Tuesday, 12th December, 21:00 German Time (UTC+1)

Please add anything you want to discuss during the rokymotion meeting below so we can have an organised meeting instead of a free-for-all!

  [09:09] <dangle> hm, if anyone's taking notes for an agenda for the rokymotion meeting...
  [09:10] <dangle> one way to help get the community involved could be a a "script wanted" page
  [09:10] <dangle> eg,,13271.msg16350.html#msg16350
  [09:10] <dangle> that sort of thing would be great for someone who wants to get their teeth into contributing to amarok, but doesn't know what's wanted
  • Status of Amarok Live?
  • discuss marketing campaign ideas for the the next two Live CD's.
  • Create a conference promo box or "booth in a box"
  • Create a survey that can better define the demographics of Amarok enthusiasts.

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