One possible road map for peace 2.0:

  • Work continues on 1.4 in trunk. People who want to can work on Gabór's 2.0 branch.
  • At about 1.4.4, trunk is copied into a seperate branch. The Qt 3 to Qt 4 scripts are run on trunk and it is made into a compilable state.
  • Make trunk somewhat functional with Qt 4 and kdelibs4, copying in work from the Gabór's 2.0 branch (such as ThreadWeaver and Multitabbar)
  • Remove KDE dependencies. Doing so will allow the #amarok crowd to continue testing SVN trunk (the kdelibs4 dep would stop most of them probably) and give us a solid base to develop from and on multiple platforms. The output of kconfig_compiler could be commited to SVN or made part of the tarball creation process. We might have to hand code some stuff to emulate KConfigXT still during this interm period.

Woohoo, 2.0

  • Refactor CollectionDB, Playlist and the Engine to create the well-designed "core."
  • Add nifty features that take advantage of the core. Consult usabilty experts.
  • A Phonon engine with a KDE4 dependency could be created at this point. Actually any of the plugins could continue to depend KDE.
  • Perhaps have some Qt-only beta releases.
  • As KDE 4 matures, re-add the KDE dependency. Take advantage of Solid etc.
  • Amarok 2.0 tarballs are given to distros along with the KDE 4 tarballs and it is officially launched the same day as KDE 4.

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