We need to find a few ways to generate money for travel costs, servers and such. Please add.

fund raising

whom to ask

  • users
  • Distros
    • Novell
    • Canonical
    • Mandriva
    • Xandros
    • Linspire
  • Trolltech
  • Magnatune
  • Google
  • Jamendo?
  • HP?
  • Dell?
  • Intel?
  • AMD?
  • NLnet (up to 30.000 EUR sponsoring for open-source projects/events)


One possibility is this: instead of doing our yearly month-of-october fundraiser, we do an extended period "amarok 2 fundraiser". we could start it in october, like the roktober fundraiser, but extend it to the release of amarok 2. the key reasons are:

  • make it unique. if we have "another roktober", people see it as just another yearly request for funds, and are less likely to donate. if we can individualize this as a one-time fundraiser, more donations (big and small) will come in.
  • tie this to amarok2. we have been working on amarok2 for a while, and whats more, people *know* that we have been working on it for a while. it already has publicity and a positive image, so if we link this to the fundraiser, people are again more likely to donate (i'm thinking bigger donors especially).
  • longer == more money :)

comments? ideas? --lfranchi

This sounds wonderful. I'm all in! Rok2ber? --Emunkki


Everybody who contribute money joins the lottery for a nice price:

  • I-Pod with engraved Amarok logo (can be done at my work, have to ask for costs) --serenity
nah, bad idea, makes user think we raise money to spend it for one user --apachelogger 21:07, 19 August 2007 (UTC)
but last Roktober an ipod was given out "As a thank you to our supporters, we will be entering everyone that donates $10 US (or equivalent) or more in a random drawing for a cool new 2GB iPod Nano." --serenity
  • 3D model of the logo (same here) --serenity
better that sounds--apachelogger 21:07, 19 August 2007 (UTC)

what to ask for

  • money
  • sponsoring of specific trips to a conference
  • hardware for development
  • hardware for hosting

(please keep in mind that it might be easier to get one-time funding for a specific goal than a long term commitment without a visible outcome)

what we can give in return

  • prizes for users giving money at the fund raiser (like an IPod)
  • official sponsor status
  • namedropping in talks and on conferences
  • naming and linking in news and press releases
  • official sponsor of amarok: and then a small badge on the website?
  • banners inside amarok itself
    • no - but maybe something similar to current magnatune situation or a new sponsors page in the about dialog

what we can not give in return

  • banner on website
    • not if it's non-non-profit ... KDE dislikes that, so we could do that only for since the e.V. owns

other sponsoring


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