The state of the roK, as discussed various times in #rokymotion, will be some kind of podcast which gets released monthly. State of the roK will be part of radio anaroK, beside some other stuff. Radio anaroK will be some kind of speaking tube for the amaroK project, which shell help the user to understand lot of things even better.

  • the understanding
The understanding shell tell users how to use cool features in stable version. This is really needed since the handbook is not always up-to-date with latest stuff and the user probably won't know how to use a special feature since it's usability isn't that good as in the rest of amaroK (for example Dynamic Mode in 1.3). But not only features like dynamic mode (which is without doubt enough stuff for talking hours about it), also little stuff which makes using amaroK even more fun or even easier. For example the queue feature, it's actually a quite simple but also quite useful feature, but most users don't know the point behind, or why this would make sense for them.
  • state of the roK
State of the roK itself will be something like "the developer's voice" therefor it will be less promotional than the rest of radio anaroK. It's meant as a technical preview where the developers can tell about their latest work on amaroK or at the direct surrounding of amaroK (e.g. code donations to a used audio framework). State of the roK shell mainly tell the users what they can expect in next stable version, this is also the reason why it will be a very short or maybe not existing part of radio anoraK while stable development and be a very big part or maybe a whole session while unstable development.
  • amaroK society
But radio anoraK isn't just about the software it shell also show the community behind. This part of the roK will mainly consist of interviews and nonsense ;-). So we will take a developer and tell the user everything about him, what he does in amaroK, how long he does this job already, why he does this, and of course some private parts of life. Maybe we can find a girl friend for everyone ;-).
  • relation to and in KDE
Since we don't have that much developers we will also interview KDE developers which are connected to amaroK in any way. This shell help the user to understand KDE and amaroK's place in the project. (short)
  • the amaroK project
Last but not least will we describe the structure of the amaroK project itself. So answer questions like "What is roKymotion and why is it important?".
  • feature of the month
A special part of the roK will be the "feature of the month", yeah month since we probably won't be able to release it every week. Actually the name already describes it, we will take a cool feature and tell the user some things about (tricks or personal opinions), or just why it's cool.
  • track/stream/Podcast of the month
We maybe also include a track/stream/Podcast suggestion (with demo if possible).

[2005-10-02 22:58:14] <amaroK> * = we're looking for a server from which we can stream, ideally in a country where one don't have to pay fees for running a radio (a land without any right limitation would be cool ;-)) ... we would probably use icecast and vorbis for streaming ... if you have an idea where we can get this please send a mail to the list (see calc list) [added by: ~apachelogger]

Radio anoraK - the Podcast

  • I (Ian) have skype-rec setup correctly, it should allow recording skype conversations. Up to 5 people at once, participants can be using phones or skype.

Segment Ideas

Please add your ideas

  • Like all podcasts in known space, we must be drinking at the time and comment on the drinks.
  • Obviously we could go around and share what we've been working on amaroK-wise.
  • Talk to other KDE devs about their projects
  • "funny bug report of the week"
  • users call-in
  • compare size of memory addresses
  • Mike's Astronomical Moment
  • Call Max
  • Designate most active spam contributor
  • Synap's Rant of the Week
  • make fun of synap for being a C programmer

I'm not sure how to play sounds over skype, but...

  • get a skype message box for people to call into.
  • we need some bitchin' intro and outro music
  • magnatune, leinir, paniq or something. Heavy Working Robot!

amaroK and streaming

Maybe this idea (Not Working) will resurface? Or does nobody care about it? Wondering...

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