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amaroK first player to integrate Audioscrobbler

As announced at, amaroK 1.2 is the first application to integrate full Audioscobbler support. Not only does amaroK optionally submit what you're playing, it also uses Audioscobbler to make suggestions for other songs in your collection which are similar to the current track. So it isn't surprising that the 'amaroK users' group is now the largest by a large margin. Sunday's release of amaroK has already created buzz.

amaroK first player to integrate Audioscrobbler

KDE based media player amaroK becomes the first player to offer integrated support for Audioscrobbler. In close cooperation with the Audioscrobbler team amaroK developers have deployed exciting new ways to utilitize the popular Internet service. Audioscrobbler allows to share music tastes with friends on the Internet, making use of automatically submitted song statistics. amaroK goes a step further than other media players and allows to receive music recommendations from the site.

In contrast to competing solutions amaroK does not require a plugin to use this functionality. With the recently released amaroK 1.2 Audioscrobbler support comes built-in and easy to set up. Sunday's release of amaroK has already created buzz in the KDE community.

Also new in amaroK 1.2:

  • Support for MySQL databases. Now you can keep your Collection on a remote computer.
  • The playlist has seen vast speed improvements.
  • 10-band graphic Equalizer.
  • Many usability improvements. We have made amaroK more accessible to new users and more comfortable for power-users.
  • Automatic song lyrics display. Shows the lyrics to the song you're currently playing.
  • Support for your iPod with the all new media-browser.
  • On screen display has been revamped, now with optional translucency.
  • Theme your ContextBrowser with custom CSS support.
  • Support for the latest LibVisual library for stunning visualizations.
  • Great new amaroK icon "Blue Wolf", made by KDE artist Da-Flow.
  • Better compatibility with GNOME and other non-KDE environments.
  • Powerful scripting interface, allowing for easy extension of amaroK.

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