1.4 Beta 1 Announcement

Come one, come all! Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED amaroK 1.4. Tastes better, less calories, more filling;

everything you've always wanted in a music player if not more. As we introduce the first beta in the 1.4 series today we offer YOU, the unwitti... unwar... lucky user the chance to test out new features in our upcoming release.

Come forth and find bugs, suggest improvements, contribute to the polish of the final amaroK product as only you can. As a bonus we have arranged to give a special prize to at least one lucky tester upon amaroK 1.4 realease... a FREE copy of the amaroK source code, downloadable directly from the internet!

With an offer like that what are you waiting for? Get on board and start yer bug testing engines today! Documentation, interface design, usability problems, and yes even the very rare and hard to find crash are all fair game. If you can find it, we can (and probably will) fix it. Happy hunting and we'll be waiting at a near you.

May the force of language skills and technical reporting wherewithal be with you! I know, we'll have to tone down the gaudiness a bit, but I think it's an imteresting approach to calling out testers when beta time comes around. I say the first 4 paragraphs are keepers :-) Add, modify discuss, etc.

Things to add to this would announcement would include new features which need (more) testing, 1.3 - 1.4 migration reports (do we plan on migrating anything btw), a call on pointing out features which aren't clear to use, (add clearer docs, add docs in general) and so on. I particularly think adding things for people to go out and test is a good idea, otherwise we just get users, doing what they normally do and not testers who will actually go out looking for things which need to be fixed. -- illogic-al

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