1.4.2 - reuse!!!!!

The Amarok Spy department lately eavesdroped the following phone call:

July 2006, somewhere on planet earth a telephone rings...

  • SupportCenter: "IT support, how can I help you?"
  • Caller: *"Hi, we've got a problem in our department. Our boss needs a music player."
  • SupportCenter: "Oh, what kind of music player?"
  • Caller: "Well, a free one with support for iTunes compatible music sharing. One which supports dynamic collections, so that only available songs are shown if some mobile devices aren't here...."
  • SupportCenter: "Hmmm"
  • Caller: "If it wouldn't lose its statistics after moving some files that would also be great."
  • SupportCenter: "Well, maybe I've got something for you: the brand new Amarok 1.4.2 beta1. It might still need some testing but that's worth the effort, isn't it?"
  • Caller: *"Where to get it?"
  • SupportCenter: "Just have a look at"
  • Caller: "That's great."
  • SupportCenter: "And if you would like to contribute: they are currently searching for artists for their next Live CD and also for some other contributors."
  • Caller: "Thank you very much, that will help our boss to rediscover his music for sure."

Release Video of amaroK Live 1.3

I have been pondering the recent release by Trolltech of the QT4 Dance, and that it would be cool to do a funny release video for amaroK Live 1.3. Also, the old Reese Peanut Butter cup adds keep popping into my head as it relates to the combination of things.

Here is my story outline.

John Buckman, CEO of Magnatune is riding his bike, listening to some music from his Magnatune music service. We know this because he is wearing an ipod there and there is a bubble over his head showing various images of the band and other clues.

Cut to markey jogging down the street, pushing a linux computer on a cart with a very long extension cord. This is so he can use amaroK to listen to his jogging tunes.

They both round the same corner at the same time and crash into each other, and we see a shot of the pc moitor showing the Magnatune tracks in the amaroK playlist. Perhaps the ipod could be embedded in the side of the computer case.

The ensuing exchange has both characters enjoying the new "classic combination"

Slogan is "what happens when free music and free software collide?" or something along those lines. At the same time, we could see the CD-ROM drive eject with a copy of the amaroKlive cd with a nice label. After that, maybe some shooting of amaroK in action playing magnatunes song, with a cool back voice detailling features

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