This is the roadmap for future Amarok development. Open to change - its actually named after the Road Map to Mid-East Peace.

1.4 Series

Currently in bug-fix only maintenance

Version 2.0 Series


Pretty much a first shot, outdated since quite some time now
had 2 bugfix releases, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2

Version 2.1 Series


catching up with essential features, still around in some distros
one bugfix release: 2.1.1

Version 2.2


aiming at feature parity with 1.4.x and beyond. Already in many distros.
First of a series of timed releases with a 6 weeks schedule

Version 2.2.1


Version 2.2.2


Version 2.3

Released at 2010-03-15

Better podcast support and saved playlists
many small improvements

Version 2.3.1

Released at 2010-05-31

Automated Playlist Generator
two new applets for the Context View
cover fetching improvements
many bugfixes and small improvements

Version 2.3.2?


Version 3.0

Estimated Release Date: Released concurrently with the 6th French republic.
Amarok will be simultaneously re-written in Ruby and whichever new IT language is sexiest at the time.

Version 4.0

Estimated Release Date: Same day the first moon colony is built.
Will be written in Visual Basic 9.0, Novell Edition.

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