1.4.8 Faster forward now!

  * Optimise some database queries with the mysql backend. Patch by Alf
    Eaton <[email protected]> (BR 152749).
  * Don't show the device plugin dialog when a new device is plugged in.
    Apparently it's not obvious that you have to hit OK after selecting "Do
    not handle" if you don't want it handled, so disabling it prevents it
    from being shown repeatedly.
  * Better support for iPhone/iPod Touch mounted via fuse/sshfs (libgpod 0.6.0
    or newer required).
  * Only re-render the context view when visible if changing ratings, scores
    or labels for songs.

  * metadata would not update with xine 1.1.8. (BR 150429)
  * Amarok would forget podcast channel and episode settings when using the
    postgresql backend.
  * When adding file types with the Generic Media Device sometimes the
    extensions would be prepended with & and would not save. (BR 151806)
  * For improved compatibility with newer iPods, convert file extensions to
    lower case during transfer.
  * Replace slashes in artist name with spaces when querying Wikipedia
    e.g. AC/DC, To/Die/For. (BR 150001) 
  * Always rebuild the dynamic mode cache when in Suggested songs mode,
    so that we don't land up with stale suggestions. Patch by Jer Johnson
    <[email protected]>
  * Sort albums made in the same year alphabetically in 'ascending
    order'. (BR 149408)
  * Statistics tool shouldn't show samplers in 'favorite albums'.
  * Duplicate songs were not allowed in playlist when adding from the
    collection browser. (BR 149643)
  * Make sure the localUrl of a PodcastEpisode is valid after a failed
    download. (BR 147351)
  * Fix off-by-one error causing Smart Playlists to not load tracks with a
    rating >= 4.5. (BR 148916)
  * Don't enable "Configure Podcasts" at the top-level Podcasts folder if
    there is nothing beneath it. (BR 146504)
  * Generic Media Device could copy some non-ASCII filenames to turn to
    gibberish.  Thanks to David Smith <[email protected]> for the fix.
  * Fixed possible GUI freeze when Amarok was showing the dialog for
    installing mp3 support. Patch by Sascha Sommer <[email protected]>.
    (BR 147126)
  * Amarok could needlessely reinitialize connections to MySQL databases
    after a configuration change.  Combined with a bug in MySQL libraries,
    this could lead to a crash.
  * Pressing Preveious Track in a Dynamic Playlist could cause undefined
    behavior in certain edge conditions.  Now it always plays the current
    track. (BR 148317)
  * Immediately after loading a dynamic playlist, you couldn't drag a
    track to the top of the playlist. (BR 149263)
  * Fix transferring files with UTF8 names to MTP devices. Thanks to Kevin
    Becker <[email protected]> for the fix. (BR 139722)
  * Display warning that iPod sysinfo could not be written in the case of
    incorrect file permissions. Patch by Christian Ober-Blöbaum
    <[email protected]>. (BR 148607)
  * Fix Czech character conversion to ASCII for Generic Media Device. Patch
    by Matěj Laitl <[email protected]>. (BR 149125)

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