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This proposal is for an extention that should be added to the current Amarok playlist view.

The proposal is to show the next track that will be played underneath the current playlist. (I do not have to go into detail here. If there is one or more tracks in the queue, then show the next track in the queue. If shuffle is turned off, then show the next song in the play list. Otherwise show the track that is going to be played next).

I had implemented this feature on a simple music jukebox program I wrote once before, but that program will never match Amarok.

The only limitation I had with the jukebox program was if the playlist were to change, then the next track must change also. Therefore when a whole lot of songs were being added to the playlist, this constant changing of the next track slowed down the overall loading time of the music files. (Amarok already takes about 5 seconds to load my playlist of 5144 tracks on my not-so-fast computer). This is not a major problem, but one that I came across.

Here is a quick gimp edit to show you what the idea will look like.


EDIT: This would also be a good idea to add to the pub mode.

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