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  • to be done: end of this week --Sven423 07:46, 27 October 2008 (UTC)
  • do we want to mention windows nightlies? i'd say: yes --Sven423


Right at the end of Roktober, our still ongoing fundraiser, we have really good news for you: Amarok 2, beta 3 has been released!

Apart from numerours bugfixes and stability improvements this one brings some small, but highly missed features back. Those are "Year - Album" sorting in the context browser and the "jump to currently playing track" ability in the playlist. Playlist and statusbar have been completely rewritten. And now we have an importer for your loved statistics from Amarok 1.4, so that upgrading should work really smooth.

There have been several improvements to the scripting interface in Amarok 2 and the first scripts already begin to appear on Script authors: this is the time to start porting yours! On our Wiki you can find all the documentation you need about the new APIs. We are already the default player in the latest Mandriva release... :-)

We also have very good news for everyone eager to help testing Amarok on Windows: there now are automatically generated nightly builds. But beware: they receive no special testing at all, might work one day and could be totally broken the other. Please don't recommend them to you friends (or enemies) for everyday use, those are for testing purposes only.

We are eager to hear your feedback on this release. And don't forget about Roktober, our treasurer has meanwhile put a more detailled list of our expenses online.

  • rewrites: playlist, statusbar
  • jump to current track, year - album sort in cb (small, but often requested)
  • first scripts appearing on -> start to port your scripts!
  • beta 2 already default player in Mandriva
  • database/statistics import from Amarok 1.4!
  • many, many bugs squashed and stability fixes



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