Here you can find a list of things to be done (features, bug fixing) for the NMM engine.

Distributed playback

The user should be allowed to choose the host he wants audio and video playback on. Currently you can specify one host for audio playback and one host, different from the audio host, for video playback. In the future it should be allowed to have a 'party mode', so choosing as many audio/video hosts as needed.

  • transition to new GraphHandler class
  • seeking takes a few seconds (<gogo> 5 seconds for me) more than local seeking, check whether that's normal for NMM

Scope support

  • find out which 512 samples are needed
  • we need to create a NMM node that saves buffers for the last X samples (where X is 512 for amaroK)
  • get out the samples only when an external app requests them

Video playback

  • audio/video is not synchronized 2006-01-22: Now using NMM::MultiAudioVideoSynchronizer
  • seeking in mpg files hangs 2006-01-16: It seems to be gone using NMM::MultiAudioVideoSynchronizer
  • closing the video window crashes amaroK
  • don't allow resizing of the video window!? 2006-01-31: XDisplayNode should indicate that it is non-resizable by setting minheight = maxheight and minwidth = maxwidth in the ICCCM WM_NORMAL_HINTS property. Ask nmm mailing list.
  • don't allow closing!? Aks nmm mailing list.

Configuration dialog

  • use ClientRegistry::addRegistry for pinging serverregistries instead of QSocket
  • make volumeslider work 2006-03-13: A basic version is commited.
  • checkboxes for fast enabling/disabling of hosts without removing/adding it each time they (not) needed 2006-02-23: There will be a toggle state for audio and video for every location
  • in general find out what is good to specify hosts for remote audio/video playback 2006-02-23: The NMM group talked about this in their regular meetings and we have hopefully now a 'final' decision about the configuration dialog, let's see what will be done in SVN...


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