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the Wolf 1.4.2-beta1 - 'Fast Forward'

It is true! The Amarok project today released 1.4.2-beta1 of the 'Fast Forward' series. Although we spend a lot of time with testing latest development, there might always be an issue left, as for this release podcatching might not working properly. So, to be on the save side, we suggest you to make backups of your amarokrc and your amarok directory (ask in #amarok if you don't know how to do) so that you'll not loose your long time produced configurations and playlists if something is broken. In case something is not behaving properly please report the issue in the KDE bugtracking system Bugs.KDE.Org so that we can fix it for 1.4.2.

1.4.2-beta1 is featuring two new features. One are the so called Advanced Tag Features (ATF). By turning them on in the Collection tab of the Amarok configuration, they will ensure that you'll not use scores and statistics when you're moving files within your collection path. So you can rename or move your files as much as you want without being afraid of loosing your data. The second new feature is Music Sharing, based upon the Apple iTunes DAAP protocol. This features enables Amarok to share music over a network, with various applications, such as Apple iTunes, Banshee or a Firefly Media Server.



  • Lyrics can be edited directly on Context Browser's Lyrics tab.
  • BPM field. Patch by Alf B Lervåg and Aaron VonderHaar. (BR 123142)
  • Advanced Tag Features (ATF) goes public: Turn it on in the Collection options and organize your files freely without losing your statistics or needing to re-add tracks to the Playlist. We'll keep track of where you put your files or what you renamed them to and update it all for you!
  • Improved crossfading for xine-engine: Honours the 'Crossfade Length' setting precisely, and uses a better mixing style profile. Patch by Enrico Ros.
  • A new media device implements a DAAP client. So Amarok can connect to iTunes, Firefly Media Server etc. (BR 100513)


  • Quite a lot bugfixes including some bugs found by the Klocwork tools
  • Podcatching partly broken

As usually details can be found in the ChangeLog.