to be written from scratch

  • DAAP
  • Smart Playlists
  • Moodbar
  • Podcasts
  • Lyrics changes
  • Collection management/move to collection
  • Statistics
  • Mode menu
  • Add in "What's New" from wiki

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