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amaroK 1.4 'Fast Forward' Beta1 released

We are proud to announce the first beta release of amaroK 1.4, the 'Fast Forward' series. This generation has a lot of shiny new features and eye-candy. amaroK development has literally been in fast forward mode since November, just to bring you the best media experience you could ever imagine, so you should definitely give it a try. Hunt and squash some bugs, not only to help the amaroK team, but also for your own personal enjoyment. The changelog is really long this time, too long to list all the enhancements here.

For information about how to get amaroK 1.4 beta1 have a look at the amaroK Wiki

Some of the highlights:

  • Support for Metadata (Tags) in WMA, MP4/AAC and RealMedia (RA,RV,RM) files
  • Scriptable lyrics support, amaroK can now get lyrics from ANY lyrics site (if you, or someone else, make a simple script-based plugin)
  • Switchable Wikipedia locale
  • The xine engine now has gapless playback (Needs xine-lib 1.1.1) and audio CD support with CDDB lookups
  • Reworked media device system, the Apple® iPod® support has been improved enormously in the 1.4 series
  • iRiver®/ifp and generic media devices are now also supported, though the latter one is still quite unstable
  • Moodbar, a visual representation of your music's mood (requires exscalibar)
  • Lots and lots of user interface improvements
  • And last but not least increased stability by improved under-the-hood code

Those features are only the top of the iceberg as you can see when looking at the detailed changelog, but it's still a beta, and therefore it has some issues.

Have a look at this beta anyway, test it as hard as you can (and don't forget to file any bugs you might discover on so that amaroK 'Fast Forward' will be even better than than 'Airborne' (1.3) was. Otherwise you don't have a right to complain in march/april when it is scheduled to be released. ;-)


  • Name for 1.4 (too early?)
  • name the main features
  • add link to complete changelog ... websvn with latest revision before packing beta1
  • Extend draft
  • final polishing
  • Find image - proposal is in the works
    • Polish image
  • Approval
  • Short news for dot.kde is needed

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