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since I can webcast via Linux I miss something in amarok, which I use to prepare my playlists more easily. the idea is not from my own (!), but from my old favourite windows-player QMD or Quintessential Media Player (Quinnware - have a look at the developement version). there you can browse the collection, place the songs into the active playlist, everything just like amarok does, BUT the place of the collection can be splitted, so there is for example on the upper half the collection-browser and in the lower half you can maintain your playlists.

The advantage is, that i can 'throw' a lot of ideas into the main playlist, pre-listen and then via drag and drop place the chosen ones into the final playlist which i then use for my radioshow, but i think this is a nice feature for those who prepare a party-playlist or for there mp3-player, too.

[Mockup-Picture for better understanding]

In the playlist-browser in the sidebar there is already a button at the bottom to display details on the playlist. so if a similar button could be placed at the bottom of the collection browser or in general to display additional information, lyrics, playlists, whatever. content of the second part of the sidebar could be changed via right-click-menu as an idea to not overload with buttons or if the sidepanel-tabs on the left border (collection, playlist, ...) could be dragged and dropped on the upper or lower part, or as a third idea would just 'listen' which part i used last and there would place the wished content - i don't know if it is a problem, since this could open two times the collection-browser for example, though people perhaps could find this useful ta open two searches at once.

more generally thought: it would be nice, if you could change the sidebar from splitted to unsplitted in the appearance part of the main settings of amarok, because i'm sure not everybody would like to have always a splitted sidebar or an unused button at the bottom.

I hope this wish/idea is not to 'greedy' :) and not to hard to code. - and thanks again for this great player! Nergal

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