The primary mission of Radio Amarok is to promote Amarok and the propagation of free music. Therefore our mandatory to play as much free music as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Further goals are to provide live informational "talk shows" to enlighten users of recent developments with Amarok and indeed the KDE project as a whole.

Our target audience are Amarok users, KDE users, and future/prospective users of both projects. Thus, our programming will be tailored to meet the expectations of this audience. To fulfill this, we aim to have a minimum 2 live "talk shows" per week of varying emphasis. Emphasis will vary between "tech talks" with developers, or end-user information sessions with Amarok or KDE publicists.

Last but not least, our goal is to archieve all this using Free Software, utilizing projects such as Icecast/Ices and IDJC. We hope that our use of this software will increase awareness of these projects and further their development.

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