• Welcomes, etc etc
  • Apologies
  • Brief Overview of the Mission Statement for those who are new
  • Will Radio Amarok be an independant project and to what extent
  • Who is in charge if we can't agree on things (who has the "veto" vote
  • Design
  • CMS
  • Budget
  • Sponsoring
  • Anorak [Mez]
  • Any other Business


  • Radio Amarok's (RA) status was defined as being exactly as independent as Rokymotion
  • We will handle problems the same way we always do in the team. In case this does not work out a decision is to be reached by a council of markey, apachelogger, akrill, Mez and Nightrose.
  • different designs for the RA website have been proposed
    • radio-mockup-1.png (by emunkki)
    • radio-mockup-2.png (by emunkki)
    • (by Mez)
    • general aggreement seems to be that a mashup of smarty and radio-mockup-2 would be nice (Mez and emunkki will work on that)
    • a call for more designs will be made (see and Mez and emunkki will put in their designs as entries for the competition
  • CMS: Mez, leinir, and akrill will work on a new version of travelsized tailored to RA's needs
  • budget/licensing:
  • shows will be scheduled by the DJs about one week in advance if possible and they will play their own genre/selection of music
  • groupies are needed - no decision reached on female vs. male groupies ;-)


Started logging meeting in
 [13:01:16] <Nightrose> the aggenda can be found here:
 [13:01:20] <emunkki> so mez, you're a chair? ;)
 [13:01:21] <Nightrose> thx Mez for that
 [13:01:37] <Mez> emunkki, I'm just operating mootbot
 [13:01:40] <akrill> yes, mez is a chair.
 [13:01:52] * akrill sits on mez
 [13:01:54] <akrill> quite comfy.
 [13:01:56] <Mez> Nightrose is chairing ;)
 [13:01:57] <Nightrose> who is here for the meeting? gimme a sign please ;-)
 [13:02:06] * Mez waves
 [13:02:06] <leinir> present
 [13:02:13] * prego_ here
 [13:02:15] * akrill hands Nightrose a shiney new speedlimit sign
 [13:02:18] * emunkki sits comfy in Mez
 [13:02:20] <emunkki> o/
 [13:02:29] <akrill> er, here. i mean.
 [13:02:31] <Mez> emunkki, that means youre on ajkrill ..
 [13:02:37] <Mez> akrill, 8
 [13:02:39] <Mez> grr
 [13:02:43] <Mez> cant type today
 [13:02:48] * leinir fixes Mez' fingers ;)
 [13:02:58] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [13:03:05] <Mez> [TOPIC] Welcomes, etc etc
 [13:03:15] <akrill> great going leinir, maybe his fingers wanted kids some day!
 [13:03:22] <Nightrose> ok the let's start with the first point on the agenda
 [13:03:31] <akrill> aye cap'n
 [13:03:40] <Nightrose> Mez: you added that so I assume you want to say something?
 [13:03:54] <Mez> Nightrose, that was pretty much what we just did ;)
 [13:04:03] <Nightrose> the next one ;-) sorry
 [13:04:06] <Mez> [TOPIC] Apologies
 [13:04:19] <Mez> Seems apachlogger and nhnFreeSpirit arent here
 [13:04:21] <Mez> tsk tsk
 [13:04:30] <Mez> [TOPIC] Brief Overview of the Mission Statement for those who are new
 [13:04:40] <akrill> o.o
 [13:04:54] <Mez> lol
 [13:05:01] <Nightrose> mission statement can be found here for those who are new:
 [13:05:21] <Mez> is there anyone here who hasn't read the mission statement / doesnt understand it ?
 [13:05:28] <Mez> [LINK]
 [13:06:01] <Nightrose> I take that as a no and assume everyone is familiar with it ;-)
 [13:06:01] <Nightrose> fine
 [13:06:14] <markey> yo
 [13:06:23] <Nightrose> now to the tricky parts...
 [13:06:27] <markey> this channel is growing, I see :)
 [13:06:27] <akrill> Normally I'd be an ass and say I don't understand it... but i cant really, since i wrote it...
 [13:06:32] <Nightrose> next point on the agenda
 [13:06:40] <Mez> [TOPIC] Will Radio Amarok be an independant project and to what extent
 [13:06:55] <markey> no, why would it be independent
 [13:07:05] <markey> it's another team in amarok
 [13:07:13] <markey> just like Rokymotion is
 [13:07:20] <Mez> markey, ok, let's explain a little as to what the issue here is
 [13:07:21] <akrill> i concur.
 [13:07:35] <emunkki> i agree with markey
 [13:07:40] <Mez> I think first of all that the wording "independant" is a little... offputting.
 [13:07:48] <markey> so don't use it
 [13:08:00] <Mez> markey, hence why we explain, give me a chance ;)
 [13:08:38] <markey> well
 [13:08:48] <Mez> ok, I think the issue that wants to be addressed here is as to whether Radio Amarok is a new project, or whether it's role is simply to promote Amarok.
 [13:09:06] <Mez> I don't personally see that it should be simply another Amarok marketing ploy.
 [13:09:10] <markey> a new sub-team of amarok
 [13:09:26] <markey> otherwise why call it radio AMAROK?
 [13:09:31] <akrill> o.O its a new project, certainly. it has multiple roles. merely one of which is marketing Aarok
 [13:09:32] <markey> might as well give it some random name
 [13:09:42] <akrill> hence the mission statement
 [13:09:42] <Nightrose> ack akrill
 [13:09:47] <markey> right
 [13:10:19] <Mez> That shouldnt be it's primary focus... while it will be done (obviously we're going to be promoting amarok, KDE etc etc) but I don't think that it's primary role should be to promote Amarok, which is the way it seems that some people are viewnig this... solely as an Amarok Marketing strategy
 [13:10:23] <markey> let's put it this way: I would expect that all Amarok Radio members are amarok fan/users
 [13:10:23] <leinir> New, certainly. But independant? No
 [13:10:39] <markey> if would be odd if they have no relation, but are swarn XMMS users
 [13:10:54] <markey> sworn even
 [13:10:56] <leinir> Yes, i am with markey here
 [13:11:01] <emunkki> me too
 [13:11:25] <markey> and I guess that's natural to expect, and that's the case
 [13:11:30] <Mez> markey, I'd hope that we could get sworn XMMS users listening, its a great way to market amarok to them.. and if we can get people other than amarok users listening, then it creates a new market that we can get into it.
 [13:11:32] <akrill> RA (Radio Amarok)'s purpose is to entertain and inform users of any software on any platform anywhere. We will entertain using free music, and inform about KDE and Amarok.
 [13:11:45] <Mez> akrill, +1
 [13:11:50] <markey> Mez: yeah, sure it's nice to increase the audience
 [13:11:59] <akrill> KDE/Amarok is more of a content platform than an audience/target market.
 [13:11:59] <markey> I don't see where we disagree
 [13:12:15] <Mez> but my point here is that some people are seeing Radio Amarok as SOLELY a marketing strategy for Amarok
 [13:12:30] <markey> noone expects you to run amarok advertising constantly on the station
 [13:12:48] <akrill> Then perhaps the topic should be changed to Correcting Misinterpretations of RA's Purpose
 [13:12:51] <markey> the name alone is good evertising, plus the technical content parts
 [13:12:59] <markey> podcast-like
 [13:13:20] <markey> Mez: who would that person be?
 [13:13:31] <markey> I don't know any
 [13:13:53] <Mez> markey, I'd need to trawl logs, but I'm not in the mood to do that at the moment.
 [13:14:11] <Mez> I think that it's mostly come across as "no you cant do that - that's not the amarok way"
 [13:14:13] <markey> ok I think that was probably a simple misunderstanding
 [13:14:24] <Mez> markey, I hope so
 [13:14:40] <Nightrose> fine
 [13:14:44] <akrill> Ok, then we should make it clear that RA is NOT Amarok. While yes it is an Amarok subteam, it is independently administrated and has its own "way"
 [13:14:56] <leinir> Hmm...
 [13:14:56] <Mez> +1 on akrill
 [13:15:22] <emunkki> then you could rename it - if it's not amarok
 [13:15:24] <akrill> AFAIK RokyMotion's purpose is to think outside the box, and since RA is a part of that then part of RA's INTERNAL mission would be to go against the normal Amarok way anyway yes?
 [13:15:34] <Nightrose> akrill: still you should be part of the amarok team
 [13:15:39] <Nightrose> no need to seperate that
 [13:15:44] <akrill> No, of course not.
 [13:16:18] <akrill> It is tied to, indeed a part of Amarok. But it is not Amarok is administrative philosophy. And it shouldn't be IMO.
 [13:17:04] <Nightrose> so you propose what?
 [13:17:44] <Mez>  Ok, then we should make it clear that RA is NOT Amarok. While yes it is an Amarok subteam, it is independently administrated and has its own "way"
 [13:18:03] <akrill> I propose that RA be independently administrated in terms of philosophy and procedure. To prevent us from being stuck in a situation where Amarok administrative philosophy and procedure does not coincide with the needs of the station.
 [13:18:04] * Mamarok doesn't se where the problem is, seems to be a nonsensical discusssion
 [13:18:04] <markey> well whatever
 [13:18:11] <markey> this is just about formalities
 [13:18:12] <leinir> Hmm... i am with Mamarok here...
 [13:18:21] <markey> we're discussing things here that have no praktical meaning
 [13:18:32] <Nightrose> ack
 [13:18:35] <HoratioCS> this is very serious business
 [13:18:42] <Mamarok> why in god's name would you not be an Amarok subproject?
 [13:18:43] <leinir> HoratioCS: The internets, serious business! ;)
 [13:18:55] <Mez> Mamarok, who said we wouldnt ?
 [13:19:11] <markey> oh geez, let's just skip to the next topic
 [13:19:13] <markey> it'll be the best
 [13:19:22] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [13:19:24] <Nightrose> one sec
 [13:19:25] <Mamarok> well, then why do you folks talk about adminstration things which seem very irrelevant ?
 [13:19:49] <leinir> The word independant in the current topic then seems to be... not applicable...
 [13:19:53] <akrill> you may see it as irrelevant, but any decent politician wouldn't ponder this for a moment.
 [13:20:05] <HoratioCS> because one day someone will try to take over in a hostile manner and will succeed, all because this important discussion was not held
 [13:20:12] <HoratioCS> and amarok radio will be used for evil
 [13:20:14] <Mamarok> "independently administrated" is a word I don't like, because this sounds liek "splitt"
 [13:20:27] <Mamarok> like
 [13:20:44] <Nightrose> so the conclusion is: RA is a subproject of Amarok
 [13:20:46] <Mez> Mamarok, I think it's more of saying "Radio Amarok has it's own vision which it follows"
 [13:20:49] <akrill> lets say we continue as we are, Amarok "bigwigs" may in the future (and apparently have recently) attempt to dictate our policy based on Amarok's standard administrative procedures, when those procedures do not fit this subproject's needs.
 [13:20:51] <markey> well whatever.. I feel like wasting my time here
 [13:20:52] <leinir> Yes, we have never had any stingent management structure - Amarok's management has always been, and will always be, a metitocracy
 [13:21:01] <Mamarok> own vision, what does that mean?
 [13:21:18] <Mamarok> because if you do not come up with a very concret vision, I don't see why we discuss
 [13:21:31] <Mez> Mamarok, please read the mission statement
 [13:21:32] <markey> akrill: we're not assholes, you see
 [13:21:36] <leinir> *meritocracy
 [13:21:41] <markey> we are usually great about teamwork
 [13:21:45] <markey> and rarely quarrel
 [13:21:48] <Nightrose> ack @ markey
 [13:21:53] <leinir> Indeed
 [13:21:55] <markey> that's the whole deal about team amarok
 [13:22:00] <Nightrose> right
 [13:22:02] <markey> and I would like this to stay
 [13:22:05] <leinir> Poisonous people just don't really get anywhere with amarok :)
 [13:22:06] <akrill> markey: i understand that, but you dont have to be an asshole for a quarrel over administration to come up in the future. i've seen it happen to even the nicest of projects.
 [13:22:11] <akrill> *project teams
 [13:22:34] <markey> then we we'll tackle the issue when it has arrived
 [13:22:43] <leinir> There seems to be this whole disagreement about just -how- amarok is run normally...
 [13:22:54] <leinir> It's a team effort, no single person has the right to pull a nasty...
 [13:22:55] <Mamarok> akrill, why would you split the administration? give a concret and valid reason, else I don't see the point here
 [13:23:28] <leinir> If that should EVER happen, it it EVER seems that way, please bring it up on the appropriate mailing list and take the resulting two months discussion - that is how it's worked
 [13:23:42] <akrill> Mamarok: splitting the administration isn't necessarily how I would put it.
 [13:23:45] <leinir> Never take things personally, look at things in the context they exist
 [13:24:01] <Mamarok> well, then what are we talking about then?
 [13:24:09] <leinir> akrill: So... You are proposing that Radio Amarok's management is a meritocracy, if i understand it right?
 [13:24:15] <markey> I have no idea
 [13:24:20] <markey> nothing of any real value
 [13:24:22] <akrill> I mean that Amarok is not Radio Amarok in an administrative and procedural sense and things will have to work differently with RA than they do with Amarok for it to all work right.
 [13:24:48] <Nightrose> why and what?
 [13:24:50] <leinir> akrill: So... It is run by the people who do the work, just as Amarok itself and Rokymotion... yes?
 [13:24:53] <Mamarok> could you please be a bit more concrete, you are just using buzzwords but don't explain why
 [13:25:20] <Mez> leinir, I think thats what he's getting at
 [13:25:25] <leinir> Mamarok: A meritocracy is simply an administrative method which means that the people who do the work make the choices :)
 [13:25:27] <HoratioCS> \007
 [13:25:42] <HoratioCS> oops
 [13:25:55] <leinir> Mez: So... There really -is- no difference of opinion here... It is exactly as independant of amarok as rokymotion is..
 [13:26:10] <Mamarok> leinir: I know, but still I don't see why one would state "...things will have to work differently with RA than they do with Amarok for it to all work right." then
 [13:26:12] <akrill> i suppose we're all saying the same thing in different ways.
 [13:26:27] <leinir> akrill: Indeed
 [13:26:29] <Mez> leinir, indeed.... and if we could all agree on that ?
 [13:26:39] <markey> ok I'm taking a shower now, and I hope when I return this topic will be finished.. ;)
 [13:26:43] <leinir> Mez: We ARE, we are just using different terminologies :)
 [13:26:52] * akrill chuckles.
 [13:26:54] <leinir> markey: Topic is essentially concluded ;)
 [13:27:08] <Mez> [AGREED] It is exactly as independant of amarok as rokymotion is..
 [13:27:15] <leinir> Good :)
 [13:27:22] <HoratioCS> independent
 [13:27:31] <Mez> next topic ?
 [13:27:31] <Nightrose> ok fine
 [13:27:34] <Nightrose> next topic
 [13:27:36] <leinir> next topic, shall we? :) Or procrastinate until markey returns?
 [13:27:41] <Mez> [TOPIC] Who is in charge if we can't agree on things (who has the "veto" vote
 [13:27:46] <markey> shower();
 [13:27:48] <leinir> HoratioCS: Nitpicker ;)
 [13:27:51] <markey> you can already start
 [13:27:58] <leinir> ok :)
 [13:28:08] <Nightrose> so the different options I see are:
 [13:28:26] <akrill> I would say the veto power would be in the hands of the manager, or in his absence the assistant manager
 [13:28:33] <leinir> Veto rights? This sounds unlike a meritocracy to me... But traditionally, it is the people that do the work, again, who has the right to make the final decision :)
 [13:28:40] <Nightrose> Mez and akrill as manager and assistent manager
 [13:28:48] <akrill> leinir: veto = in case of emergency
 [13:28:53] <leinir> The manager concept does not work in a meritocracy, people...
 [13:28:57] <Nightrose> apachelogger and me
 [13:29:15] <emunkki> agree with Nightrose ;)
 [13:29:16] <Mez> leinir, we do indeed need a manager
 [13:29:18] <Nightrose> or markey as founder of amarok
 [13:29:18] <Mez> to "manage"
 [13:29:21] <Nightrose> the thing is:
 [13:29:31] <Nightrose> we usually don't do it that way
 [13:29:34] <Mez> hiring/firing DJs, etc etc
 [13:29:36] <HoratioCS> in an emergency put it to a 1 week web-based vote and encourage listeners to vote
 [13:29:57] <akrill> an emergency in Radio Amarok will likely need to be made within hours.
 [13:30:03] <Mez> setting up sponsorship stuff, people to contact when there is an issue, shecduling management
 [13:30:25] <leinir> i would like if each task is assigned a responsible person...
 [13:30:27] <leinir> Not a manager
 [13:30:44] <leinir> Again, in the spirit of the meritocracy
 [13:30:59] <akrill> again, i dont think that would work for RA.
 [13:31:09] <Nightrose> akrill: it has to
 [13:31:12] <leinir> The person in charge of a particular thing (say scheduling) would be able to veto decisions on that topic
 [13:31:14] <HoratioCS> have a Head Meritocrat instead of a manager
 [13:31:15] <Nightrose> that's the way we do things
 [13:31:42] <akrill> precisely why i said what i had said about the administrative philosophy.
 [13:31:59] <leinir> If the same person happens to be in charge of several tasks, then they would simply have veto on those several tasks
 [13:32:24] <Mez> leinir, that would be called "delegation"
 [13:32:25] <Mez> :P
 [13:32:47] <leinir> Mez: Uhm... yes... Except that delegation is assigned from the top, while this is assigned from the bottom :)
 [13:33:00] <leinir> Yes, i know this sounds like socialism, and basically it also is ;)
 [13:33:01] <akrill> i can honestly see RA getting stuck in a sort of limbo, with multiple people with multiple visions doing different things with different tasks. and nothing getting done towards one specific thing
 [13:33:06] <Mez> leinir, generally, everything will be put to the team and the team will agree on things... which is how it should work.
 [13:33:13] <Mez> +1 on akrill
 [13:33:41] <emunkki> so you think RA should be a vision of one person?
 [13:33:42] <leinir> akrill: Which is why the mission statement is there to point at
 [13:33:44] <emunkki> not a community?
 [13:33:56] <Mamarok> managers can also be fired, but who decides that?
 [13:34:01] <leinir> +1 on emunkki
 [13:34:09] <HoratioCS> +1 on Mamarok
 [13:34:21] <akrill> I think RA should have one vision to follow, and it would be the job of the manager to take community input and make decisions to follow what he/she believes is what the community would most like
 [13:34:26] <Mamarok> there is no CEO or HR manager AFAIK
 [13:34:32] <Mez> emunkki, no, I think that the vision should be an amalgamam of the ideas, but if every person's ideas are different, someone needs to step in and make a compromise and push thing forward
 [13:34:33] <leinir> Mamarok: If the person is vetoing everything assigned to him, he should be removed from office, so to speak
 [13:34:42] <akrill> the manager can be fired by there being a revolt by staff, hehe
 [13:34:58] <Mez> leinir, agreed.
 [13:35:07] <akrill> agreed, leinir.
 [13:35:10] <Mez> I hope that a veto is never needed to be honest ;)
 [13:35:11] <Mamarok> this implies that someone can fire him actually, like removing admin rights or so
 [13:35:15] <Mamarok> who would that be?
 [13:35:19] <emunkki> i don't think giving one person the choice to do what he/she thinks is right, is the right way to approach problems
 [13:35:38] <akrill> whoever is directly under the manager would take over.
 [13:36:02] <akrill> aka the asst manager
 [13:36:05] <leinir> emunkki: +1
 [13:36:08] <Mez> akrill, depending on what the manager is doing at that time :P
 [13:36:21] <emunkki> community is the keyword in amarok: everything is discussed
 [13:36:36] <Mez> emunkki, I dont think that that will ever happen, and I believe if that ever comes to the point, then the people underneath will revolt. ..
 [13:36:36] <emunkki> there won't be any situation that MUST be decided in hours
 [13:36:59] <leinir> Community, people, amarok is an ultra-flat structure (i would find you a document describing the business structure in detail, but... it's a long time since i studied business philosophy)
 [13:37:00] <Mez> the job of the manager/asst manager should be to amalgamate everyones vision, and make a compromise
 [13:37:05] <akrill> oh really? lets say someone cancelled on a talk show we're doing. are we going to sit around having tea and crumpets deciding what we will do?
 [13:37:09] <Mez> more of a "leader" than a "manager"
 [13:37:19] <akrill> or will one person be in charger of fixing that and deciding what content gets pushed instead?
 [13:37:21] <Nightrose> akrill: the vision thing has always worked out pretty well for amarok without having someone dictate what the vision is
 [13:37:25] <emunkki> then somebody cancelled, and you'll inform about it
 [13:37:35] <akrill> Nightrose: Amarok != time-critical
 [13:37:40] <markey> geez, why *would* anyone act like shimpanzee and do that?
 [13:37:51] <markey> you have to trust people a bit
 [13:37:55] <markey> or not work with them at all
 [13:38:01] <leinir> akrill: Not true - we have had to make decisions within ten minutes before, and it has -always- worked
 [13:38:01] <akrill> i do. but it /happens/. im not saying it happens all the time.
 [13:38:08] <markey> here in amarok we just don't do stupid things like that
 [13:38:09] <leinir> i do not see why we must PLAN for people to be idiots?!
 [13:38:15] <markey> acting up
 [13:38:27] <emunkki> leinir: +1
 [13:38:55] <markey> that's all hypothetical and won't happen in reality
 [13:38:57] <akrill> leinir: we have to plan for people to be idiots because sometimes people ARE idiots. sometimes im an idiot, sometimes you're all idiots, sometimes everyone's an idiot together.
 [13:39:03] <markey> and if such things happen, then we have deeper problems
 [13:39:05] <leinir> Please, can we try with the ultra-flat structure, until someone acts up and does something idiotic?
 [13:39:22] <emunkki> if something must be decided, then it will
 [13:39:23] <Nightrose> akrill: I don't see the problem specifically with someone cancelling a show - we will try to find someone to do it instead - it's not like there are 300 candidates to choose from
 [13:39:51] <akrill> Nightrose: I know, i was trying to use it as an example. there surely are more dire things that can come up. i just suck at giving examples.
 [13:40:05] <Nightrose> ok but the thing is:
 [13:40:17] <Mamarok> a cancelled show can be replaced by a preapared stream very easily
 [13:40:17] <leinir> The pyramid management structure in a project like this is a solution looking for a problem
 [13:40:33] <Nightrose> Amarok highly depends on this flat structure
 [13:40:35] <Mez> has anyone here actually run a station ?
 [13:40:40] <akrill> and a "flat structure" is a non-solution that will cause a problem.
 [13:40:42] <akrill> yes
 [13:40:46] <Nightrose> and I don't see where this will be a problem for RA
 [13:40:46] <akrill> myself.
 [13:40:56] <Nightrose> on the contrary - it will work out pretty well
 [13:41:02] <Mamarok> sven423: your advice is needed
 [13:41:23] <akrill> Mez has a good point. Have any of you run a successful online (or offline) radio station?
 [13:41:35] <markey> so far radio amarok was always awesome, although there wasn't much planning going on
 [13:41:47] <markey> just apachelogger doing sponaneous sessions
 [13:41:49] <markey> and it was great
 [13:42:02] <Mamarok> sven423 is doing a regular broadcast too
 [13:42:19] <akrill> markey: then imagine how it can be, once we're organized and have 24/7 programming with all the content we've been planning
 [13:42:40] <akrill> Judging from the lack of responses I'll guess that nobody here, other than myself and Mez, have ever run a successful online radio station.
 [13:42:41] <leinir> i just don't see why this is a problem?
 [13:42:41] <Nightrose> then everyone will have assigned tasks he is responsible for
 [13:42:55] <markey> well, mistakes will be made, stuff will go wrong, and we we learn a few new things
 [13:42:58] <emunkki> nightrose: +1
 [13:43:00] <markey> nothing shocking there
 [13:43:03] <markey> :)
 [13:43:06] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [13:43:10] <Mamarok> felxibility is the key, akrill, dont' you see this all too rigid?
 [13:43:11] <emunkki> markey: +1
 [13:43:11] <leinir> markey: +1
 [13:43:13] <leinir> Nightrose: +1
 [13:43:17] <Mamarok> markey: +1
 [13:43:19] <emunkki> leinir: +1
 [13:43:20] <emunkki> ;)
 [13:44:05] <markey> frankly, what really counst is if the DJ has a good music taste
 [13:44:08] <Nightrose> akrill: the key idea here is: don't expect people to fuck up because then tey will
 [13:44:17] <Nightrose> +h
 [13:44:19] <markey> that's probably the single most important apect of his existance
 [13:44:37] <markey> apachelogger e.g. has a great taste, I love listening to him
 [13:44:39] <Nightrose> expect them to do their job well
 [13:44:43] <Mez> markey, not really, because everyone's taste in music differs
 [13:44:54] <markey> right, and if this differs to extrem,
 [13:44:57] <markey> extremely
 [13:45:00] <leinir> That's the key in a meritocracy - the community at whole lets some person take a particular task, because the community decides they are good at that particular task!
 [13:45:00] <markey> there will be problems
 [13:45:14] <emunkki> leinir, markey: +1
 [13:45:20] <Mez> ok, here things go.
 [13:45:22] <markey> most of us amarok guys so far can agree on certain music
 [13:45:26] <markey> there is stuff we all like
 [13:45:42] <Mez> I think (in general) that there will ALWAYS be a need in any circumstances that someone will need to have a "veto"
 [13:45:53] <markey> but in the end you need taste
 [13:45:57] <Mez> what I'd like to propose is that that "veto" is not a singular person, but a group of people
 [13:45:57] <akrill> The most successful administrative structure for a time-critical media organization (online radio station, newspaper, whatever)... is one where decisions are made as a team but in the end there is one person who if they believe the decision made by the team is not in the best interest of the project they make a different decision or modified oen
 [13:46:00] <leinir> Yes, and that's always worked fine as it is, Mez
 [13:46:04] <Mez> a "council" per se.
 [13:46:15] <akrill> Aye.
 [13:46:25] <leinir> akrill: That is what i am saying... meritocracies are exactly that
 [13:46:39] <Mez> For example, ubuntu is a meritocracy, yet they still have "councils" that "overrule" (and ok, mark has the final say - but meh)
 [13:46:53] <Nightrose> same here
 [13:46:59] <Mez> the councils are there to provide policies, make sure they are inforced etc etc.
 [13:47:41] <markey> yeah but dude, ubuntu are like 500 people or so
 [13:47:44] <markey> radio amarok are 5
 [13:47:53] <Mez> I'd suggest a council of (for example) myself, akrill, Nightrose and apachelogger (who are pretty much the core "team" at the moment, who will make the decisions that need to be made when and as needed
 [13:47:57] <Mez> markey, at the moment, yes
 [13:47:58] <markey> we don't need all that political overhead
 [13:48:07] <markey> we need good music
 [13:48:10] <akrill> I concur. with Mez.
 [13:48:20] <Mez> markey, music IS politics...
 [13:48:48] <akrill> Ok, I'm going to be harsh for a moment here. NONE of you have experience managing this type of project. THAT is why you guys asked Mez and I to join your team, to provide direction and guidance in the creation of something we know how to do and you don't.
 [13:48:52] <markey> music spreading good vibes, making people happy in the process
 [13:48:53] * Mamarok has the impression to sit in a typical Swiss association where they waist time with administrative brimborium
 [13:48:57] <leinir> Uhm... why are we making this a problem, people? That is how it's worked this far... Why do we need to make it that stringent, and say that people must be voted in or whatnot? Why not take that if (and likely when) it becomes a problem?
 [13:49:06] <akrill> We know what is required to keep a station going, keep it strong, as far as administration.
 [13:49:09] <emunkki> if you can't agree with markey, how can you run a radio station under his project?
 [13:49:18] <akrill> So I seriously suggest you take our experience and use it. Especially in this example.
 [13:49:26] <markey> I'm not even sure what we disagree about
 [13:49:59] <Mez> markey, there needs to be someone "in charge" so to speak, who makes the decisions when a formal agreement between everyone else cannot be made
 [13:50:17] <leinir> Mez: And that person would be the person in charge of that particular area!
 [13:50:17] <akrill> Which WILL happen no matter how "great" the people in the project are.
 [13:50:25] <leinir> What is the disagreement?!
 [13:50:26] <Mamarok> this should be the project founder IMHO
 [13:50:30] <Mez> leinir, and in their absence ?
 [13:50:41] * Mamarok votes for markey as SABDFL
 [13:50:42] <markey> I usually keep some common sense around for such cases
 [13:50:55] * emunkki votes for markey, too
 [13:50:56] <Mez> or, if they make a decision that is generally accepted as everyone else as a bad idea?
 [13:51:29] <Mez> I dont agree with the "sabdfl" model. ..
 [13:51:33] <Mamarok> actually, BDFL, he is far too modest do aclaim himself :)
 [13:51:33] <markey> and apachelogger has common sense too, and nightrose and so on
 [13:51:48] <emunkki> markey: +1
 [13:51:48] <markey> they all tend to be sensible folks who can make decisions
 [13:51:56] <leinir> markey: +1
 [13:52:07] <leinir> Again, i really don't see the disagreement here...
 [13:52:08] <Mamarok> Mez: why don't you just trust them?
 [13:52:19] <emunkki> we do have a strong _community_ that you can trust
 [13:52:22] <markey> we hardly ever quarrel
 [13:52:28] <Mez> Mamarok, because the whole point is that EVERYONE has different opinions...
 [13:52:30] <markey> mostly it's all love
 [13:52:41] <Mez> so some people may make a bad decision...
 [13:52:46] <Mez> I hope that this never happens...
 [13:52:48] <emunkki> Mez, so what?
 [13:52:50] <Mez> but It's going to.
 [13:52:55] <markey> that will only happen if you don't feel the love
 [13:53:02] <Mamarok> Mez: you seem to have, I don't see much disagrement between the project leaders
 [13:53:07] <Mamarok> of Amarok
 [13:53:07] <markey> and then you won't really belong in this whole project anyway
 [13:53:14] <markey> one needs to get along
 [13:53:21] <emunkki> markey: +1
 [13:53:34] * akrill feels like he's surrounded by hippies.
 [13:53:41] <markey> kinda, yeah
 [13:53:46] <emunkki> o/
 [13:53:47] <leinir> Right, Amarok runs on beer, let's face it
 [13:53:47] <akrill> interesting.
 [13:53:48] <Nightrose> well - feel the love guys ;-)
 [13:53:54] <Mamarok> akrill: but we AHE hippies, thaat's the point :)
 [13:53:57] <Mamarok> ARE
 [13:53:58] <emunkki> ~cuddle Nightrose
 [13:53:58] <leinir> akrill: i get told that a lot ;)
 [13:53:58] <insanity> emunkki cuddles with Nightrose.
 [13:53:58] <insanity> *cuddle* *hug*
 [13:53:58] <emunkki> ;)
 [13:54:02] <akrill> lol i should've known :-p
 [13:54:13] <leinir> ~grouphug
 [13:54:22] <Mez> ~vodka
 [13:54:28] <leinir> Anyway, yes :)
 [13:54:28] <Mez> afk a sec. ..
 [13:54:28] <emunkki> we can be hippies, idiots, gays, whatever, but we can work together
 [13:54:34] <insanity> failed to connect to
 [13:54:40] <leinir> emunkki: or all of the above! ;)
 [13:54:41] <akrill> I vote that things stay "flat" or however it was put, except in the case where a specific council believe a decision that has been made is a BAD one. that council would be made of Nightrose, Apachelogger, Myself, and Mez.
 [13:54:45] <emunkki> leinir, that too! ;)
 [13:55:10] <Nightrose> akrill: aggreed but to reach a desicion we need 5 people - I vote in markey
 [13:55:17] <leinir> akrill: i am with you on that - it is exactly as it's been thus far :)
 [13:55:17] <Mamarok> and Mamas, you forget the Mamas
 [13:55:24] <emunkki> mamas too :)
 [13:55:30] <akrill> I concur with the markey nomination as well
 [13:55:33] <Mamarok> and Papas while we are at it
 [13:55:43] <leinir> Yes, markey in as well :)
 [13:55:51] <Mamarok> +1
 [13:55:54] <Mez> ok
 [13:55:55] <Mez> one sec
 [13:56:06] <emunkki> mamas and papas dreamin' on california, too
 [13:56:12] <Mez> [VOTE] hings stay "flat" or however it was put, except in the case where a specific council believe a decision that has been made is a BAD one. that council would be made of Nightrose, Apachelogger, akrill, markey, and Mez.
 [13:56:19] <leinir> +1
 [13:56:23] <emunkki> +1
 [13:56:24] <Mez> +1
 [13:56:24] <Nightrose> +1
 [13:56:26] <akrill> +1
 [13:56:28] <Mamarok> +1
 [13:56:36] <Nightrose> ok perfect ;-)
 [13:56:41] <Nightrose> done with taht everyone?
 [13:56:45] <Nightrose> that
 [13:56:48] <Mez> anyone else?
 [13:56:49] <akrill> I have one separate issue to raise in the council that i'd like a vote on.
 [13:57:04] <Nightrose> what is it akrill?
 [13:57:11] <Mez> akrill, please wait for AOB - unless it's important for it to be raised now ?
 [13:57:13] <Mez> #endvote
 [13:57:24] <akrill> its important for the council thing
 [13:57:29] <Mez> [AGREED] things stay "flat" or however it was put, except in the case where a specific council believe a decision that has been made is a BAD one. that council would be made of Nightrose, Apachelogger, akrill, markey, and Mez..
 [13:57:38] <Mez> ok, go ahead akrill
 [13:57:51] <akrill> considering the experience Mez and I possess, I would like to propose that he and I be given slightly extra voting power in the council.
 [13:58:01] <emunkki> eh
 [13:58:02] <leinir> akrill: That's why it's a meritocracy
 [13:58:05] <Mez> -1 to akrill
 [13:58:11] <emunkki> that's against the community thing
 [13:58:14] <akrill> ok, so he doesnt agree. nevermind then.
 [13:58:14] <emunkki> -1
 [13:58:19] <leinir> You explain to the people why it's a problem, people understand, thus fixed :)
 [13:58:30] <Mez> akrill, I believe that within the council, we'll be able to make a decision
 [13:58:35] <leinir> yup :)
 [13:58:44] <akrill> i figured.
 [13:58:46] <emunkki> can we go on
 [13:58:50] <Mez> and, hopefully, the others will heed our advice ;)
 [13:58:52] <akrill> i just wanted to see if you guys thought it was a good or bad idea.
 [13:58:55] <akrill> hehe :-p
 [13:58:57] <Mez> ok, so next topic everyone ?
 [13:58:59] <leinir> emunkki: You just wanna get to your point! ;)
 [13:59:02] <Nightrose> next topic
 [13:59:11] <leinir> Yes, next topic :)
 [13:59:12] <emunkki> that too, but i do haver other things to do today
 [13:59:13] <Mez> [TOPIC] Design
 [13:59:25] <akrill> mmmmm design...
 [13:59:43] <emunkki>
 [13:59:44] * akrill munches on InkScraps and drinks some GIMPJuice.
 [13:59:48] <Mez> ok, currently we have . .. 3 designs ?
 [13:59:57] <emunkki>
 [14:00:16] <Mez> [LINK
 [14:00:20] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:00:39] <akrill> Suuuure, use a link I cant get to ;-)
 [14:00:45] * akrill mutters about bad ISPs
 [14:00:52] * Mez hugs akrill
 [14:00:54] <Mez> want a screeny ?
 [14:01:02] <akrill> nah thats ok. just using tor for now :-p
 [14:01:09] <akrill> thanks though :-p
 [14:01:49] <akrill> i like radio-mockup-1.png in some ways, but i like smarty in some ways.
 [14:02:00] * leinir likes the 2nd mockup a lot...
 [14:02:13] <Mez> I like all 3, but in the order of
 [14:02:21] * Nightrose would love a combination of 2 and smarty
 [14:02:23] <Mez> smarty, mockup-1, mockup-2
 [14:02:28] <Mez> Nightrose, how so?
 [14:02:37] <leinir> The smarty one is a little... boxy
 [14:02:38] <markey> re
 [14:02:40] <akrill> +1 Nightrose or whatever you folks say
 [14:02:44] * Mamarok goes ditto with Nightrose
 [14:02:49] * markey reads backlog
 [14:02:55] <leinir> Yes, Nightrose +1
 [14:02:55] <Nightrose> I like the colors of 2 but the logo and layout of smarty
 [14:03:06] * akrill feels like he's on slashdot
 [14:03:13] <pregopresto> mockup2
 [14:03:13] <Mez> hehe, yeah the colours are a bit ... blargh
 [14:03:16] <Mez> (aka no colours)
 [14:03:21] <akrill> Nightrose: +1 Insightful for you ;-)
 [14:03:26] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [14:03:37] <Mez> I'm obviously turned towards smarty as it's what i worked on ;)
 [14:03:49] <akrill> i like smarty and mockup-2.
 [14:03:55] <akrill> i think a combination would be best...
 [14:04:06] <akrill> the mockup-2 feels too bloggy but has a nice color scheme and graphics
 [14:04:22] * pregopresto agrees with akrills opinion
 [14:04:23] <leinir> Also, i would like to say that i like the fact that mockup-2 resembles the amarok website somewhat... the whole corporate identity thing and that stuff
 [14:04:25] <emunkki> the smarty feels to 90's
 [14:04:26] <Mez> I do like the background for mockup2
 [14:04:36] <akrill> smarty has a nice layout as far as a radio-station and has easy-to-fid navigation and content, but no color
 [14:04:43] <leinir> Yes, smarty one does feel a bit 90s, really
 [14:04:48] <leinir> It could be fixed though, i'm suer
 [14:04:48] <Mez> 90s how ?
 [14:04:51] <leinir> sure
 [14:05:00] <markey> this looks nice
 [14:05:03] <Mez> leinir, indeed - the black and white is horrid ;) need color
 [14:05:11] <emunkki> b&w, navigation layout
 [14:05:18] <markey> also the current page looks neat
 [14:05:20] <leinir> Mez: And it needs margins, margins! ...and less lines :)
 [14:05:23] <markey> although it's just a placeholder
 [14:05:24] <akrill> I vote that we open up a design contest, actually.
 [14:05:25] <markey> it's a good one
 [14:05:29] <akrill> to the public
 [14:05:35] <akrill> and allow the public to submit designs
 [14:05:40] <leinir> Yes, i like akrill's idea there :)
 [14:05:58] <Mez> akrill, I like it , but i'd also like to see how smarty and mockup2 could work together
 [14:06:00] <akrill> Amarok, KDE, etc have always gotten a LOT of great designs and artwork that way.
 [14:06:10] <leinir> akrill: Indeed :)
 [14:06:15] <Nightrose> why don't emunkki and Mez work on their design to make a mashup of the two
 [14:06:16] <Mez> emunkki, willing to make that an entry ?
 [14:06:16] <Nightrose> ?
 [14:06:32] <emunkki> Mez, which one?
 [14:06:32] <Mez> Nightrose, I'm happy with that as an entry
 [14:06:36] <akrill> Nightrose: thats a good idea. and then they could make it an entry :-)
 [14:06:40] <Nightrose> ok fine
 [14:06:40] * leinir nods :)
 [14:06:48] <Mez> but i like the competition idea ;) cause who knows tehre could be something awesome
 [14:06:54] <leinir> i mean, both Mez and emunkki could submit their mockups as competition entries as well :)
 [14:06:54] <Nightrose> right
 [14:07:01] <Mez> [VOTE] competition for design of site
 [14:07:02] <emunkki> there is already three designs and dozens of opinions
 [14:07:06] <akrill> +1
 [14:07:13] <emunkki> have to go for
 [14:07:13] <emunkki> -1
 [14:07:19] <Mez> +1
 [14:07:25] <pregopresto> +1
 [14:07:27] * Nightrose is undecided and does not vote on that
 [14:07:29] <leinir> +1
 [14:07:36] <Mez> Nightrose, +0 ;)
 [14:07:40] <Nightrose> ah ;-)
 [14:07:43] <Nightrose> +0
 [14:07:44] <akrill> hehe
 [14:07:47] <Mez> I think ;)
 [14:07:53] <Mez> or not
 [14:07:58] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [14:08:03] <Mez> [IDEA] Nightrose abstains
 [14:08:17] <akrill> LOL
 [14:08:24] <akrill> 0
 [14:08:26] <akrill> maybe
 [14:08:28] <akrill> i dunno
 [14:08:49] <Nightrose> any other votes?
 [14:08:51] <Mez> Seeker`, does MootBot allow an abstain /
 [14:09:05] <Seeker`> nope
 [14:09:09] <Mez> #endvote
 [14:09:31] <Mez> [VOTE] Mez and emunkii should work on a mashup of mockup-2 and smarty (as an entry)
 [14:09:35] <Mez> +1
 [14:09:37] <akrill> +1
 [14:09:38] <pregopresto> +1
 [14:09:40] <Nightrose> +1
 [14:09:40] <leinir> +1
 [14:09:46] <emunkki> +fart
 [14:09:49] <akrill> lol
 [14:09:54] <leinir> Hehe ;)
 [14:09:55] <HoratioCS> +1
 [14:09:57] <Mez> emunkki, I believe it's ~fart
 [14:10:06] <akrill> ~flatchulate
 [14:10:12] <Mamarok> +1
 [14:10:17] <emunkki> +-0
 [14:10:20] <Mez> any more votes ?
 [14:10:21] <Mez> :P
 [14:10:24] <Mez> (serious ones)
 [14:10:38] <akrill> nope.
 [14:10:41] <emunkki> i think me and Mez have very different approaches in designs overall
 [14:10:57] <Mez> emunkki, *shrugs* I'm sure we can work together
 [14:11:00] <Mez> I dont bite ... hard
 [14:11:00] <akrill> you do indeed. yours is too bloggy. his is too bland. mashup time!
 [14:11:05] * markey puts on his amarok shirt
 [14:11:08] <Mez> +1 for akrill
 [14:11:09] <markey> and the kde hat
 [14:11:09] <leinir> emunkki: Well yes, but i think good things could come out of a collaboration... as akrill said ;)
 [14:11:10] <HoratioCS> please change "DJ's" to "DJs" though whoever
 [14:11:11] <markey> I love those
 [14:11:12] <Mez> #endvote
 [14:11:17] <leinir> markey: They are nifty :)
 [14:11:22] <markey> aye :)
 [14:11:27] <Mez> HoratioCS, it is "DJs"
 [14:11:35] <HoratioCS> not on the one I see
 [14:11:41] <Mez> smarty?
 [14:11:42] <emunkki> o/
 [14:11:44] <emunkki> mine
 [14:11:49] <Mez> ah, lol
 [14:11:49] <Mez> yes
 [14:11:53] <leinir> HoratioCS: moooockup ;)
 [14:12:08] <Mez> eep
 [14:12:12] * Mez lost the agenda
 [14:12:12] <emunkki> what about if mez makes one mashup and i do one
 [14:12:37] <Mez> emunkki, I think your mashup with my "layout" would be better - I'm not good with graphics, and dont have your graphics to hand
 [14:12:47] <akrill> CMS
 [14:12:50] <leinir> arse...
 [14:12:50] <akrill> Mez: CMS
 [14:12:55] <Mez> [TOPIC] CMS
 [14:12:55] <leinir> Could we call a short break here?
 [14:12:55] <emunkki> i can send you the graphics
 [14:13:03] <Mez> leinir, sure...
 [14:13:03] <HoratioCS> toilet break
 [14:13:07] <Mez> emunkki, please do
 [14:13:08] <akrill> yes
 [14:13:09] <Nightrose> 5 min break
 [14:13:10] <HoratioCS> everyone be back in 5 minutes
 [14:13:12] <leinir> Indeed :) bladder's about to casplode ;)
 [14:13:15] <emunkki> bah
 [14:13:16] <HoratioCS> or the bus will go without you
 [14:13:16] <Mez> [TOPIC] BreakBOF
 [14:13:26] <akrill> meanwhile lets all be silly.
 [14:13:32] <Mez> emunkki, [email protected]
 [14:13:34] <emunkki> i expect you can't open .psd?
 [14:13:43] <Mez> akrill, please remember this is logged atm
 [14:13:44] <akrill> emunkki: of course he can. GIMP opens them :-p
 [14:13:46] <HoratioCS> you registered a domain>>
 [14:13:51] <Mez> emunkki, dunno if Gimp can handle them
 [14:13:53] <akrill> Mez: of course. im not going to be too terribly silly.
 [14:13:57] <HoratioCS> good thing nobody voted to change the name
 [14:13:59] <emunkki> not so good
 [14:14:05] <pregopresto> i offered to host the server with unlimited bandwith here... am i needed in the discussion?
 [14:14:17] <Mez> pregopresto, we'll come to that later ;)
 [14:14:27] <akrill> Mez: i think he means does his vote count here
 [14:14:30] <Mez> pregopresto, I presume you're the Germany one ?
 [14:14:36] <HoratioCS> +1
 [14:14:37] <pregopresto> yeah, i am the german one
 [14:14:43] <emunkki> +10
 [14:14:45] <pregopresto> i don't care about my votes
 [14:14:48] <HoratioCS> -8.5
 [14:14:49] <Mez> pregopresto, that's something I want to discuss later
 [14:14:52] <Mez> everyone's vote is welcome
 [14:14:52] <akrill> pregopresto: the topic of sponsoring is coming in 2 topics from now. it would be nice if you were here yes
 [14:14:57] <emunkki> +2/5.235
 [14:15:00] <akrill> +42
 [14:15:07] <emunkki> -null
 [14:15:07] <pregopresto> k
 [14:15:12] <pregopresto> 42 is the right answer ;)
 [14:15:50] * Mez snuggles up for 5 mins
 [14:16:07] <akrill> hehe
 [14:16:10] * leinir pets Mez :)
 [14:16:16] <Mez> not with you leinir ;)
 [14:16:21] <akrill> lol
 [14:16:34] <pregopresto>
 [14:16:38] <markey> OO
 [14:16:40] <leinir> Nah, just petting ya ;)
 [14:16:42] <pregopresto> ups, hehe ;)
 [14:16:45] <leinir> pregopresto: please not now ;)
 [14:16:45] <akrill> mmm i love google :-p
 [14:16:46] <markey> leinir is quite cuddly
 [14:16:57] <Mez> pregopresto, tis ok, it gets logged as a link in "berakbof"
 [14:17:04] <markey> apachelogger too, for that matter
 [14:17:09] * leinir giggles "Aww, thankies markey" :)
 [14:17:19] <Mez> so am i apparently
 [14:17:34] <akrill> leinir: your name reminds me of a character on babylon 5
 [14:17:36] <Mamarok> ~ cuddle everyone
 [14:17:39] <Mez> brb, gotta make phone call
 [14:17:45] <insanity> Mamarok cuddles with everyone.
 [14:17:45] <insanity> *cuddle* *hug*
 [14:17:56] <HoratioCS> ~ +1
 [14:17:59] <leinir> akrill: Graah, i've not got a bone collar! ;)
 [14:18:03] <markey> we all need much love here
 [14:18:07] * akrill chuckles
 [14:18:10] <markey> the world outside is so cruel
 [14:18:12] * HoratioCS :'
 [14:18:20] <leinir> akrill: And i'm also not spelled Lennier ;)
 [14:18:28] <akrill> is that how it was spelled?
 [14:18:30] <akrill> hmm....
 [14:18:33] <akrill> damn i miss that show.
 [14:18:49] <Mamarok> ~ hugs markey
 [14:18:53] <akrill> definitely one of the greats as far as scifi
 [14:19:01] <leinir> akrill: Hehe, i almost bought the complete universe this spring :)
 [14:19:08] <Mamarok> ~ hug markey
 [14:19:14] <akrill> ooooohhhh hehe nice. i should do that sooner or later
 [14:19:22] <markey> das space wuerd ich weggenehmen
 [14:19:22] <leinir> but then the purchase went south, i got my money back, and realised i couldn't really afford it anyway ;)
 [14:19:35] <Mamarok> ~hug markey
 [14:19:36] <leinir> i -do- expect to be able to do it sometime relatively soon, though :)
 [14:19:54] <akrill> lol
 [14:20:09] <Mamarok> ~hugs markey
 [14:20:24] <markey> egal.
 [14:20:34] * Mamarok can't hug markey, stupid but doesn't let her :(
 [14:20:35] <Nightrose> Mez: back?
 [14:20:52] <Mez> yup
 [14:20:55] <Mez> everyone back ?
 [14:20:59] <akrill> aye
 [14:21:04] <leinir> yup
 [14:21:07] <Mez> [TOPIC] CMS
 [14:21:11] <Nightrose> ok then let's get to the CMS part
 [14:21:14] <markey> ok, what's shakin
 [14:21:19] <markey> drupal?
 [14:21:27] <markey> I think it's probably easiest to keep this uniform
 [14:21:32] <akrill> MediaWiki!
 [14:21:35] <leinir> travelsized?
 [14:21:37] <akrill> :-p
 [14:21:37] <Mez> markey, I believe that akrill and I are both of the mind that this will need a custom CSS
 [14:21:44] <Mez> s/CSS/CMS/
 [14:21:47] <akrill> ate
 [14:21:47] <markey> yeah sure, if you can whip that up
 [14:21:49] <akrill> *aye
 [14:21:52] <markey> mediawiki is fine too
 [14:22:01] <akrill> to begin with though I say we use mediawiki, while mez and i work on developing a custom CMS
 [14:22:06] <akrill> the custom CMS will take time.
 [14:22:12] <leinir> In that case, if we can get travelsized fixed as per Mez' wantings...
 [14:22:14] <Mez> markey, what with scheduling, studio email etc etc
 [14:22:16] <markey> sounds good. that's settled
 [14:22:17] <markey> next topic?
 [14:22:29] <Mez> akrill, quick question - PHP I hope ?
 [14:22:40] * akrill shudders
 [14:22:43] <leinir> Mez: You just need to get around to checking it, of course... ;)
 [14:22:43] * Mez slaps akrill in advance for saying "python"
 [14:22:44] <emunkki> no mediawiki.
 [14:22:49] <Nightrose> didn't we talk about using a custom travelsized?
 [14:22:59] <akrill> PHP would work I guess.
 [14:23:10] <Mez> Nightrose, we talked, but again, looking at the code, It doesn't seem right
 [14:23:16] <Nightrose> hmm i see
 [14:23:29] <leinir> Mez: you still haven't told me what you don't like about it... :)
 [14:23:29] <akrill> is travelsized fast enough anyway?
 [14:23:32] <Mez> but I'd be happy to work with leinir to make a new "travelsized" that meets our expectations and works for radioamarok
 [14:23:34] <leinir> akrill: lightning fast :)
 [14:23:41] <akrill> ok, cool.
 [14:23:48] <Mez> leinir, a lot of insecurity things - magic numbers, etc etc
 [14:23:55] <emunkki> Mez,
 [14:24:02] <emunkki> there's everything you need
 [14:24:03] <leinir> Mez: All fixable, stuff i need to fix at some point at any rate :)
 [14:24:16] <emunkki> pick the colors with eyedropper
 [14:24:18] <Mez> but leinir I'm happy to work with you and akrill towards making a new version of travelsized?
 [14:24:26] * leinir nods "Good stuff" :)
 [14:24:31] <akrill> Woot.
 [14:24:33] <Nightrose> ok sounds good to me too Mez
 [14:24:38] <akrill> though the lack of Python makes me cry :-p
 [14:24:44] <Nightrose> *lol*
 [14:24:57] <Mez> [AGREED] Mez, leinir, and akrill will work on a new version of travelsized for Radio amarok (in PHP :P @ akrill)
 [14:24:59] <emunkki> am i needed anymore?
 [14:25:07] <leinir> emunkki: Hmm... lessee...
 [14:25:08] <akrill> Meanie! :-p
 [14:25:17] <leinir> i guess not really, no :)
 [14:25:21] <emunkki> ok, good
 [14:25:24] <leinir> Have fun! :)
 [14:25:26] <emunkki> i'll drop off then
 [14:25:28] <emunkki> you too
 [14:25:32] <Nightrose> bye bye
 [14:25:33] * Mez waves at emunkki 
 [14:25:34] <leinir> ...wherever you're off to ;)
 [14:25:39] <emunkki> leinir: +1
 [14:25:42] <emunkki> gf ;P
 [14:25:44] <akrill> Mez: Budget
 [14:25:45] <akrill> bye!
 [14:25:48] <emunkki> bye
 [14:25:49] <leinir> Aah, have much fun, then! :)
 [14:25:49] <emunkki> o/
 [14:25:52] <emunkki> yep
 [14:25:54] <Mez> [TOPIC] Budget
 [14:26:10] <akrill> We need money.
 [14:26:12] <akrill> :-p
 [14:26:27] <leinir> Hehe :)
 [14:26:31] <Nightrose> hmm oggb4mp3 didn't make it here
 [14:26:41] <markey> yeah much much is needed anyway?
 [14:26:42] <Nightrose> we need him to discuss this I think
 [14:26:44] <markey> how*
 [14:26:53] <akrill> markey: i dont think we've figured that out yet.
 [14:27:03] <markey> amarok funds can provide up until a certain limit
 [14:27:11] <Mez> markey, well, I think we ordered wrong.. but there is a mail on the list regarding at least the licencing stuff
 [14:27:23] <markey> right
 [14:27:35] <markey> god I hate that part
 [14:27:44] <markey> makes me lose all interest sometimes
 [14:27:47] <akrill> no kidding.
 [14:27:49] <markey> fucking license shit
 [14:28:04] <akrill> i like the FTRIAA license personally
 [14:28:15] <akrill> thats the Fuck The RIAA license, where you do whatever you want with whatever music you want.
 [14:28:19] <akrill> but its illegal in most countries
 [14:28:21] <akrill> so i dont use it.
 [14:28:37] <markey> anyway I consider this licensing shit the most difficult part to sort out
 [14:28:41] <markey> from the whole radio project
 [14:28:47] <akrill> yup.
 [14:28:48] <leinir> Yeah...
 [14:28:53] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:29:11] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:29:20] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:29:30] <HoratioCS> the alliance grows strong
 [14:29:30] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:29:40] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:29:47] <Mez> [LINK]$file/PPLInternetRadioLicenceStandardWebcasterFAQandFees.pdf
 [14:29:53] * akrill labels this channel a linkfarm
 [14:29:53] <Nightrose> Mez: can you give a little overview?
 [14:29:58] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:30:00] <Nightrose> I think that is to much to read right now
 [14:30:14] <Mez> hehe, just links for the bot
 [14:30:20] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [14:30:30] <Mez> ok, basically, UK licencing laws are sorta nicer than most
 [14:30:57] <Mez> there are 2 licences that are needed, which are the PPL and the MCPS/PRS
 [14:31:00] <markey> so, who or what determines *wich* country's laws are applicable for us
 [14:31:07] <markey> where must we pay?
 [14:31:13] <markey> we sit all over the globe
 [14:31:17] <Mez> markey, generally the locality of the primary server; )
 [14:31:36] <markey> so then let's move the thing to some banana island
 [14:31:39] <markey> or get a second server
 [14:31:42] <HoratioCS>
 [14:31:46] * akrill chuckles
 [14:31:48] <markey> you don't want to deal with this mess here in germany
 [14:31:50] <akrill> How about to Sealand?
 [14:31:52] <markey> where the server is
 [14:31:57] <markey> I'm not kidding
 [14:31:58] <akrill> Or hitch a ride with TPB wherever it goes
 [14:32:19] <markey> germans laws are usually very stupid
 [14:32:25] <markey> much like US laws
 [14:32:27] <Mez> markey, infact, the uk laws cover germany ;)
 [14:32:34] <akrill> hey, i resemble that remark :-p
 [14:32:54] <Mez> akrill, you're very weird too ?
 [14:33:06] <akrill> he made a comment about US laws :-p
 [14:33:12] <markey> so, how about getting an extra server for radio?
 [14:33:26] <markey> and then not pay anything
 [14:33:26] <Mez> markey, we do currently have a UK based server
 [14:33:27] <leinir> This is where pregopresto comes in, i believe?
 [14:33:40] <markey> a pirate radio
 [14:33:54] <Mez> markey, I'd rather do things legally
 [14:34:07] <markey> is sooo expensive
 [14:34:10] <markey> sight
 [14:34:12] <HoratioCS> i'm sure the MCPS and PRS are currently watching this channel, and will monitor Radio Amarok dilligently
 [14:34:13] <markey> -t
 [14:34:17] <akrill> legal ftw.
 [14:34:18] <HoratioCS> heh
 [14:34:22] <akrill> we dont want to give KDE/Amarok a bad name
 [14:34:46] <Mez> +1 to akrill ... if we get busted, so does amarok - remember we;'re an amarok project
 [14:34:53] <leinir> Yup
 [14:34:54] <markey> well, can we afford a license for playing commercial music?
 [14:34:56] <markey> probably not
 [14:35:01] <akrill> occasionally.
 [14:35:02] <HoratioCS> er
 [14:35:02] <markey> just magnatune and such
 [14:35:17] <Mez> markey, at the moment, no ... but ?400 would cover us for a year in the UK
 [14:35:18] <HoratioCS> read those mcps-prs alliance licences ^^
 [14:35:27] <HoratioCS> for details
 [14:35:32] <markey> oh ok, that's still kinda within limits
 [14:35:34] <Mez> HoratioCS, ?
 [14:35:34] <markey> I thought it was more
 [14:35:43] <Mez> markey, nope, one sec
 [14:35:54] <HoratioCS> Mez, markey suggested it would be expensive
 [14:35:55] <markey> we can get this donated quite easily
 [14:36:10] <HoratioCS> just pointing out the licence pages above give details of the costs
 [14:36:34] <Mez> ?362.76 for the year
 [14:36:50] <Mez> (GBP)
 [14:36:55] <Nightrose> what can we do after paying that?
 [14:37:17] <Mez> we can play  commercial tracks per year
 [14:37:32] <Nightrose> think that is more than we need
 [14:37:34] <Mamarok> how much would this be in Euros?
 [14:37:36] <markey> so, sounds like a non issue
 [14:37:37] <markey> nice
 [14:37:39] <Mez> (or for 117.50 more, 270000
 [14:37:43] <markey> initally we take the cash from funds
 [14:37:54] <markey> I reckon we'll get some in excess this month anyway
 [14:38:05] <Nightrose> yea
 [14:38:14] <leinir> i like the 165000 track option
 [14:38:15] <markey> actually I suggest we keep collecting the whole month
 [14:38:16] <Mez> markey, cool, I think we shuold put that off until the stations been live for a couple of months
 [14:38:22] <markey> well beyond the 5000
 [14:38:39] <markey> next year there will be a lot of uknown expenses
 [14:38:40] <Mez> or at least a month
 [14:38:41] <leinir> As we should really be doing libre music anyway, commercial tracks should only be played so often, yeah?
 [14:38:51] <akrill> aye
 [14:38:53] <Nightrose> right
 [14:38:56] <Mez> leinir, hence why we dont need mcuh
 [14:39:01] <leinir> *nods* :)
 [14:39:03] <Mez> but part of the plan is to do a "request" show ..
 [14:39:16] <leinir> Sure, so we need -some- ability to play whatever :)
 [14:39:22] <Mez> leinir, indeed
 [14:39:23] <markey> however, if the music is crappy, "libre" wan't save it
 [14:39:30] <markey> I'd tune out, and others too
 [14:39:32] <leinir> markey: Yeah :)
 [14:39:33] <Mez> markey, true
 [14:39:35] <markey> we need real quality
 [14:39:50] <Mez> ok, I think we need to get in contact with PPL and MCPS/PRS and get forms and stuff sorted out
 [14:39:59] <Mez> but that should be put off till the next meeting
 [14:40:04] <Mez> as we need to arrange a RP for that
 [14:40:10] <akrill> RP?
 [14:40:15] <Mez> Responsible person
 [14:40:18] <akrill> ah
 [14:40:18] <akrill> hehe
 [14:40:20] <Mez> (legally answerable)
 [14:40:28] * akrill coughYOUcough
 [14:40:45] <pregopresto> on is a lot of free music, just to throw it in the room...
 [14:40:57] <Mez> pregopresto, we know of jamendo ;)
 [14:41:06] <Mez> (and jamenda apparently - hehee)
 [14:41:43] <markey> pregopresto: thing is, there is a lot of crap too. sorting the good from the crap is the hard task
 [14:41:45] <Nightrose> pregopresto: there is a lot but not enough to run a radio station
 [14:41:55] <Nightrose> not enough good stuff
 [14:42:25] <markey> hey, what genres do we cover?
 [14:42:25] <Nightrose> thats why we need someone to digg the good stuff out for us
 [14:42:36] <Mez> I think pregopresto just volunteered as a content appropriator
 [14:42:38] <markey> I'd like to see a focus on electronic and guitar music
 [14:42:40] <markey> a mixture
 [14:42:56] <akrill> lol
 [14:42:58] * Nightrose want's some ska in there
 [14:43:05] <markey> no hiphop though
 [14:43:08] <pregopresto> hehe, i like to see a focus on ambient / lounge music...
 [14:43:10] <pregopresto> ;)
 [14:43:12] <pregopresto> *gg*
 [14:43:13] <markey> or just very rarely
 [14:43:14] * Mez does dka
 [14:43:17] <akrill> ELEVATOR MUSIC!
 [14:43:26] <leinir> Hmm... i think it would be interesting to have a large mix... But have a set genre for set times of the day?
 [14:43:33] <markey> ambient/launge is ok too, like at night
 [14:43:35] <Nightrose> leinir: good idea
 [14:43:37] <Mamarok> ska please!
 [14:43:45] <Mamarok> and Jazz
 [14:43:49] <Mez> hehe
 [14:43:58] * Mez already ahs contacts with a few rock bands ;)
 [14:43:58] <Mamarok> and Rock
 [14:44:07] <markey> heavy metal should probably not be played too often
 [14:44:24] * Mamarok likes heavy metal though :)
 [14:44:35] <Mamarok> no HipHop
 [14:44:40] <akrill> HipHop Sux0rz
 [14:44:45] <Mamarok> totally!
 [14:44:49] <Nightrose> well we can play different genres on different days/shows
 [14:44:52] <leinir> So you have downtempo in the morning, rock in the afternoon, electronic in the late evening, and zero-beat during the night... All UTC times of course ;)
 [14:44:54] <Nightrose> just not too mixed
 [14:45:01] <Mamarok> well, there are a few good songs though, sometimes...
 [14:45:10] * pregopresto wonders .oO(where were they stuck? licensing stuff??)
 [14:45:17] <Mez> !offtopic
 [14:45:21] <leinir> Yeah :)
 [14:45:26] <akrill> lol
 [14:45:30] <markey> well licensing was already settled
 [14:45:34] <markey> so, let's move on
 [14:45:46] <akrill> licensing wasnt the topic
 [14:45:48] <akrill> budget was ;-)
 [14:45:57] <pregopresto> ;)
 [14:46:03] <markey> well anyway, we do it like this:
 [14:46:09] <markey> we give Mez 400 pounds
 [14:46:15] <markey> and then he pays for one year
 [14:46:17] <markey> and that's it
 [14:46:32] <markey> sounds good doesn't it
 [14:46:40] <akrill> i thought you were going to say something like "we give Mez 400 pounds and we never hear from him again" lol
 [14:46:41] <Mez> markey, so, yeah, we'll sort that out sometime later
 [14:46:50] <Mez> akrill, damn, you found out about me
 [14:46:51] <leinir> Yup :)
 [14:46:54] <akrill> hehe :-p
 [14:47:28] <Mamarok> you don't go very far with 400 ? anyway, you will be traced easily :)
 [14:47:38] <akrill> lol
 [14:47:44] <akrill> Mez: sponsoring?
 [14:47:52] <Nightrose> yea next topic
 [14:48:04] <Mez> [TOPIc] Sponsoring
 [14:48:15] * Nightrose has to leave in ~1 hour 
 [14:48:21] <markey> sponsoring is simple
 [14:48:21] <akrill> awwww
 [14:48:23] <markey> :
 [14:48:26] <markey> donations
 [14:48:41] <akrill> pregopresto: i think you should speak up about what you're offering
 [14:48:41] <markey> first from amarok funds, and later on possibly separate funds
 [14:48:48] <pregopresto> ok
 [14:49:13] <Mez> sorry, may I interject
 [14:49:22] <markey> ok!
 [14:49:24] <markey> this one time
 [14:49:36] <Mez> we do already have a sponsor ;)
 [14:49:43] <markey> who would that be
 [14:50:05] <Mez> as for the UK licencing laws, we need a UK server as the primary, I contacted a friend of mine who runs a hosting company, who kindly donated a "gratis" server ...
 [14:50:10] <Mez> (and tht would be grifferz )
 [14:50:19] <akrill> Mez: nice
 [14:50:20] <markey> that's great :)
 [14:50:27] <markey> hopefully reliable?
 [14:50:34] <HoratioCS> how reliabl;e is this
 [14:50:35] <Mamarok> wow, grifferz, thanks a lot!
 [14:50:35] <HoratioCS> guy
 [14:50:36] <markey> then it's all settled
 [14:50:48] <Mez> markey, I've been hosted with them for about a year, and well, the only issues are my own creations
 [14:50:58] <Nightrose> grifferz++
 [14:50:58] * markey is gonna open a beer to grifferz's health after lunch
 [14:51:01] <grifferz> Mez has overstated that somewhat, it is only a xen-based virtual server
 [14:51:11] <markey> oh he's even here :)
 [14:51:15] <HoratioCS> oops
 [14:51:22] <akrill> vps? ew...
 [14:51:27] <akrill> :-p
 [14:51:28] <Mez> grifferz, it's still a "server" based in the UK
 [14:51:36] <Mez> akrill, vps is good, and well, it's managed well :D
 [14:51:46] <akrill> i know, and vps is fine for streaming and such
 [14:52:00] <akrill> im just glad im not admining xen :-p
 [14:52:12] <markey> do you want anything in return for the sponsoring?
 [14:52:14] <Mez> akrill, nope - thats' grifferz jon
 [14:52:18] <markey> like some kind of advertising?
 [14:52:35] <akrill> markey: ssshhhh don't give him any ideas :-O ;-)
 [14:52:44] <Mez> markey, if you look at the smarty designm, theres a button on tehre forbitfolk
 [14:52:52] <HoratioCS> Amarok Radio, Sponsored by grifferz, for a VPS hosting to remember
 [14:53:12] <Mez> [LINK]
 [14:53:41] <HoratioCS> nice clean design
 [14:54:00] <leinir> yeah :)
 [14:54:22] <pregopresto> ok, i think then your issues are solved... my offer is still there, if bandwith is needed you can contact me, and i can relay it
 [14:54:39] <markey> we awesome
 [14:54:53] <markey> this project is already picking up a commnunity
 [14:54:59] <akrill> hehe yup
 [14:55:05] <Mez> pregopresto, actually, seeing as bandwidth is an issue, I'd like to hear more from you (as we need a big pipe to stream from)
 [14:55:15] <markey> that's the good amarok vibe I was talking about :>
 [14:55:18] <pregopresto> well
 [14:55:23] <leinir> pregopresto: relays are good! :)
 [14:55:51] <pregopresto> i have a 100mbit connection fibre channel here unlimited bandwith that will be extended to 1gb at the beginning of next xear
 [14:57:03] <Mez> this bring up an issue though - hardware
 [14:57:12] <Mez> pregopresto, if we were to use your pipe, how would that be done
 [14:57:21] <pregopresto> hm
 [14:57:23] <akrill> i proposed that we buy hardware and send it to him.
 [14:57:40] <Mez> I remember that, but would that be suitable for you pregopresto ?
 [14:57:47] <pregopresto> sure
 [14:58:02] <Mez> that would also mean budget ;)
 [14:58:02] * akrill cackles "Mac Mini Anyone?" :-p
 [14:58:16] <pregopresto> it can be hosted in our serverroom
 [14:58:16] <Mez> lol @ akrill
 [14:58:21] <pregopresto> 24h/7d
 [14:58:59] <akrill> i can build a decent server here in the U.S. for less than anything you european citizens can, but international shipping might kill any benefit there. what do you guys think?
 [14:59:31] <pregopresto> with how many listeners do you calculate?
 [14:59:35] <Mez> akrill, I can probably get a nice server cheap from dell (contacts at work)
 [14:59:47] <akrill> Mez: ok, cool.
 [14:59:53] <akrill> Mez: i was thinking of building one, but hey
 [14:59:57] <Mez> but, I cant promise anything
 [15:00:24] <pregopresto> if from dell please no 19" one because it won't fit in our rack, dell ones are oversized ;)
 [15:00:41] <akrill> pregopresto: what size is your rack?
 [15:00:44] <akrill> wait... that didnt sound right
 [15:01:25] <pregopresto> hm
 [15:01:29] <Mez> I'm happy to pass that responsibility off to anyone else
 [15:01:50] * Mez loads up amarok
 [15:03:05] <pregopresto> i just remember, that i wanted to buy a dell server last year, and i didn't buy it, because it was too long
 [15:03:15] <akrill> you sure that wasnt a 24"
 [15:03:19] <akrill> ?
 [15:03:21] <pregopresto> yes, i am ;)
 [15:03:24] <akrill> odd.
 [15:03:33] <akrill> wait, too long? you mean too deep or...
 [15:03:36] <pregopresto> yes
 [15:03:38] <pregopresto> to deep
 [15:03:38] <pregopresto> sry
 [15:03:40] <pregopresto> german ;)
 [15:03:42] <akrill> ugh, yes. i know what you mean
 [15:03:46] <pregopresto> ok
 [15:03:47] <akrill> fecking dells.
 [15:03:54] <pregopresto> ack
 [15:03:54] <akrill> i had to install one for target once
 [15:03:56] <Mez> hehe, one of the servers at work were scarily huge
 [15:04:20] <pregopresto> well, 19" or normal tower or mini tower or whatever you want as server
 [15:04:26] <pregopresto> but no deep dell ones ;)
 [15:04:27] <pregopresto> hehe
 [15:05:46] <Mez> ok, so we're happy that there'll be something built up and sent to pregopresto ?
 [15:05:53] <akrill> aye
 [15:05:58] <Nightrose> jep
 [15:06:01] <leinir> Yup :)
 [15:06:04] <Mez> [ACTION] akrill to build up server and send to pregopresto
 [15:06:14] <akrill> hehe
 [15:06:25] <Mez> Next topic?
 [15:06:28] <pregopresto> ok
 [15:06:29] <leinir> Yup
 [15:06:31] <pregopresto> contact me ;)
 [15:06:33] <pregopresto> ill be off
 [15:06:36] <akrill> cya
 [15:06:37] <Nightrose> bye
 [15:06:38] <akrill> Mez: thats yours, anorak
 [15:06:42] <pregopresto> having a nice sunday afternoon
 [15:06:44] <Mez> [TOPIC] anorak
 [15:06:55] <Mez> ok, jsut a news item really
 [15:07:06] <Mez> anorak is the server that is currently hosted on
 [15:07:14] <Mez> at the moment, akrill Nightrose and myself have access to it.
 [15:07:28] <Mez> It is to only be used for Radio Amarok stuff... but it has been knidly donated ;)
 [15:07:37] <Mez> and kindly donated too
 [15:07:41] <markey> well, nice
 [15:07:45] <markey> what's to discuss about it?
 [15:07:51] <Mez> was just a bit of news ;)
 [15:07:56] <markey> ok :)
 [15:08:20] <Mez> and to let people know who the contacts are
 [15:08:25] <markey> kk
 [15:08:26] <Mez> next is AOB I believe
 [15:08:33] <Mez> [TOPIC] Any other Business
 [15:08:40] <leinir> Yup :)
 [15:08:49] <Mez> go for it leinir
 [15:08:51] <markey> I want groupies
 [15:08:54] <markey> female groupies
 [15:08:57] <Nightrose> groupies++
 [15:09:00] <Nightrose> nahh
 [15:09:03] <Nightrose> male groupies
 [15:09:05] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [15:09:06] <Mamarok> male groupies please
 [15:09:07] <markey> can radio amarok help us with that?
 [15:09:15] <Mez> markey, if you work as a DJ yes
 [15:09:28] <leinir> Well, i would like to suggest that scheduling system i mentioned above - a set style for specific times of day...
 [15:09:34] <Mez> at my last DJing position, I had around ~20 female groupies and about ~5 male ones
 [15:09:45] <Nightrose> oO
 [15:09:52] <Nightrose> sven423 has groupies too
 [15:09:58] <Mamarok> oO, markey, that sounds promising!
 [15:10:29] <akrill> LOL
 [15:10:31] <akrill> groupies.
 [15:10:34] <akrill> awesome
 [15:10:34] <akrill> :-p
 [15:10:48] <Nightrose> leinir: I like that idea - though I fear when we try to please everyone we loose everyone - we have to be careful and make a good selection
 [15:11:05] <Mez> [TOPIC] Scheduling
 [15:11:14] <Mez> Ok, here are my thoughts on scheduling
 [15:11:28] <leinir> Nightrose: That is why i suggest making it set times every day :)
 [15:11:32] <Nightrose> yea
 [15:11:39] <leinir> That means we don't have to try and please everybody all the time :)
 [15:11:39] <akrill> wow. 750GB drives are only $200 now.
 [15:11:41] <Mez> The plan I had and worked at my previous station was that DJs could book a block for a show ...
 [15:11:45] <markey> at any rate, we need to present ourselves in the right light
 [15:11:49] <markey> as the sex gods we really are
 [15:11:58] <Nightrose> *lol
 [15:12:02] <Mez> they booked that up to a week in advance, and then went on air when they'd booked it
 [15:12:12] <Mez> made it easier for the DJs who couldnt commit to a regular slot
 [15:12:23] <Mez> and all the DJs were allowed to play their own genres
 [15:12:27] <leinir> Mez: Yes, that is a good point :)
 [15:12:30] <Nightrose> hmm
 [15:12:34] <leinir> +1 from me on that one
 [15:12:35] <Mamarok> good idea, so if they are in the mood
 [15:12:52] <leinir> Again, a less stringent structure for the DJing and scheduling, i'm all for that :)
 [15:13:44] <akrill> i've priced out a box for us.
 [15:13:48] <Mez> [VOTE] Scheduling is to be on a first come first served with Djs booking their shows in advance
 [15:13:53] <leinir> +1
 [15:13:55] <Nightrose> +1
 [15:13:59] <akrill> +1
 [15:14:00] <Mamarok> +1
 [15:14:06] <Chairman_Wow> Doesn't that mean that fans (groupies) will possibly not know what time their "favourite DJ saviour" will be on?
 [15:14:22] <leinir> Chairman_Wow: No, because the schedule is published :)
 [15:14:27] <Chairman_Wow> cool
 [15:14:43] <Mez> Chairman_Wow, schedules will be available in advance, and the DJs should hopefully book their next show before they finish the one they're doing, so they can announce it on air
 [15:14:55] <leinir> They won't know several weeks ahead, but they will know before the show starts :) In fact, we could very well do interesting things with the scheduling system for the website, but we'll get to that later :)
 [15:15:15] <Chairman_Wow> sounds good
 [15:15:23] <markey> yea
 [15:15:39] <Mez> #endvote
 [15:15:46] <Mez> [TOPIC] Any other business
 [15:15:53] <markey> ~cig
 [15:15:53] * insanity hands a cigarette to markey. Better smoke more ganja!
 [15:16:04] <markey> I love it when a plan comes together.
 [15:16:09] <Nightrose> other things we need to talk about?
 [15:16:18] <Mez> aha, I have a bit of AOB
 [15:16:22] <sven423> groupies++
 [15:16:23] <Mez> who wants to scribe the meeting ?
 [15:16:27] <sven423> anyway, have to go
 [15:16:34] * Nightrose will do that
 [15:16:42] <Nightrose> see you later sven423
 [15:16:49] <Mez> [AGREED] Nightrose is the uber scribe
 [15:16:57] <Nightrose> haha
 [15:17:04] <Mez> ok, is that it ?
 [15:17:13] <Mez> [AGREED] groupies ++
 [15:17:23] <Chairman_Wow> I'm interested in scouring for new music. Only really know magnatune and Jamendo. Any other similars that can be recommended?
 [15:17:36] <Mez> Myspace ;) ? : P
 [15:17:46] <Nightrose> Chairman_Wow: that would be nice
 [15:17:54] <Nightrose> there is a page on the wiki where we collect good music
 [15:17:55] <leinir> Mez: Not an entirely bad idea... i do not like myspace, but there is a LOT of libre music on there
 [15:18:04] <akrill> anyone think $610 is too much for the server to send to prego?
 [15:18:22] <Nightrose> hmm quite some money...
 [15:18:40] <akrill> that 430 euros
 [15:18:47] <Chairman_Wow> I'll do some more looking of my own and get started on a libre music only drive.
 [15:18:48] <akrill> 300 pounds
 [15:19:05] <Nightrose> hehe nice Chairman_Wow - knock yourself out
 [15:19:24] <leinir> Chairman_Wow: Brilliant :)
 [15:19:24] <Mez> no, dont
 [15:19:29] <Mez> keep yourself cnocious
 [15:19:33] <Mez> concious *
 [15:19:34] <akrill> lol
 [15:19:35] <leinir> Heeh, yeah ;)
 [15:19:44] <Mez> ok, I think we're all done
 [15:19:44] <markey> it is a funny phrase
 [15:19:53] <Nightrose> Chairman_Wow: talk to apachelogger when he gets back - I think he has done a lot of digging for free music
 [15:20:03] <Mez> everyone happy to end?
 [15:20:13] <Nightrose> ok folks - thanks for the meeting
 [15:20:18] <akrill> the box i have priced out is a minitower 2.13Ghz dual-core 64-bit with 2GB of ddr2-667 memory and 2 320GB drives. (integrated gfx + gigabit ethernet)
 [15:20:20] <wolfger> hi all
 [15:20:22] <Mez> nhnFreespirit, too late
 [15:20:28] <markey> well met, wolfger
 [15:20:28] <Nightrose> ;-)
 [15:20:37] <Mez> #endmeeting
 Meeting ended.

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