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Proposal for a new search interface

As the creator and maintainer of Yammi I received very positive feedback to Yammi's fuzzy search feature (ie. the search is - to a certain extent - tolerant against a misspelled search term or misspelled tags).

Because I (and apparently other people too) would like to see that feature in amarok I started to look at amarok's source code and tried to integrate the very same algorithm I used in Yammi into amarok, but in a way that is "amarok-ish"...

On this page I would like to discuss how a similar feature could be integrated into amarok, the discussion with the amarok developers has started...

In the discussion with the amarok developers it turned out, that the idea I have in mind actually consists of two (closely related) features:

  1. making the current filter fuzzy, see Fuzzy Filter
  2. adding a new search interface which shows search results of different types in a smart way (which can be fuzzy or not).

Distinction between a new fuzzy search and the existing collection/playlist filter

  • scope of search
    • collection filter works only on collection
    • fuzzy search can (in future) also find playlists, radiostreams, lyrics, websites, google music search results, ...
  • primary use cases collection filter
    • browse collection (tree view with no filter set)
    • simple search for artist, title, album, or any other field...
    • complex filtering (score>60), google-like AND/OR combinations, exclude
  • primary use case fuzzy search
    • search for a certain artist, title or album (possibly where the name of title/artist/album may not be fully known, or known how it is spelled)

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