• TODO: Handbook Weekend on 1-2 April - notify all amaroK lists, the KDE documenation team + forum post (dangle)
  • TODO: record a dog howling + forum post (dangle)
  • TODO: release coordinational stuff - by apachelogger, will notify for review
  • TODO: move the wiki clean-up discussion to the list (apachelogger)
  • TODO: polish the "svn-preview" article so that we can use it @ ako as a "what's new" page
  • TODO: keep eyes open for images which would fit for ffwd
  • TODO: collection of sites where to promote 1.4 final -> list
  • TODO: mail Linus whether he wanna make the audio note for 1.4 (dangle will wirte a draft)
    • fallback is Ettrich (founder of KDE)
  • TODO: release annouce for 1.3.9 (very very very short)
  • TODO: release annouce for 1.4 beta3 (quite short)
  • SCHEDULED: videos - 2.0
  • SCHEDULED: radio anoraK - unknown

[06:35] <apacheLAGger> who's around?
[06:35] <apacheLAGger> aren't that much, eh  [06:35] * sven423 howls again loudly like a wolf
[06:35] <apacheLAGger> very sweet  [06:35] <-- apachelogger has left this server (Nick collision from services.).
[06:36] <sven423> hmmm
[06:36] <sven423> anyone else?
[06:36] <apacheLAGger> two man meeting, why not  [06:36] <sven423> Hydrogen, Firetech: ping
[06:36] *** apacheLAGger sets the channel topic to "MEETINK".
[06:37] <sven423> because I have to learn and my plan was to read and sometimes say "yes"  [06:37] <apacheLAGger> lol
[06:37] <apacheLAGger> markey, oggb4mp3: ping
[06:37] <markey> hi
[06:37] <apacheLAGger> ah 3  [06:39] <sven423> hmmmmm
[06:40] <apacheLAGger> well
[06:40] <sven423> insanity has to learn to remind all roKymoters regularily of the meetings
[06:40] <apacheLAGger> sven423: you've recorded a dog howling?
[06:41] <sven423> I don't have a dog, asked around but found none
[06:41] <apacheLAGger> neither here
[06:41] <d^angel> was there meant to be a meeting today?
[06:41] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: like any 3rd tue  [06:41] <sven423> d^angel: exactly
[06:41] <d^angel> I thought there was, but there hadn't been any publicity  [06:42] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: my system was shit since yesterday
[06:42] <d^angel> so sorry I'm late... but here I am!
[06:42] <sven423> let's start a rokymotion promo team to promote the meetings of rokyotion  [06:42] <apacheLAGger> lol
[06:42] <apacheLAGger> might be an idea
[06:42] <apacheLAGger> anyway
[06:42] <markey> lol
[06:42] <d^angel> been flat out with school this month...
[06:42] <d^angel> so I haven't actually had a chanceto do anything  [06:42] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: you recorded a dog?
[06:43] <apacheLAGger> no dog :|
[06:43] <d^angel> my dogs bark, not howl
[06:43] <d^angel> and the local malamute has been strangely quiet
[06:43] <apacheLAGger> most dogs do :-/
[06:43] <apacheLAGger> ok so now howling till now
[06:43] <d^angel> I think it's either been de-howled, or is no longer with us  [06:44] <apacheLAGger> shall we leave it on todo?
[06:44] <d^angel> yeah, I think so
[06:44] <sven423> yes, sooner or later we will find one
[06:44] <apacheLAGger> ok  [06:44] <d^angel> maybe we could post something on the forums?
[06:44] <sven423> good idea
[06:44] <apacheLAGger> yeah
[06:44] <d^angel> I'll do it right now, if you like
[06:45] --> oggb4mp3_ has joined this channel ([email protected]/livecd/oggb4mp3).
[06:45] <apacheLAGger> better after the meeting  [06:45] <apacheLAGger> ah
[06:45] --> insanity_ has joined this channel ([email protected]).
[06:45] <d^angel> heh ok
[06:45] <apacheLAGger> oggb4mp3_: wb
[06:45] <Firetech> meeting already?
[06:45] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: btw
[06:45] <apacheLAGger> Firetech: yup
[06:45] <apacheLAGger>
[06:45] <-- insanity has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
[06:45] <apacheLAGger> meeting!
[06:45] <apacheLAGger>  [06:45] <apacheLAGger> v
[06:45] <d^angel> woot!
[06:45] <apacheLAGger> Firetech: I guess you neither recorded a dog?
[06:46] <Firetech> no, I don' have any
[06:46] <d^angel> we were waiting on Hydrogen for that weren't we?
[06:46] <apacheLAGger> we were for 2 meetings or so  [06:46] <d^angel>  [06:46] <apacheLAGger> Firetech: is on todo + forum post
[06:46] <d^angel> well, shall we start at the top?
[06:47] <apacheLAGger> short stuff first I think
[06:47] <apacheLAGger> "TODO: release coordinational stuff "
[06:47] <apacheLAGger> as writing there I've started working on
[06:47] <Firetech> I'll be back in half an hor, I'm doing stuff...
[06:47] <Firetech> *hour
[06:47] <apacheLAGger> oi
[06:47] <d^angel> you're a super rokymotor
[06:47] <apacheLAGger> anyway the coordinational stuff is currently quite messy
[06:48] <apacheLAGger> I'll go through, so that we can lead us by it for 1.4
[06:48] <d^angel> on your personal page?
[06:48] <apacheLAGger> yup
[06:48] <apacheLAGger>
[06:48] <apacheLAGger> I'll mail to the list as soon as it is at a reviewable state
[06:48] <d^angel> niiiiice
[06:49] <apacheLAGger> "TODO: dangle will prepare everything for the handbook weekend"
[06:49] <apacheLAGger> I think we've all seen  [06:49] <apacheLAGger> BUT
[06:49] <d^angel> right... the page is there, with instructions...
[06:49] <sven423> handbook weekend? sounds like a good idea
[06:49] <apacheLAGger> question is: do we need such a handbook weekend
[06:49] <d^angel> it's now a matter of getting the word to the team
[06:49] <apacheLAGger> ?
[06:49] <apacheLAGger> as an official "event"
[06:49] <d^angel> well... I've now found I wn't have anywhere near the time I had 2 months ago when I offered to write it  [06:50] <d^angel> and there's still a LOT that needs to be written from scratch
[06:50] <apacheLAGger> ok
[06:50] <apacheLAGger> I'd like to have it in beta3, since it might be the last beta
[06:50] <d^angel> so many new features with NO documentation at all
[06:50] <sven423> well, it would be productive to work on that together for a short timeframe
[06:50] <d^angel> I hear ya
[06:50] <apacheLAGger> maybe do it this or next weekend
[06:50] <d^angel> so... email to the dev list maybe?
[06:50] <apacheLAGger> to every list  [06:50] <sven423> maybe also using skype and stuff to coordinate it... sounds like fun ^^
[06:51] <d^angel> next would be better for me
[06:51] <apacheLAGger> even the kde-doc list
[06:51] <apacheLAGger> sven423: image great fun  [06:51] <apacheLAGger> sven423: next weekend is ok?
[06:51] <d^angel> that'll be the 1-2 April?
[06:51] <apacheLAGger> 31th - 2nd
[06:51] <d^angel> well, yeah  [06:52] * sven423 is not at home on that weekend :/
[06:52] <apacheLAGger> :-/
[06:52] <apacheLAGger> anyone else here who wanna tell us whether this date is ok?
[06:52] <d^angel> if you want to write anything before hand... even a series of steps to do particular things, the wiki pages are there
[06:53] <sven423> I'll try to
[06:53] <d^angel>
[06:53] <apacheLAGger> markey: beta3 on 9th april?
[06:53] <sven423> but currently I have the last three tests before my pre-diploma (whatever it is called in english)
[06:53] <apacheLAGger> then we have one week to review and polish the handbook
[06:53] <markey> oh I don't know
[06:53] <markey> depends on how things look
[06:53] <d^angel> not before then please  [06:53] <apacheLAGger> well at earliest
[06:54] <apacheLAGger> so we can awoid stress - this weekend 1.3.9 - next the handbook writing - and the following beta3
[06:54] <d^angel> cos going by the timeframe... the KDE documentation team will want it for translating fairly soon, right?
[06:54] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: we should notify them as soon as we have a proper documentation
[06:55] <d^angel> k
[06:55] <apacheLAGger> translationg those is a lot of work
[06:55] <d^angel> oh I understand... nearly as much work as writing from scratch  [06:55] <apacheLAGger> yup ... and you have to keep the sense somehow  [06:55] <apacheLAGger> not easy to do
[06:55] <d^angel>  [06:56] <d^angel> so, settled?
[06:56] <apacheLAGger> handbook weekend on 1-2 april
[06:56] <d^angel> might post that to the forums too
[06:56] <apacheLAGger> anyone having problems with?
[06:56] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: I'll note  [06:56] * sven423 will be at a bad, bad place without internet access on that weekend... but mostly drunk  [06:56] <apacheLAGger> hehe
[06:57] <d^angel> for the record, ljubomir's 'svn review' is looking awesome
[06:57] <apacheLAGger> yeah
[06:57] <d^angel> so someone got something done  [06:57] <sven423> ^^
[06:57] <apacheLAGger> to save us time "SCHEDULED: wiki cleanup in march meeting" I'll bring that up at the list soon
[06:57] <d^angel> ok
[06:57] <apacheLAGger> might be something to be well discussed
[06:58] <d^angel> the aamrok wiki template is awesome!
[06:58] <d^angel> lots of prople have commented in #amarok on how good it looks
[06:58] <d^angel> people
[06:58] <apacheLAGger> good to hear  [06:58] <apacheLAGger> "'svn-preview' -> 'what's new - 1.4' ?"
[06:58] <sven423> yes
[06:58] <apacheLAGger> I think that might be a really good thing
[06:59] <d^angel> yep, I've spoken to him about that
[06:59] <d^angel> oh wow!
[06:59] <d^angel> and he's been doing it, too
[06:59] <apacheLAGger> we will have to do some polishing (not much though  [06:59] <d^angel>
[06:59] * d^angel hugs ljubomir in absentia
[06:59] <apacheLAGger> hehe  [07:00] <apacheLAGger> we should make a vote for month's best roKymoter  [07:00] --> insanity__ has joined this channel ([email protected]).
[07:00] <sven423> *gg*
[07:00] <-- insanity_ has left this server (Remote closed the connection).
[07:00] <d^angel> curtis119 also wrote some documentation - awesome job
[07:01] <d^angel> so if we can get enough people writing just a small section, this'll work
[07:01] <apacheLAGger> yeah
[07:01] <apacheLAGger> I'll set the polishing of svn preview on todo - ok?
[07:01] <d^angel> so polish and move stuff to ako...
[07:01] <d^angel> just the 1.4 preview?
[07:01] <apacheLAGger> hm?
[07:01] <d^angel> er, as "what's new"
[07:02] <markey> that's really cool
[07:02] <d^angel>  [07:02] <apacheLAGger> "Release of 1.4 beta3 and 1.3.9 are upcoming"
[07:02] <apacheLAGger> promote them?
[07:02] <apacheLAGger> where?
[07:02] <apacheLAGger> annouce them?
[07:02] <apacheLAGger> speperately?
[07:02] <-- insanity__ has left this server (Remote closed the connection).
[07:02] <d^angel> is it worth a massive promotion? OR just to the packagers?
[07:03] --> insanity__ has joined this channel ([email protected]).
[07:03] <apacheLAGger> well at least beta3 needs annoucement at ako I think
[07:03] <sven423> I'd say no massive promotion. we should save that for 1.4.0
[07:03] <d^angel> with a small blurb on the front page, saying they're service releases to mark time until 1.4?
[07:03] <sven423> both need announcements, imho
[07:03] <d^angel> (maybe not quite that bluntly!)
[07:04] <apacheLAGger> very short blurb for 1.3.9
[07:04] <d^angel> finding pictures for 'fast forward' is proving a challenge
[07:04] <apacheLAGger> and short blurb for 1.4beta3?
[07:04] <d^angel> but we've got heaps for 'airborne'
[07:04] <sven423> apacheLAGger: yup
[07:04] <apacheLAGger> we have to start in time with searching images
[07:04] <apacheLAGger> on todo?
[07:04] <d^angel> could we somehow combine the announcement?
[07:04] <d^angel> saying ... '
[07:04] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: well, if we release beta3 2 weeks later?!
[07:05] <apacheLAGger> no idea whether this makes sense
[07:05] <d^angel> 'beta 3 is out for testing now... bugs smashed from beta2 testing have been backported to 1.3 series as 1.3.9'
[07:05] * apacheLAGger wonders
[07:05] <d^angel> hm, you're prolly right... 1.3.9 is likely to be earlier than beta3
[07:05] <apacheLAGger> I guess most people compiling from soure might be already @ 1.4
[07:06] <apacheLAGger> and those are the most interessted people in such a an annoucement
[07:06] <apacheLAGger> and packers will get it's own
[07:06] <apacheLAGger> so
[07:06] <d^angel> I notice suse (I think it was) have finally moved to 1.3.8
[07:06] <apacheLAGger> they haven't had 1.3.8?
[07:06] * sven423 asks himself if it is possible to fall in love by looking at someone elses profile...
[07:06] <sven423> no
[07:06] <d^angel> hahahahahahaha
[07:06] <sven423> they released 1.3.8 as an online update this night
[07:06] * apacheLAGger notes that we have no suse packager in the list
[07:07] <d^angel> hm
[07:07] <apacheLAGger> sven423: oh?
[07:07] <apacheLAGger> an online update
[07:07] <sven423> yes
[07:07] <apacheLAGger> very strange
[07:07] <sven423> yes
[07:07] <d^angel> but an update, nonetheless
[07:07] <apacheLAGger> changing strategy  [07:07] <sven423> seems as If amaroK got big attention at suse
[07:07] <apacheLAGger> but they are not in the list
[07:07] <apacheLAGger> awesome  [07:07] <apacheLAGger> anyway
[07:07] <d^angel> maybe enough people complained about 1.3.1 being latest?
[07:07] <sven423> usually they only releases security and bugfixes that way
[07:08] <apacheLAGger> that's why it is strange
[07:08] <apacheLAGger> but well
[07:08] <sven423> and a suse guy started his own tree of 1.3.x in the kde svn repostitory
[07:08] <apacheLAGger> so no annouce for 1.3.9 @ release?
[07:08] <d^angel> maybe a quiet one on the main page, and a email to packagers
[07:08] <sven423> short announce? a few sentences?
[07:08] <sven423> just for the homepage
[07:08] <d^angel> "a service release, to keep you all happy until 1.4 is out" ?
[07:08] <apacheLAGger> few = we've annouced the last service release for the 1.3 series blah blah changelog
[07:09] <apacheLAGger> well
[07:09] <d^angel> yeah, exactly
[07:09] <sven423> something like that
[07:09] <apacheLAGger> something very very short
[07:09] <sven423> yes
[07:09] <d^angel> seconded  [07:09] * Firetech entyers the room with cookies
[07:09] <d^angel> BRIBERY!
[07:10] <Firetech> what are we talking about (reading the backlog would make my lag 30 minutes  [07:10] <d^angel> we haven't said THAT much...
[07:10] <Firetech> good
[07:11] <Firetech> when is 1.4 scheduled?
[07:12] <d^angel> sometime after 1.4-beta3
[07:12] --> aplg has joined this channel ([email protected]/rokymotion/apachelogger).
[07:12] <Firetech> DUH  [07:12] <d^angel>  [07:14] <d^angel> ah, thought that's what happened to you, aplg 
[07:14] <aplg> maybe those disconnections are caused by fluctuations in power supply?!
[07:14] <aplg> anyway
[07:14] <d^angel> we waited
[07:14] <d^angel>  [07:14] <aplg> I mean connection is lost for just some seconds
[07:14] <aplg> very strange
[07:14] <aplg> but
[07:14] <aplg> last point on agenda  [07:14] <aplg> "TODO: audio notes"
[07:14] <Hydrogen> HI
[07:15] <aplg> Hydrogen: ahoy
[07:15] <Firetech> Hydrogen: recorded your dog yet?  [07:15] *** aplg is now known as apachelogger.
[07:15] <apachelogger> hehe
[07:15] <d^angel> Sir Richard Attenborough does a very good wold howl
[07:15] <d^angel> maybe we should approach him?
[07:15] <d^angel> wolf*
[07:16] <apachelogger> audio notes are more important  [07:16] <d^angel> true dat
[07:16] <apachelogger> shall we mail linus? or put all efforts in finding someone with awesome voice?
[07:16] <d^angel> Ricky Gervais/Karl Pilkington
[07:16] <Firetech> Ettrich then?
[07:16] <Hydrogen> should get a famous musician over linus imo  [07:16] <Hydrogen> well
[07:17] <apachelogger> ettrich vs. linus
[07:17] <Hydrogen> one with a recognizable voice
[07:17] <d^angel> although they're just as obscure as Ettrich
[07:17] <apachelogger> Hydrogen: like?
[07:17] <Hydrogen> dunno
[07:17] <apachelogger>  [07:17] <Hydrogen> WAS JUST AN IDEA
[07:17] <Firetech> hard to find an artist that knows about amaroK
[07:17] <d^angel> Michael Jackson is the only 'singer' I can think of with a recognisable voice  [07:17] <Hydrogen> wait
[07:17] <Hydrogen> we have a meeting?
[07:17] <apachelogger> yo  [07:17] <d^angel> yeah  [07:17] <Firetech> Hydrogen: uh, yes
[07:17] <Hydrogen> rofl
[07:17] <Hydrogen> oh, cool
[07:18] <Firetech> I didn't know either...
[07:18] <Hydrogen> i'm here for like 5 more minutes
[07:18] <apachelogger> ettrich vs. linus!
[07:18] <apachelogger> ettrich+1
[07:18] <Firetech> I'm watching Pokémon  [07:18] <sven423> LOL
[07:18] <d^angel> it's possibly ettrich will be more approachable
[07:18] <Hydrogen> William Gates
[07:18] <apachelogger> tell me your votes  [07:18] <sven423> linus++
[07:18] <Firetech> sven423: nostalgia...
[07:19] <d^angel> although linus has obviously got a passion for KDE
[07:19] <sven423> linus  just started a flamewar agains gnome some weeks ago  [07:19] <Hydrogen> Well
[07:19] <d^angel> ettrich then linus
[07:19] <Hydrogen> he just said he liked it
[07:19] <Hydrogen> more than gnome
[07:19] <Firetech> Mplayer with "keep above others" over the top of KVIrc  [07:19] <apachelogger> d^angel: it's very likely to get the father of Kay IMO
[07:19] <d^angel> yeah, I agree
[07:20] <apachelogger> question is shell we try to get linus
[07:20] <Firetech> would be cooler with Linus
[07:20] <d^angel> although... the scripts that are floating round the mailing list are getting long and clumsy
[07:20] <Hydrogen> Well
[07:20] <Hydrogen> I think the key is just finding someone, anyone, that is fairly well known in the linux world and is willing to do it in a timely fashion
[07:20] <apachelogger> d^angel: just use the one we suggested to RMS  [07:21] <apachelogger> Hydrogen: linus might be the most common known person then
[07:21] <Hydrogen> Will he be able to do in a timely fashion?
[07:21] <Hydrogen> this is his busiest time
[07:21] <Hydrogen> 2.6.17 just opened
[07:21] <Firetech> I didn't know ho Ettrich was...
[07:21] <Hydrogen> lots of submissions
[07:21] <apachelogger> *shrug*
[07:21] <d^angel> 'Hi, I'm Matthias Ettrich, founder of the K Desktop Environment, and you've just launched amarok "Fast Forward" - Rediscover your music!"
[07:21] <apachelogger> Hydrogen: he can sleep a bit less
[07:21] <Hydrogen> see
[07:21] <Hydrogen> i think
[07:21] <apachelogger> he actually sleeps too much imo  [07:21] <Hydrogen> it would just be better for markey to do it
[07:22] <Hydrogen> Gives a voice to the project
[07:22] <apachelogger> d^angel: sounds good
[07:22] <Hydrogen> Someone the people think of when they think of amaroK
[07:22] <d^angel> although having rokymotion approach people is probably more professional...
[07:22] <apachelogger> Hydrogen: you know markey's voice?  [07:22] <d^angel> everyone knows devs are anti-social geeks who spend all their time coding!! 
[07:22] <d^angel>  [07:22] <apachelogger> d^angel: a lot more
[07:22] <Hydrogen> nope, but I don't know linus's either
[07:22] * d^angel runs and hides
[07:22] <Firetech> would be a bit strange if we told ettrich to say "Hi, I'm  Richard Stallman..."  [07:23] <apachelogger> Hydrogen: I know linus - though I don't know markey's  [07:23] <Hydrogen> "Hi I'm mark (last name), On behalf of the amaroK team I would like to thank you for letting me rediscover your music"
[07:23] <Hydrogen> or something
[07:23] <Hydrogen> maybe worded better
[07:23] <Hydrogen> but yea
[07:23] <d^angel> hahaha
[07:23] <Hydrogen> plus
[07:23] <d^angel> "let markey rediscover YOUR music"
[07:23] <Hydrogen> theres no way he could get out of it!
[07:23] <Hydrogen> yea
[07:23] <Hydrogen> i realized that
[07:23] <Hydrogen> but >_<
[07:23] <d^angel>  [07:24] <d^angel> thank you for letting me help you rediscover your music
[07:24] <Hydrogen> yea
[07:24] <Hydrogen> markey: opinions?
[07:24] <Firetech> let's try linus first
[07:24] <d^angel> burn!
[07:24] <d^angel> I think markey should record one anyway... that way, we have a backup
[07:25] <Firetech> good idea
[07:25] <d^angel> his ears are burning now.
[07:25] <admrl> markey we can dress you up in bondage pants and a wip and such and you can make us rediscover our music
[07:25] <admrl>  [07:25] <admrl> oh baby
[07:25] --> aplg has joined this channel ([email protected]/rokymotion/apachelogger).
[07:25] <sven423> lol
[07:25] <-- aplg has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
[07:25] <Firetech> admrl: having fetisches, are we?  [07:25] <admrl> you know it
[07:26] <d^angel> "Hi, I'm Mark Kretschmann, and you WILL rediscover your music with amaroK"
[07:26] <admrl> haha
[07:26] <-- apacheLAGger has left this server (Connection timed out).
[07:27] <d^angel> shall I clean up the letter Ljubomir wrote?
[07:27] <d^angel> I'll repost it to the list
[07:27] <Firetech> sure
[07:27] <Firetech> imho
[07:27] <d^angel> then we can customise it with whoever we decide
[07:27] <admrl> i went thru a list of things in my mythology class like kinda made a chart of things we could change rediscover your music and make it more fastforwardy-ee
[07:27] <Firetech> just what I suggested when I started that thread...
[07:27] <d^angel> Firetech  [07:28] <d^angel> so no longer use "rediscover your music" as the slogan?
[07:28] <admrl> i never came up with anything
[07:28] <d^angel>  [07:28] <d^angel> I think the current one does summarise amaroK well
[07:29] <admrl> its a challenge to find 3 words that can say as much as rediscover your music
[07:29] <d^angel> it's certainly better than 'what do you want to listen to today?'
[07:29] <Firetech> d^angel: summarize? it only describes the score function...
[07:29] <Hydrogen> well
[07:29] <d^angel> I think it describes amarok as a whole.
[07:29] <Hydrogen> i'm gone for a few hours
[07:29] <Hydrogen> sorry
[07:29] <Hydrogen> but i at least popped my head in!
[07:29] <admrl> i agree
[07:29] --> apacheLAGger has joined this channel ([email protected]/rokymotion/apachelogger).
[07:30] <apacheLAGger> well
[07:30] <apacheLAGger> I'm no gettting angry
[07:30] <Firetech> apacheLAGger: change your ISP.
[07:30] <apacheLAGger> and it's not the power supply
[07:30] <d^angel> probably just your ISP having a bad day.
[07:30] <apacheLAGger> Firetech: the ISP says it's not it's faults
[07:30] <d^angel> mine was doing that over the weekend
[07:30] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: every day?
[07:30] <d^angel> line fault
[07:30] * apacheLAGger loves austria
[07:30] <Firetech> apacheLAGger: I wouldn't trust that.
[07:30] <d^angel> faulty wiring, possibly at your junction box
[07:31] <apacheLAGger> might be possible
[07:31] <d^angel> or at the very least, somewhere between your place and the exchange
[07:31] <apacheLAGger> I'll order a technican  [07:31] <apacheLAGger> expansive I say
[07:31] <d^angel> probably a good idea
[07:31] <admrl> like amarok is more of a new way to listen to music
[07:31] <apacheLAGger> anyway
[07:31] <admrl> its not rediscovering your music
[07:31] <apacheLAGger> what have you talked about?
[07:31] <d^angel> it IS though!
[07:31] <d^angel> I constantly find music in my collection I'd forgotten about
[07:32] <admrl> d^angel you can do that in any media player
[07:32] * apacheLAGger is listening to "When I Come Around" by Green Day on American Idiot [amaroK]
[07:32] <apacheLAGger> know how old that song is?
[07:32] <apacheLAGger>  [07:32] <sven423> hmmm
[07:32] <d^angel> is that on American Idiot?
[07:32] <sven423> isn't that song on "Dookie"?
[07:32] <apacheLAGger> 2 years I think
[07:32] <d^angel> I have it on Nimrod
[07:32] * admrl stabs greenday
[07:32] <apacheLAGger> now
[07:32] * apacheLAGger is listening to "Basket Case" by Green Day on Basket Case [amaroK]
[07:32] <d^angel> er, dookie sorry
[07:32] <apacheLAGger> know how old that song is?
[07:33] <apacheLAGger> over 10 years
[07:33] <d^angel> easily 10 years old
[07:33] <apacheLAGger> I was lisenting to that song quite much while gaming CS  [07:33] <apacheLAGger> well
[07:33] <apacheLAGger> ettrich or linus?
[07:33] <d^angel> so, anymore rok business?
[07:33] <d^angel> ah
[07:33] <d^angel> linus then
[07:33] <d^angel> then ettrich
[07:33] <apacheLAGger> ok
[07:33] <Firetech> apacheLAGger: linus, but don't tell RMS  [07:33] <apacheLAGger>  [07:34] <apacheLAGger> we have to hurry-up
[07:34] <d^angel> stuff RMS
[07:34] <apacheLAGger> so try to get the mail for linus out till this weekend
[07:34] <Firetech> let's mail it right away (after d^angel's finished)
[07:34] <d^angel> he's so completely irrelevent that it matters not the least what he thinks
[07:34] <d^angel> I'll do it after the meeting.
[07:34] <apacheLAGger> Firetech: you wanna start a draft in wiki or list?
[07:34] <d^angel> you've got a list of what we've decided, haven't you apacheLAGger ?
[07:34] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: doing a lot after the meeting  [07:35] <apacheLAGger> yup
[07:35] <d^angel> yeah, but it's time I HAVE at the moment  [07:35] <Firetech> apacheLAGger: d^angel said she'd do it...
[07:35] <Firetech> I'm a bit busy this week
[07:35] <d^angel> got til 1 pm today
[07:35] <d^angel> so the sooner I do these, the sooner they'll be done
[07:35] <apacheLAGger> d^angel is aiming for the month's rokymoter title  [07:35] <apacheLAGger> ok
[07:35] <d^angel> heh
[07:35] <apacheLAGger> any stuff we have to discuss?
[07:36] <d^angel> I think that's basically it...
[07:36] <apacheLAGger> k
[07:36] <d^angel> have the artists organised themselves into a group?
[07:36] <apacheLAGger> admrl: have you?
[07:36] <sven423> last thing: the guys from linuxtag still don't have decided about the talks
[07:36] <d^angel> with a quiet place they can discuss things without getting over-run by everyone else?
[07:36] <apacheLAGger> d^angel: I think there aren't that much yet  [07:37] <apacheLAGger> like it was with roKymotion at the very beginning
[07:37] <apacheLAGger> sven423:  [07:37] <d^angel> Bosse came into #amarok yesterday, but I was just heading out
[07:37] <apacheLAGger> basse  [07:37] <d^angel> er basse
[07:37] <d^angel> yeah, sorry
[07:38] <d^angel> markey told him #rokymotion, but he never joined
[07:38] <d^angel> I don't think he's THAT interested
[07:38] <d^angel> and said he didn't do ivons
[07:38] <d^angel> icons
[07:38] <sven423> apacheLAGger: they refused the topic for the normal talks, but they put it on the candidates list for the "practical linux forums", where application specific talks with presentation of the software take place
[07:39] <d^angel> that sounds like fun
[07:39] <sven423> they wanted to decide until last sunday
[07:39] <d^angel> if it goes ahead, get someone to video it
[07:39] <sven423> I'll try to
[07:40] <sven423> but I suppose notification takes so long because they want to write polite mails saying "sorry, we didn't chose yours"...
[07:40] <-- apachelogger has left this server (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
[07:41] --> apachelogger has joined this channel ([email protected]/rokymotion/apachelogger).
[07:41] <-- apachelogger has left this server (Remote closed the connection).
[07:42] --> apachelogger has joined this channel ([email protected]/rokymotion/apachelogger).
[07:43] <d^angel> you back?
[07:43] <apachelogger> yup
[07:43] * apachelogger really wonders
[07:43] <d^angel> I think we're pretty much done anyway
[07:44] <apachelogger> think so to
[07:44] <apachelogger> +o
[07:44] <apachelogger> anyone wanna say anything for the log?
[07:44] <d^angel> rok on!
[07:44] <d^angel>  [07:44] <d^angel> oh
[07:44] <apachelogger>  [07:44] <d^angel> meeting closed  

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