Amarok/Archives/Not yet implemented features in Amarok 2


  • Wikipedia lookup limited to artist only.


  • Grouping options are limited.
  • Can't separate collection into groups by first letter.
  • Filtering depending on the time you added a song to the collection. Back in 2.1
  • No support for PostgreSQL or Sqlite. Will not come back, we use MySQL (Embedded) exclusively now. Support for MySQL daemons will come in a later release likely. External MySQL server support is available in 2.2.

Media devices

  • Some media devices are not yet supported:
    • USB Mass storage: only via file browser
    • iRiver iFP, Creative Nomad JukeBox and Dell DJ digital audio players, Rio Karma


  • Queuing in the playlist Back in 2.0.1
  • Stop after track Back in 2.0.1
  • Filtering Back in 2.0.1
  • Sorting based on different parameters. We have a plan for a new UI to do this, it will be implemented in a future Amarok release.
  • "Classical", table like playlist view Back in 2.1
  • Organising tracks from within playlist. i.e. no "move to collection" option.



  • Equalizer, Visualizations: Phonon support needed
  • Statistics: there exists a script for that

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