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amaroK "Fast Forward" 1.4-beta2 Announced

After a few weeks of beta1 testing, many of the bugs reported by YOU, the amaroK community, have been ironed out. This means it's time to announce amaroK 1.4-beta2 for your testing pleasure! Once again, please give amaroK a good workout, and try out any features you might not have looked at before. As with any beta release, there are still some known issues, and we would appreciate your help in tracking down anything else that might cause problems. Please post any bugs you find (with as much detail as possible) on, after checking noone else has already done so.

And once again, the amaroK team thanks you for being a huge part of making amaroK the BEST!

VERSION 1.4-beta2


  • Crossfade in the helix engine
  • The build date is shown in the "About amaroK" dialog
  • Show album covers when dragging playlist items.


  • Removed <no engine> setting from the engines list when it's no longer the active selection
  • The aRts and GStreamer-0.8 engines have been removed, to get more manpower on GStreamer-0.10 engine development
  • Automatically skip to the next track in the playlist when a track is unplayable
  • Don't check for collection changes on startup if "Watch Folders" is disabled

For the full list of changes and bugfixes, view the changelog. amaroK 1.4-beta2 can be downloaded from here.

Call for Artists

As part of the preparation for the impending official amaroK "Fast Forward" 1.4 release, we are calling for a team of artists to design a complete amaroK "look", including icons, splash screens and context sidebar themes. For more info, see the amaroK wiki.

Call for Maintainers

amaroK is going through a few changes in the engine department, and as gstreamer-0.10 support has recently been added, we would like to call for anyone who is interested in maintaining this engine to please contact the dev team via email to the amarok-devel mailing list.

Call for Documentation Writers

And yet another request for help! If you would like to contribute to the amaroK project, but have no programming skills, perhaps you'd like to help with rewriting the documentation for amaroK 1.4. Head on over to the Handbook page and see what needs to be done.


  • Pad out first paragraph
  • Make a proper page for the "searching artists" link, and call it "Call for Artists" (or similar)
  • Update the known issues page to add a section for Beta2
  • Image required
  • Final polish (no dot.kde article required this time)
  • Approval

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