• todo list is needed Promotion/TODO Not Working
  • ask paleo about space + subdomain on pwsp [1] Not working
  • usability stuff (make 1st steps in usability testing (get ideas from
  • merge wiki to 1.4 and sort out topics/disscussions about 1.2/1.3
  • we will call us "amaroK promotion team"
  • State of the roK:
  • while stable development: how to's à la novell's Cool Solutions
  • while unstable development: podcasts made by the devs .. about the latest stuff in svn
  • try to get amaroK Live released at the same day as amaroK 1.4
  • maybe talk to suse and figure out how they do the cool bootsplashes
  • videos for 1.4
  • keep eyes (ears) open for a jingle
  • more multimedia (promo) stuff in general ... audio messages for releases etc.
  • next meeting: 2005-12-20 Not Working

[06:29] <hurra> 0.5 ;p
[06:29] <hydrogen> :O
[06:29] <hydrogen> good timing
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[06:29] <apachelogger> dangle: horray
[06:29] <dangle> :)
[06:29] <Firetech> cookies @
[06:29] <hydrogen> brb, gotta do sommat, start w/o me if you must!
[06:29] <Firetech> :p
[06:30] <dangle> was about to say the same thing
[06:30] <dangle> I'll be back in 5
[06:30] <apachelogger> Tue Nov 15 20:00:14 UTC 2005
[06:30] <apachelogger> time to start
[06:30] <dangle> power was off for 3 hours last night - gotta do some resetting
[06:30] --> silent|warrior has joined this channel. ([email protected]/silentwarrior)
[06:30] * Firetech hands out the agenda:
[06:31] <apachelogger> well, welcome to the 2nd rokymotion meeting
[06:31] <Firetech> What has happened since last time?
[06:31] <markey> welcome silent|warrior
[06:31] *** apachelogger sets the channel topic to ".:2nd roKymotion meeting:.".
[06:31] <silent|warrior> thx, greetings to all :)
[06:32] *** Firetech sets the channel topic to ".:2nd roKymotion meeting:.".
[06:32] <apachelogger>
[06:33] <apachelogger> we had a schedule ;-)
[06:33] <apachelogger> "ask translators if they would translate news and annoucments"
[06:33] <Firetech> there hasn't been very many promotional stuff going on..
[06:33] <hydrogen> okay
[06:33] <hydrogen> we can do both
[06:33] <hydrogen> first of all
[06:34] <apachelogger> I've talked  to some german translators ... they amaroK fans really had to time to translate some stuff
[06:34] <hydrogen> recap
[06:34] <hydrogen> or apachelogger first
[06:34] <apachelogger> well, letz sum-up what we've done according to last meeting
[06:34] <hydrogen> well
[06:34] <hydrogen> not much
[06:34] <hydrogen> :)
[06:34] <apachelogger> we've informed packers
[06:34] <apachelogger> we have a mailing list
[06:35] <apachelogger> at least some ;-)
[06:35] <Firetech> I haven't done my homework :/
[06:35] <apachelogger> well, this shows that we need some kind of todo list
[06:35] <hydrogen> we kind of had one
[06:35] <Firetech> the cms we talked about last time.
[06:36] <apachelogger> yeah, we should ask Paleo
[06:36] <hydrogen> Paleo: ping :)
[06:36] <dangle> back
[06:37] <apachelogger> dangle: we were just talking about stuff from last meeting
[06:37] <dangle> yupyup
[06:37] <apachelogger> well, paleo seems to be not available ;-)
[06:37] <apachelogger> let's continue
[06:38] <apachelogger> find out where swedish users get their information
[06:38] <Firetech> anyone taking notes?
[06:38] <apachelogger> Firetech--
[06:38] <apachelogger> Firetech: me
[06:38] <Firetech> good
[06:38] <apachelogger> like last time :P
[06:38] <dangle> and logging
[06:38] <apachelogger> dangle: we're just using the irc log ;-)
[06:38] <dangle> yeah
[06:38] <dangle> :)
[06:39] <apachelogger> "make 1st steps in usability testing (get ideas from"
[06:39] <Firetech> define 1st steps ;)
[06:39] <hydrogen> well
[06:39] <hydrogen> I think all steps
[06:39] <hydrogen> now that 1.4 devel has began
[06:39] <apachelogger> oh yeah
[06:39] <hydrogen> that was for pre-1.4 being first steps
[06:39] <apachelogger> we should make a usability test before final phase of 1.4 devel
[06:40] <dangle> any thoughts towards documentation? That's probably the biggest usability hurdle at the moment
[06:40] <dangle> to usability, I mean
[06:40] <hydrogen> there is actually a good bit of documentation
[06:41] <hurra> perhaps a document of dcop-calls and their functions?
[06:41] <apachelogger> well it's not very much and not very good translated
[06:41] <hydrogen> madpenguin does most of that
[06:41] <dangle> there is, but a lot of it is out of date with all the changes that have happened
[06:41] <apachelogger> hurra: wiki
[06:41] <apachelogger> hurra: we try to keep it up-to-date
[06:41] <hydrogen> dangle: we could work towards that
[06:41] <hydrogen> up to date wrt 1.3
[06:41] <apachelogger> hurra: isn't easy though
[06:41] <hydrogen> that brings up one of my other points
[06:41] <dangle> and that's probably the only area I can usefully help in :)
[06:41] <hurra> apachelogger: didn't know, sorry; i don't need any docs ;P
[06:41] <apachelogger> yarr
[06:42] <hydrogen> we should start working on rewriting some of the wiki for 1.4... so that when the first beta is ready, we just push the changes live
[06:42] <apachelogger> yeah, and kick some of the old discussions
[06:42] <dangle> (step one for dangle - learn how to effectively use wiki)
[06:42] <hydrogen> another pruning day coming :)
[06:42] <apachelogger> dangle: yeah that's really necessary here :)
[06:42] <hydrogen> its fairly easy to learn
[06:42] <dangle> does pruned stuff get archived?
[06:42] <hydrogen> wikipedia has a good tutorial or three
[06:42] * markey notes, apachelogger is doing awesome work with the wiki
[06:43] <markey> templates and all
[06:43] <apachelogger> oh thx :)
[06:43] <hydrogen> and
[06:43] <hydrogen> cause I think this is the biggest thing
[06:43] <apachelogger> dangle: archive -> maybe
[06:43] <hydrogen> state of the roK addresses!
[06:43] <apachelogger> well, step by step
[06:43] <apachelogger> what about the archiving?
[06:43] <hydrogen> oh fnie
[06:43] <apachelogger> is it needed at all?
[06:43] <hydrogen> :)
[06:43] <hydrogen> depends
[06:44] <hydrogen> some stuff there is no reason to archive
[06:44] <dangle> only for historical purposes - and if changes are made that need to be reverted
[06:44] <hydrogen> and the rest wouldn't be deleted :)
[06:44] <hydrogen> well, the wiki handles edits
[06:44] <apachelogger> yup
[06:44] <dangle> makes it easier to load up the old stuff instead of rewriting from scratch
[06:44] <apachelogger> hm
[06:44] <dangle> ok, that was all I really meant, whether wiki tracks it
[06:44] <apachelogger> we could take a database backup
[06:45] <cbr> wiki stores diffs
[06:45] <hurra> uh, everybody is shocked?
[06:45] <apachelogger> ha, take database snapshot and store it on >25 mirrors or something like this ;-)
[06:45] <dangle> heh
[06:45] <dangle> it's step 1 in world domination
[06:46] <apachelogger> well
[06:46] <muesli> fd
[06:46] <apachelogger> it's the way linus' would make it
[06:46] <apachelogger> afaik
[06:46] <dangle> ...
[06:46] <dangle> :)
[06:47] <hydrogen> whee
[06:47] <apachelogger> ok
[06:47] <hydrogen> okay
[06:47] <apachelogger> merge wiki to 1.4 and sort out topics/disscussions about 1.2/1.3
[06:47] <dangle> I'll read the site later... more there than I thought
[06:48] <apachelogger> usability is a quite big part
[06:48] <apachelogger> which somehow leads me to the next point
[06:48] <apachelogger> moving focus
[06:48] <apachelogger> currently we're defining us as "the amaroK promotion team"
[06:48] <apachelogger> I think we should rather use "the amaroK marketing team"
[06:49] <markey> marketing sounds a bit like selling stuff, no?
[06:49] <dangle> although... 'marketing' makes it sound like there's money involved
[06:49] <markey> like selling vacuum cleaners
[06:49] <dangle> snap.
[06:49] <apachelogger> markey: promotion as well ,-)
[06:49] <markey> not as much, I think
[06:49] <hydrogen> meh
[06:49] <markey> than again, I'm not a native english speaker
[06:49] <markey> then*
[06:49] <hydrogen> whats the actual difference?
[06:49] <dangle> promotion doesn't give the same impression that there's monetary reward
[06:49] <apachelogger> hydrogen: promo is a part of markting
[06:49] <dangle> I am, markey :)
[06:50] <cbr> market - to sell sth with help of advertising
[06:50] <hurra> yes, promoting is if you have nothing done before, marketing is, if you already have a good project, so it's sounds to me
[06:50] <hydrogen> err
[06:50] <apachelogger> hydrogen: markting in the economic definition is everything that makes stuff selling good
[06:50] <hydrogen> apachelogger: I think you are the other way around
[06:50] <hydrogen> read #amarok
[06:50] <cbr> promote - to advertise sth in order to increase its sales or make it popular
[06:50] <Firetech> apachelogger: promotion is about promoting (can be without money), marketing is more selling stuff...
[06:50] <cbr> Oxford University says so
[06:50] <apachelogger> hydrogen: [20:20] <duke_> i'm using fedora core 4
[06:50] <apachelogger> good hint ;-)
[06:50] <hydrogen> oh
[06:50] <hydrogen> you wern't there
[06:50] <hydrogen> sec
[06:51] <hydrogen> [15:20] <duskbot> Untouchable: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: promotion \pro*mo"tion\ (pr[-o]*m[=o]"sh[u^]n), n. [L. promotio: cf. F. promotion.] The act of promoting, advancing, or encouraging; the act of exalting in rank or honor; also, the condition of being advanced, encouraged, or exalted in honor; preferment. --Milton. [1913 Webster] Promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor
[06:51] <hydrogen> [15:20] <hydrogen> |dict marketing
[06:51] <hydrogen> [15:20] <duskbot> hydrogen: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Market \Mar"ket\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Marketed}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Marketing}.] To deal in a market; to buy or sell; to make bargains for provisions or goods. [1913 Webster]; wn: marketing n 1: the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money [syn: {selling}, {merchandising}] 2: the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and (5
[06:51] <markey> imho promotion fits better here
[06:51] <apachelogger> jeez
[06:51] <markey> cause we don't sell stuff
[06:51] <apachelogger> well, it's actually very unimportant how we call us
[06:51] <apachelogger> because we're really not a marketing team and also not a promo
[06:51] <hydrogen> I think we should be the "friends of amaroK"
[06:51] <apachelogger> something in between
[06:52] <hydrogen> amaroK's bitches!
[06:52] <apachelogger> ARR
[06:52] <dangle> hehe
[06:52] <hydrogen> I mean
[06:52] <dangle> can't really think of anything better than 'promotion'
[06:52] <Firetech> apachelogger: thing about it... roKymotion -> promotion... roKymotion doesn't fit with marketing ;)
[06:52] <hydrogen> I see many of us as a group of people who can/will do stuff besides code
[06:52] <hydrogen> roKarting!
[06:53] <apachelogger> nah
[06:53] <dangle> *snort*
[06:53] <Firetech> roKeting :P
[06:53] <apachelogger> that sounds like ART
[06:53] <apachelogger> ok, letz stay with promotion team
[06:53] <hydrogen> markroK
[06:53] <dangle> 'promotion' also has a forward moving sound to it
[06:53] <hydrogen> or
[06:53] <hydrogen> morKok
[06:53] <hydrogen> :D
[06:53] <dangle> !
[06:53] * hydrogen sh4uts up now
[06:53] <hydrogen> NEXT
[06:53] <apachelogger> promo is also more common for OSS projects
[06:54] <dangle> yes
[06:54] <apachelogger> so, now it's hydrogen's turn
[06:54] <dangle> unless you want to get into tricky acronyms, promo is snappy
[06:54] <hydrogen> okay
[06:54] <hydrogen> my pet project
[06:54] <hydrogen> state of the roK's!
[06:54] <hydrogen> in short
[06:55] <hydrogen> either a newsletter/podcast... or both! that are a "this week/month in svn"
[06:55] <hurra> good idea ;)
[06:55] <dangle> definately
[06:55] <hydrogen> benefits of a newsletter: get it synced with planet maybe
[06:55] <hurra> i love the blogs, but they should get released more often
[06:55] <dangle> what about a weekly newsletter, with a "special feature" once a month, that's synced with a podcast?
[06:55] <hydrogen> we can't let people blog
[06:55] <hydrogen> they need to code
[06:55] <markey> we devs have been toying with podcast ideas already
[06:56] <hurra> just some words, on what you haven been working/working right now on
[06:56] <hydrogen> :D
[06:56] <apachelogger> yarr
[06:56] <markey> only technical limitations stopping it so far
[06:56] <dangle> because producing a 'cast is a lot of work, when you get down to it
[06:56] <hydrogen> dangle: thats kind of what I was thinking
[06:56] <apachelogger> hm
[06:56] <hydrogen> we could have short blurbs about stuff added this week
[06:56] <hydrogen> and a featured project/developer once a month
[06:56] <markey> you gotta make a skype group conference, record it..
[06:56] <dangle> yep :)
[06:56] <markey> as we're all spread over the globe
[06:57] <hurra> just speak about the changlog-diff ;)
[06:57] <dangle> (makes another note, reinstall skype)
[06:57] <apachelogger> while development -> podcasts from devs | while stable -> describing how to use the feature in all it's glory
[06:57] <dangle> State of the 'roK needs to be in simple "promo" type language...
[06:57] <dangle> you want it to get to as many USERS as possible
[06:57] <hydrogen> yea apachelogger
[06:57] <markey> well and it's gotta be fun
[06:57] <hydrogen> yes
[06:57] <hydrogen> all of the above
[06:57] <markey> podcasts need to be funny
[06:57] <apachelogger> show the users how mighty things they can do with the latest release
[06:57] <apachelogger> maybe something like novell's Cool Solutions
[06:57] <apachelogger> from
[06:58] <apachelogger> this could be the stuff for the stable development
[06:58] --> sven423^laptop has joined this channel. ([email protected]
[06:58] <apachelogger> when we don't have that much new stuff
[06:58] <Firetech> sven423^laptop: you're late
[06:58] <apachelogger> and while development devs are podcasting about the new stuff
[06:58] <dangle> encourage userbase contribution, for example - more themes, "what I use amarok for"..
[06:58] <apachelogger> Firetech: better late than never ;-)
[06:59] <dangle> for the 'cast, maybe a feature artist from a CC label
[06:59] <apachelogger> arr yeah
[06:59] <hydrogen> well
[06:59] <hydrogen> more themes should come as the svn server gets up, and we push that stuff
[06:59] <hydrogen> maybe one week a simple theme writing guide
[07:00] <dangle> fairly early on
[07:00] <dangle> :)
[07:01] <dangle> competitions?
[07:01] <hydrogen> that wouldn't be hard
[07:01] <dangle> although I'm not sure what we could offer in the way of prizes...
[07:01] <hydrogen> "autographed amaroK live cd!"
[07:01] <hurra> lol
[07:01] <dangle> hehwith the packaging that's sent it round the world to be signed ;)
[07:02] <apachelogger> hehe
[07:02] <dangle>  maybe something like this - so people can see "where the roK is" ?
[07:02] <hydrogen> that'd be cool
[07:03] <dangle> it's a bit more visual than a group on :)
[07:03] <dangle> only thing is (for me at least) it doesn't load properly in konq
[07:04] --> aplg has joined this channel. ([email protected])
[07:04] <hydrogen> so
[07:05] <hydrogen> do we want to start working on this?
[07:05] <dangle> ah, that's why it went quiet :)
[07:05] <hydrogen> simplest way I can think of doing it
[07:05] <-- apachelogger has left this server. (Nick collision from services.)
[07:05] <hydrogen> is to add a file to svn, that is cleansed weekly, where dev's add a terse (though less so than the ChangeLog) description of the new features
[07:05] *** aplg is now known as apachelogger.
[07:05] <hydrogen> we can take that, flesh it out, add screen shots
[07:05] <dangle> put it on the wiki, and mail it out
[07:05] <apachelogger> hm, what are we talking?
[07:06] <dangle> want the log in PM?
[07:06] <Firetech> apachelogger: state of the 'roK
[07:06] <apachelogger> ah, still
[07:06] <Firetech> dangle: I'd use pastebin
[07:06] <apachelogger> dangle: please
[07:06] <apachelogger> last line I got: [Tue Nov 15 2005] [20:32:34] <dangle>  maybe something like this - so people can see "where the roK is" ?
[07:06] <hydrogen> oh, you didn't miss much
[07:06] <Firetech> [21:33:09] <hydrogen> that'd be cool
[07:06] <Firetech> [21:33:45] <dangle> it's a bit more visual than a group on :)
[07:06] <Firetech> [21:34:17] <dangle> only thing is (for me at least) it doesn't load properly in konq
[07:07] <dangle> he's got it
[07:07] <Firetech> then you came back
[07:07] <dangle> arrr
[07:07] <Firetech> what is on the todo list right now then?
[07:08] <hydrogen> uhm
[07:08] <hydrogen> I think thats basically it
[07:08] <Firetech> state of the 'roK, ?
[07:08] <Firetech> cms?
[07:08] <dangle> state of the rok leads directly into "Brainstorm ways to get people looking forward to 1.4"
[07:08] <apachelogger> a todo is on the todo
[07:08] <apachelogger> asking about space on pwsp
[07:08] <Firetech> apachelogger: :P
[07:08] <apachelogger> looking for the usability stuff
[07:09] <hydrogen>
[07:09] <apachelogger> merge the wiki to 1.4 related stuff
[07:09] <apachelogger> stat of the rok
[07:09] <apachelogger> *state *roK
[07:09] <hydrogen> how else can we get people to like 1.4?
[07:09] <dangle> I've been pimping features like m4a support
[07:09] <apachelogger> keeping things secret always helps ;-)
[07:09] <dangle> that seems to be a biggie at the moment
[07:10] <apachelogger> special feature, none knows, none knows if it works, none knows if it exists
[07:10] <hydrogen> actually
[07:10] <hydrogen> one thing I kind of want to do
[07:10] <hydrogen> is write a search GUI
[07:10] <Firetech> hydrogen: <shameless_self_advertising>get people to use amaroK-svn (</shameless_self_advertising>
[07:11] <hydrogen> so people don't need to memorize keywords :)
[07:11] <Firetech> stupid idea though...
[07:11] <hydrogen> but Firetech I wouldn't do that currently
[07:11] <apachelogger> Firetech: I'll not suggest a "normal" user the svn version
[07:11] <Firetech> "stupid idea though..."
[07:11] <hydrogen> 1) using svn makes one less excited when 1.4 is released
[07:11] <apachelogger> totally :P
[07:11] <hydrogen> and
[07:11] <hydrogen> 2) At this point, the source tree seems to break too much :/, and too many possible bugs..
[07:11] <hydrogen> one thing that would be nice
[07:12] <hydrogen> would be to work with oggb4mp3 and get amaroK live 1.4 released at the same time as amaroK 1.4
[07:12] <Firetech> promote the moodbar, learn people how it's used (before release)
[07:12] <apachelogger> Firetech: learn excalibar how to build on more systems?
[07:12] <hydrogen> :D
[07:12] <apachelogger> hydrogen: yeah good idea
[07:12] <hydrogen> I got it to build last night! I'm happy
[07:12] <Firetech> that's gav's work :P
[07:12] <Untouchable> heh
[07:12] <hydrogen> what I want to do now
[07:12] <dangle>  like this?
[07:12] <hydrogen> is get amaroK to build
[07:13] <hydrogen> I'm about to ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
[07:13] <hydrogen> and see what happens
[07:13] <dangle> I got amarok killing bugs in moodbar at the moment
[07:14] <hydrogen> nah, that does work :(
[07:15] <apachelogger> well, another important thing (for fixing bugs) are nightly builds
[07:15] <apachelogger> does eean also provide tarballs?
[07:15] <markey> we got nightly klik builds now
[07:15] <markey> thanks to eean
[07:15] <apachelogger> markey: which needs a working klik ;-)
[07:15] <markey> tarball, I don't no
[07:15] <apachelogger> hm
[07:15] <markey> shouldn't be a problem at all
[07:16] <hydrogen> hmm
[07:16] <apachelogger> well, I'll hopefully have a server next week
[07:16] <apachelogger> then I'll start nightly builds
[07:16] <apachelogger> with tarball
[07:16] <hydrogen> markey: gonna shamelessly hog you for a second... why does amaroK want or better yet, why wouldn't I have it? I've got
[07:16] <apachelogger> btw, I need some space, somewhere
[07:17] <markey> hydrogen: try --without-arts
[07:17] <hydrogen> apachelogger: I may be able to get you some
[07:17] <apachelogger> would roK ;-)
[07:17] <hydrogen> I've got a site
[07:17] <hydrogen> just need to figure out how to add you :)
[07:18] <apachelogger> about making peeps looking forward to 1.4:
[07:18] <apachelogger> ARTWORK!
[07:18] <apachelogger> of course
[07:18] <dangle> yes!
[07:18] <apachelogger> wallpapers and such stuff
[07:19] <apachelogger> a decent roKing bootscreen would roK as well
[07:19] <hurra> yes, and a cool video!
[07:19] <apachelogger> ah
[07:19] <apachelogger> video
[07:19] <hurra> like they do for krita ie
[07:19] <apachelogger> any ideas for the video?
[07:19] <hydrogen> we need to talk to suse, and figure out how they do the cool bootsplashes
[07:20] <hurra> just show some nice functions in the video
[07:20] <Firetech> oops... I crashed my amaroK :/
[07:20] <dangle> join the club :)
[07:20] <hydrogen> mines been stable since I did a few drastic manuvers
[07:20] <apachelogger> hurra: problem with roK is that we need sound as well
[07:20] <Firetech> removed the active dynamic playlist, and then selected to edit it...
[07:20] <hydrogen> drastic being a general purge of amaroK related data from ~/.kde
[07:20] <hurra> hm
[07:21] <apachelogger> and we'd distribute as theora
[07:21] <dangle> porn groove soundtrack?
[07:21] <hydrogen> no such luck markey... I'm thinking its musicbrainz
[07:21] <markey> we'd also like to get a nice startup jingle for 1.4
[07:21] <markey> played on first start
[07:21] <markey> winamp style
[07:21] <apachelogger> a wolf
[07:21] <dangle> ooooh
[07:22] <apachelogger> howl
[07:22] <dangle> a wolf would 'roK
[07:22] <hydrogen> I could record my dog :) alaskan malumute that loves to howl
[07:22] <markey> I got some contacts to electronic music producers
[07:22] <markey> will push for something
[07:22] <apachelogger> hydrogen: put it on your todo ... it's maybe the one we're looking for ;-)
[07:22] <hydrogen> :)
[07:23] <apachelogger> btw, we're producing a lam amaroK promo video at school ... to get in touch with video cams etc.
[07:23] <apachelogger> *lame
[07:23] <Firetech> might get some ideas from taht...
[07:23] <Firetech> *that
[07:23] <hurra> i could film my screen with my camcorder *duck*
[07:23] <hydrogen> one of my dogs
[07:23] <dangle> (OH brainwave - competition pries can be tshirts)
[07:23] <cbr> do an amaroK 1.4 dance video.. similar to the qt4 one :p
[07:24] <hydrogen> other one
[07:24] <hydrogen>
[07:24] <markey> actually stuff like that rocks :)
[07:24] <apachelogger> hurra: yeah but the quality wouldn't be that good
[07:24] <markey> as long as it's funny
[07:24] <markey> people will love it
[07:24] <markey> audio messages, videos..
[07:24] <apachelogger> as long as it is funny :D
[07:24] <dangle> voxpops in the street with people saying "amaroK"
[07:24] <markey> all sorts of multimedia content
[07:24] <hydrogen> I'm still thinking the best picture for the fundraiser would have been one of the amaroK developers sitting on a street corner in a poor part of a city with a laptop
[07:24] <hydrogen> hacking away
[07:24] <apachelogger> dangle: looking like musical ;-)
[07:25] <dangle> yes :)
[07:25] <apachelogger> yo
[07:25] <markey> imagine, with our next dot article we'd include a link to some audio message
[07:25] <markey> everyone would click it
[07:25] <markey> I know I'd do
[07:25] <dangle> as an aside... would getting permission to hand out CDs at gigs be possible?
[07:25] <apachelogger> oh yeah
[07:26] <dangle> something along the lines of the livecd message?
[07:26] <Firetech> one thing that would be cool would be to implement qemu on the amaroK Live CD, so it can be run inside Windows (like Knoppix 3.8)
[07:27] <apachelogger> dangle: I haven't really got you, sry
[07:27] <dangle> [07:25] <markey> imagine, with our next dot article we'd include a link to some audio message
[07:27] <dangle> [07:25] <markey> everyone would click it
[07:27] <dangle> 7:26] <dangle> something along the lines of the livecd message?
[07:27] <dangle> :)
[07:27] <dangle> sorry, I'm a woman after all, my thoughts are allowed to be disjointed :)
[07:27] <markey> ;)
[07:28] <apachelogger> hm
[07:28] <apachelogger> :)
[07:28] <dangle> did you mean the bit about cds at gigs?
[07:28] <apachelogger> yo
[07:28] <dangle> ah
[07:28] <apachelogger> gigs = events
[07:28] <apachelogger> ?
[07:28] <dangle> yep, bands in pubs
[07:28] <dangle> small scale stuff
[07:28] <apachelogger> well
[07:29] <apachelogger> it's free music
[07:29] <apachelogger> free software
[07:29] <apachelogger> I don't think that you need special permissions for
[07:29] <dangle> what got me thinking, is that a friend of my husband is playing a venue near here next week
[07:29] <dangle> ah, I meant permission from the venu/band
[07:29] <dangle> venue*
[07:30] <apachelogger> hm
[07:30] <apachelogger> depends on the venue I think
[07:30] <dangle> bands might not like other people's music being handed out, but if they're unsigned, and doing their own material, would maybe be possible to work out a deal where their music is put on a liveCD
[07:31] <apachelogger> well, I imagine actually the not _that_ famous artists wouldn't have a problem with it
[07:31] <markey> to some it up: imho adding audio content (podcast, voice messages, silly stuff) is an excellent way to promote an audio player
[07:31] <dangle> that's where I was thinking of starting :)
[07:31] <markey> kinda natural
[07:31] <apachelogger> from the todo: * more multimedia (promo) stuff in general ... audio messages for releases etc.
[07:31] <markey> s/some/sum
[07:32] <hurra> perhaps also in different languages?
[07:32] <markey> well no
[07:32] <markey> that's going too far
[07:32] <dangle> at LEAST for the text...
[07:33] <dangle> actually, if you were going to do a brief audio clip for dot kde stuff... perhaps it would be good to have a list of links in different languages?
[07:33] * dangle can do pure aussie
[07:33] * markey can do pure engrish
[07:33] <dangle> and they're different enough to cause comment ;)
[07:34] <apachelogger> _engrish_ ;-)
[07:34] * silent|warrior need to sleep, have to work hard tomorrow, bye c u later
[07:34] <dangle> it would go along with internationalising amaroK
[07:34] <dangle> bye
[07:35] <apachelogger> salut dangle
[07:35] <apachelogger> erm
[07:35] <apachelogger> silent|warrior
[07:35] <apachelogger> what ever
[07:35] <dangle> err not me :)
[07:35] <hurra> perhaps not translate every message, but only the important ones, which appear on the big sites?
[07:35] <apachelogger> we need to clean the promotion page
[07:35] <-- silent|warrior has left this channel. ("Leaving")
[07:36] <apachelogger> translating those messages isn't a good idea at all
[07:36] <Firetech> apachelogger: restart on the roKymotion page maybe? :P
[07:36] <hydrogen> ah
[07:36] <hydrogen> installing flac-devel worked :)
[07:36] <markey> np: Infected Mushroom - Elation Station [Converting Vegetarians]
[07:36] <apachelogger> Firetech: move the discuession stuff to it's page
[07:36] <Firetech> that too...
[07:37] <apachelogger> 1st thing we should do imo
[07:37] <apachelogger> ok
[07:37] <apachelogger> anythig we should talk about?
[07:37] <dangle> actual goals for the next month or until next meeting?
[07:37] <dangle> some kind of timeframe?
[07:38] <apachelogger>
[07:38] <apachelogger> dangle: take a look at that stuff
[07:38] <-- hurra has left this channel. (""i'm tired, bye"")
[07:38] <apachelogger> and preparing for 1.4 of course
[07:39] <apachelogger> could someone please add the log?
[07:39] <hydrogen> what do we want to do wrt state of the roK
[07:39] <dangle> is there any way to prioritise the list?
[07:39] <dangle> or IS that the priority? :)
[07:39] <apachelogger> well, it's not a todo at all
[07:40] <apachelogger> that's why making a todo for the todo's stuff is the 1st point on the todo ;-)
[07:40] * apachelogger should use commas
[07:40] <dangle> the todo that's not a todo
[07:40] <apachelogger> right
[07:40] <apachelogger> the (gnome) todo :P
[07:40] <dangle> which, really, is what we're here for :)
[07:40] <markey> who's gonna post the amarok svn article?
[07:40] <dangle> HA!
[07:41] <apachelogger> markey: is it finished already?
[07:41] <dangle> I can stick the log up - do you want it cleaned up or as is?
[07:41] <markey> almost?
[07:41] <apachelogger> hm
[07:41] <apachelogger> we maybe should ask a kde promoter to look through it
[07:41] <markey> dangle: would you correct it? (native wise)
[07:41] <markey> you know, cleaning it up
[07:41] <dangle> well... I can take out the chitchat :)
[07:41] <apachelogger> dangle: like you've got it
[07:41] <dangle> oh, the svn article?
[07:41] <apachelogger> none is really rading the log
[07:41] <markey> more like, fix the grammar ;)
[07:41] <apachelogger> *reading
[07:42] <dangle> nuh uh... I'm not tampering with words set in stone! 
[07:42] <dangle> I read the log!
[07:42] <dangle> of the last meeting
[07:42] <markey>
[07:42] <dangle> sure markey - I'll take a look
[07:43] <dangle> is it going to be called "amarok SNV server"?
[07:43] <dangle> SVN
[07:43] <markey> hmm
[07:43] <markey> I spose so
[07:43] <markey> objections?
[07:43] <dangle> or does it have a "snappy name?
[07:43] <dangle> "
[07:43] <hydrogen> damnit
[07:43] <hydrogen> I burned my popcorn
[07:44] <markey> for developer types this is snappy ;)
[07:44] <dangle> ha!
[07:44] <dangle> geeks :P
[07:44] <markey> geeks all over the world salivate
[07:44] <apachelogger> lol
[07:44] <apachelogger> btw, next meeting is on 13. december
[07:44] <dangle> it just...
[07:44] <hydrogen> okay
[07:44] <hydrogen> I should be able to make it
[07:44] <dangle> you realise "amaroK SVN server" has an interesting acronym?
[07:44] <hydrogen> I'm going out to new york one weekend
[07:44] <dangle> 13th is cool
[07:45] <hydrogen> I think thats the week before though
[07:45] *** apachelogger sets the channel topic to "Last meeting: || next meeting will be on 13. december".
[07:45] <hydrogen> same time?
[07:45] <apachelogger> ah
[07:45] <apachelogger> stupid
[07:45] <apachelogger> bah
[07:45] <apachelogger> 20th
[07:45] <dangle> :)
[07:45] *** apachelogger sets the channel topic to "Last meeting: || next meeting will be on 20. december".
[07:45] <dangle> what day is that?
[07:45] <apachelogger> hydrogen: maybe
[07:45] <hydrogen> tuesday
[07:45] <apachelogger> like always
[07:46] <dangle> the diary on the back of my hand doesn't go that far - I'll have to write it down
[07:46] <apachelogger> dangle: 3rd tuesday of month
[07:46] <dangle> ok :)
[07:46] <dangle> markey: "amaroK SVN server" = aSs - was that intentional?
[07:46] <markey> I'm not so sure about that ;)
[07:46] <hydrogen> "check it out from the ass"
[07:46] <hydrogen> I LIKE
[07:47] <dangle> hehe
[07:47] <dangle> because people WILL abbreviate...
[07:49] <apachelogger> hydrogen: we should make a agenda template .. with a cool looking icon ;-)
[07:49] <hydrogen> aye
[07:49] <hydrogen> I'm currently trying to take a test
[07:49] <hydrogen> then am gonna go for a drive
[07:49] <hydrogen> then we'll see
[07:49] * hydrogen is playing ♫ Watching Over Me ♫ by Iced Earth on Alive in Athens (disc 2) [amaroK]
[07:49] --> aplg has joined this channel. ([email protected])
[07:50] <hydrogen> gotta build konvi from svn sometime soon too
[07:50] <-- apachelogger has left this server. (Remote closed the connection)
[07:50] <markey> btw dangle, you want a purty irc cloak?
[07:50] <dangle> yes please :)
[07:50] <hydrogen> ooh
[07:50] <markey> alright, scheduled
[07:50] *** aplg is now known as apachelogger.
[07:50] <hydrogen> actually
[07:50] <hydrogen> name should stay
[07:50] <hydrogen> cause that way
[07:50] <hydrogen> we can have amarok/ass/user CLOAKS
[07:50] <markey> lolol
[07:50] <apachelogger> hahaha
[07:51] <markey> btw, we can hand out amarok/user cloaks
[07:51] <markey> if there is demand
[07:51] <markey> among the croud
[07:51] <hydrogen> one thing I think we should work on
[07:51] <markey> or amarok/supporter, amarok/creep, whatever
[07:51] * apachelogger is gonna add the roKymoters to the "thanks to" thing
[07:51] <hydrogen> is finding a third party to work on a newforge article for amaroK 1.3
[07:52] <hydrogen> or 1.4
[07:52] <apachelogger> doh :(
[07:52] <apachelogger>
[07:52] <apachelogger> still no log
[07:52] <apachelogger> think about the poor logloggers :/
[07:53] <cbr> would it be possible to disable the lyrics/wiki tabs too? i doubt most people use them and they just take up extra space
[07:53] <cbr> they could be enabled as default
[07:53] * hydrogen uses
[07:53] <hydrogen> at least lyrics
[07:53] <hydrogen> but wiki.. meh
[07:54] <hydrogen> should be able to allow disabling
[07:54] <hydrogen> actually
[07:54] <apachelogger> hm
[07:54] <apachelogger> why?
[07:54] <hydrogen> what I'd kind of like to do
[07:54] <hydrogen> is see a way of exposing all this to theme designers
[07:54] <hydrogen> and let them do as they please
[07:54] <apachelogger> doesn't disturb me at all
[07:55] <dangle> markey:
[07:55] <cbr> well you can live with it but it would be cleaner without it ;)
[07:56] <hydrogen> another thing I'd kind of like to see us do, as its kind of a useablilty/thing we would benefit from
[07:56] <hydrogen> is add ToolTips
[07:56] <hydrogen> to many of the widgets
[07:56] <hydrogen> to clarify a bit more most things
[07:56] <markey> I'm into dangle
[07:56] <markey> awesome
[07:56] <markey> no wait
[07:56] <markey> I'm into the article
[07:57] <dangle> hehe
[07:57] <markey> thanks dangle
[07:57] <markey> both!
[07:57] <dangle> np
[07:57] <hydrogen> hrm
[07:57] <dangle> ok, your turn apachelogger :P
[07:57] <hydrogen> we should write a sonnet about it :)
[07:57] <dangle> on the log stuff now
[07:57] <hydrogen> or
[07:57] <hydrogen> AN INTRODUCTORY HAIKU
[07:57] <hydrogen> I'd do it.. but am a bit tired
[07:57] <hydrogen> and busy
[07:58] <apachelogger> hum, ham, hom?
[07:58] <hydrogen> 5 7 5
[07:58] <apachelogger> dangle: ?
[07:58] <hydrogen> I think
[07:58] *** apachelogger is now known as hacklogger.
[07:58] <dangle> [07:52] <apachelogger>
[07:58] <dangle> [07:52] <apachelogger> still no log
[07:58] <dangle> [07:52] <apachelogger> think about the poor logloggers :/
[07:58] <-- Untouchable has left this server. (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[07:58] <hacklogger> dangle: I don't have a complete log
[07:58] <dangle> I do
[07:59] <hacklogger> :-P
[07:59] <hacklogger> means you gonna add it
[07:59] <hacklogger> or I'll not add you to the thanks to stuff :P
[07:59] <dangle> just wanted to know if you wanted it as is?
[07:59] <hacklogger> dangle: yup
[07:59] <dangle> ok
[07:59] <hacklogger> it just has to be readable ;-=
[08:00] <dangle> HA
[08:00] <dangle> and I have to read the editing docs as I go...
[08:03] <hacklogger> dangle: what's your full name and emal address?
[08:04] <dangle> Christie Harris, [email protected]
[08:04] <hacklogger> thx
[08:04] <markey> np: Infected Mushroom - Avratz [Converting Vegetarians]
[08:04] <dangle> how do I make the log a text box like on the previous meeting page?
[08:04] <hacklogger> <pre></pre>
[08:04] <dangle> ta
[08:06] <dangle> have we had an official "meeting closed" yet?
[08:06] <dangle> or are we still going?
[08:06] <dangle> :)
[08:06] <Firetech> *dunk* meeting closed.
[08:07] <Firetech> there? :P

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