Possible sponsors:

  • Google (e.g. getting into Google Pack as well?)
  • Trolltech (since we actually promote their toolkit)
  • Intel
  • Mark Shuttleworth
  • Linspire, Canonical, Novell, Mandriva, Xandros (they make money with our product)
  • Locals

open events foundation


  • Responsible: Harald,
  • State: Germany
  • City: Cologne
  • Location: ?
  • Catering: ? (Jordan Craw - JordanC - might cook something)
  • Music:
  • the bare necessities


  • Responsible:
  • State: New York, US
  • City: New York
  • Location: Amarok Bar?
  • Catering:


  • AKO
  • Blogs
  • Forum
  • Mailing lists


  • Users
  • Local and international press
  • Sponsors


well, for 2.0 we are going to do a release party, for first time in amarok's history!!! *applaud*

some thoughts as of now:

  • combine the release party with a team meeting to discuss further direction for 2.x series in general and 2.1 in special?!
  • Invite every KDE developer/contributor (guess we can call it "fight club" if we invite some translators :P)?
  • get KDE to do release parties and combine ours with the main KDE event?
  • officialy invite gnome guys as well?
  • how to finance?
  • where to do?
    • aplg considers doing only the main event somewhere in europe since a global party is somewhat expansive (getting all the devs to one location, no matter where that is)
    • markey suggested cologne
      • latest suggestion (powered by markey): NYC -- greg's turn to organize
  • live midnight(ly) act?
  • big countdown
  • push the release button
  • with live video and audio streams, so that everyone can watch the release
  • call it "Amarok goes Woodstock"?
  • life music from magnatune bands?


  • decide which event type to have (e.g. open event for everyone with entrance fee and all, closed main event for special guests and small, local events for community ... self organized or party service ... in own location or in a bar ... etc.)
  • find @sponsors
  • might be good to get (at least) most active @team members to @location (expansive, but still awesome)
  • find @location for @event (needs to support good sound)
  • settle on @name for @event
  • set amount of @guests according to available financial force
  • get proper @soundsystem etc.
  • test @soundsystem in @location would be good idea
  • prepare @playlist and appoint @DJ
  • choose @drinks to offer
  • send @inivitations to @guests
  • send @invitations to @winner_of_jingle_contest to perform at release party.

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