Radio Amarok has many volunteer staff positions available that will allow you to take part in the Radio Amarok community, help it grow, and improve listener experience. If any of the positions below interest you, please contact mez _AT_ radioamarok DOT com

Web Developer

We need someone to help develop the backend for the Radio Amarok website. This will involve communicating with the Icecast server, working with Icecast logs, etc.

Web/Graphic Designer

We need someone to help design the website for Radio Amarok, for end users to go to and get information about Radio Amarok, its staff, programming, etc.

Content Appropriator

An Radio Amarok Content Appropriator will be responsible for obtaining new content for Radio Amarok. Duties include:

  • Contacting studios and independent artists to request free music.
  • Speaking with project and application developers about "talkshows" and "livechats".
  • Work with advertising clients on getting appropriate advertising content for Radio Amarok.
  • Find new music at Jamendo and Magnatune

Radio Promotion Specialist

As an RPS, your primary focus will be to increase awareness of Radio Amarok, increasing our userbase and making others aware of our services. Duties will include, but not be limited to:

  • Writing informative blogs containing useful information regarding upcoming talkshows, music shows, and other radio content.
  • Be a front-man for interviews and other publicity-related endeavors, providing information about Anorak, its goals, staff, and other things.

Radio DJ

As an Radio Amarok DJ, your primary focus will be to entertain our users. Your duties would include:

  • Using a combination of free music, commercial music once we obtain properly licensing, and random DJ antics to entertain people.
  • Take requests and serve them during all-request hours, filling request dead-spaces with good music.

"Talk Show" Host

As an Radio Amarok "talk show" host you will be responsible for entertaining people during the scheduled talk show hours, however there are related responsibilities that require work outside the scheduled hours. These include:

  • Researching what the public would like to know about the subject of the "talk show", whether its a project, individual, or otherwise.
  • From this research, create questions and other interviewee-interactive content to fill the show's time slot.

System Administrator

Keep the systems up, make changes when requested by the Manager, and work with the Manager to set up a stable system that suits the radio's needs.

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