Better seek bar


Viewing a song while you play it would be awesome. It should work like the preview on While amarok is caching a song, the it could be analysed.

Moodbar seek bar improvement

For those of us that use moodbar to visually scrub through our music. The seek bar needs an option to change it's size (longer and taller) so you can see more of the moodbar whilst scrubbing. (Tip: Read the University study in PDF format on the moodbar page and learn how to use it properly, a new world of visual music will open up to you. -->Moodbar)

Amarok config

800px-Leinir amarok-new-appearance.jpg

Mockup for the amarok config done by leinir

This is a mockup for a redesigned Appearence tab in the Amarok configuration window.

Tooltips in Collection Browser


This is a mockup made by enr1x which shows the wish of having tooltips in the collection browser, with the useful info we expect from Amarok. BR: #129113

Tabbed playlists


Yup, this suggestion has been around a long time, I just wanted to bring it up on the agenda again, if possible. =)

This mockup shows what it could look like (see top of the playlist). The tabs are taken from Konq.

I guess the main UI problem would be how to identify which playlist is currently playing, but there's definitely solutions to that. The tab's name could be in bold or so. / Nonplusx

Amarok 2 Mockups

800px-Amarok 2 mockup methylblue.png

User interface centered around the context browser. By Max Howell.

Mockup Gallery Links

  • Mockup gallery on ako: [Link]
  • leinir's mockup gallery (mainly Amarok): [Link]

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