There are many ways to help an open source project. And not all of them require mathematics and coding skills. In fact there are also people with completely different skills needed. Think of all the icons, splash screens and graphics in general.

You are skilled in drawing or designing?

So amaroK needs YOU. The amaroK project is always wanting a great amount of artwork for the application, but not only, also the websites and release news are requiring a good design. And don't forget amaroK Live, our live CD filled with a hand-selected blend of open music to show you all the great features.

Things that are currently needed for amaroK 1.4, the next version of the leading open source media player, include

  • Artwork for custom widgets used in the application
  • Images for the website
  • Icons (we have lots of crappy ones at this point)
  • Graphics for the upcoming 1.4 Live-CD.

Therefore the amaroK project is going to start a internal workgroup for artwork issues. You may ask for the name, but actually we don't have a name for this workgroup, because the members will decide how they want to be called. If you'd like to join this workgroup and help creating beautiful and sexy graphics for the next generation of "the roK", mail the roKymotion team (amarok-promo at or join #rokymotion @

[email protected]


  • write draft of news
    • Maybe we should leave the name open and let the future members decide?
  • merge with beta2
  • write mail for [email protected]

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