This is the beginning of a list of things that could/should be checked with every new release to avoid regressions. Feel free to edit.

General Notes

  • This is for Amarok 2.x series
  • This is only for searching regressions, in other words things that were working formerly but are no longer working now
  • This list does not check every feature of Amarok
  • A feature "works" if ...
    • It does what it is expected to do
    • The performance is ok
  • Try this with a existing and with a blank config file/dir!

Context View

  • Add + remove all available plasmoids
    • Add/remove them not only by right clicking>add applet but also by clicking the toolbox kind of button at the bottom
  • Zoom in/out
  • Lyrics search
  • Fetch Wikipedia article for some languages try clicking some links present there.
  • Try the video applet by playing a couple of videos.Check if any crashes occour while pausing/replaying or scanning thru a video
  • Check for the service info applet while using magnatune,jamendo and other such services.

Collection Browser

  • Try searching for some items
    • Use the Google like search syntax
    • Use the Advanced filter thing
  • Switch modes tree view -> flat -> iPod -> tree
  • Expand/Collapse (Do you see album art?)
  • Try grouping them Artist/Year-Album
  • Right click a file from the collection and click on "play similar artists from" and see if it works
  • Try dragging some files from collection into playlist with mouse.

Playlist Browser

  • Load + save a playlist
  • Add + listen to radio streams
  • Use the shoutcast browser
  • Add some dynamic/intelligent playlists and test them
    • Try dynamic playlists by different biases like fuzzy and proportional
      • Try changing strictness levels and matching by artists,albums and so on
        • Try saving the playlist and then again modifying it by removing a bias or two
  • Use some old dynamic/intelligent playlists
  • Try the podcasts and My Playlists buttons at the bottom
  • Try adding and updating a podcast and also configuring it
  • Try my playlists by adding a folder and stream

File Browser

  • Go through some dirs
  • Filter
  • Bookmark paths
    • See if the bookmarked paths work on application restart
      • Also check to see if you can edit bookmarks and create a bookmark folder
  • Try Detailed View and Short View

Internet Tab

  • Try the different services (if you have the appropiate accounts)
    • LastFM
      • Does scrobbling work?
      • Does it list your friends and stuff?
    • Cool Streams
      • D&d streams and play them
    • check whether the recently played and recently loved tracks are updated properly and if they can be played
      • Also check whether you can Love/Skip/Ban those tracks (from the icons below) best way to check that is visiting the lastfm profile and checking recent activity


  • Add tracks to the playlist
    • From Collection Browser
    • From File Browser
    • From Konqueror (local tracks and web radios of course)
  • Filter
    • Also with google like search syntax
  • Queue some tracks (not implemented atm)
  • Playback, of course ;-)
    • Also test a normal audio cd, if your engine supports it
  • Change the columns of the playlist (not implemented atm)
  • Rate some songs -> remove it from the PL -> add it again
  • Test random and repeat mode

Tray icon

  • Try minimizing and restoring amarok to the tray
  • Check the menu & buttons shown by right clicking the tray icon appear & work properly
  • Play a lastfm stream and check whether the Love/Ban/Skip buttons on the same menu work.


  • Test the script downloading
    • uninstall the same script
  • Install a script from file
  • Test 3rd party lyrics/scoring scripts (if available)
  • Test the available lyrics scripts by fetching a few lyrics and refreshing them
    • Lyric wiki script
    • Chinese lyrics script

Scriptable Services

  • Librivox script
    • Check whether search,retrieval and preview works properly.
  • Cool Streams
    • Check by playing every stream for any peculiar problems
  • Jamendo
    • Does updating jamendo database work?
    • Try downloading an album or some songs
    • Does search work properly?
  • Magnatune
    • Can u preview songs?
    • Can u purchase album?
    • Does search work properly??
  • Shoutcast
    • Try playing a few radio streams for some random genres
    • Try searching the name of the last played song in different ways


  • Do your favorite shortcuts work?
  • Does the OSD work as expected?
  • Does your preferred translation look ok?
  • Are your tags ok? Does tagging work?
  • Does updating your collection work? -> add/move some files to test
  • Does the Help menu work?
    • Can you report bugs from the menu?
      • Is amarok handbook displayed on pressing F1 or clicking from the Help menu?

Advanced Features

  • Does automatic playback at the last playlist position work on restart?
  • Cover manager
  • Other databases
  • File management
  • AFT tests:
    • When moving files that are in the Playlist from one collection folder to another, after an incremental scan, is the file successfully loaded when you try to play it from the Playlist?
    • When moving files that are in the Playlist outside the collection folders, after an incremental scan, do they grey out? When you move them back into a collection folder, after an incremental scan, are they re-enabled?

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