Should include

  • Logo in all possible formats
    • png
    • jpeg
    • svg
    • esp
    • pdf
    • ai
  • Screenshots
    • really really hot ones
    • not too many of them
  • Most recent ChangeLog?
  • Description of Amarok (ODT, PDF, DOC)
    • What's our goal
    • What do we provide
    • How do we differ from the rest of the market
  • Description of the Project?
    • structure
    • terms of reference
    • workflow?
    • important milestones in the history of Amarok


  • special section on AKO
  • linking to subpages providing the content
  • shall we collect news reference in the wiki or drupal?
    • The question is: would we want anyone to edit the stuff in the press kit (including the links)? I don't think that is a good idea.
      • Not everyone needs to have write access to a wiki page, but it's faster/easier to edit/enhance for thoose who have access, than a drupal page... also since not everyone in the team got a drupal account yet, I think --apachelogger 16:29, 12 August 2007 (UTC)


  • should at least be updated for every important release
  • absolutely NO grammer/spelling/blah errors!
  • big hot images!!!!!!!! <-- so fucking still, important that is!!!!eleven


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