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Announcing version 1.3.8 of the popular amaroK 'Airborne' series. This bugfix release includes, among other things, the ability to fetch lyrics again. This feature did not work correctly in all prior versions due to a minor change in the way the lyrics site displayed results. The Helix engine has also been improved, and amaroK is better than ever!

For information about how to get amaroK 1.3.8 see the amaroK Wiki

Changes Version 1.3.8:

   * NMM engine would crash when seeking after the playlist finished,
     state Empty wasn't emitted
   * Fixed URL of the Nectarine radio stream.
   * Fix crash after changing the alsa device in the helix configuration
   * When amaroK exits, send SIGTERM to running scripts. (BR 119159)
   * Old error messages could be shown instead of current track lyrics.
   * The equalizer in the helix engine now works properly at low sample
   * Fixed some threading issues in loading XML playlists.
   * Lyrics that are available on would be shown as "not found".
   * The helix engine now includes protection so that misbehaving streams
     do not cause the visualizations to leak memory.

Photo from John Carleton released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0.



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