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[ Configuration working for a Samsung YP-F1 mp3/ogg/wma player on Gentoo with Amarok 1.4. I suppose that should work with any Flash based player but cannot check. I will update this section only necessary (Amarok upgrades etc...) Djepi 05:57, 24 February 2006 (EST) ]

I used a udev rule to specify a custom device node. I chose /dev/ypf1. That way you can configure Amarok so that it knows the YP-F1 is a media player but ignores other USB sticks which usually use /dev/sda1. The rule I used is added in /etc/udev/rules.d/40-local.rules:

  #Samsung YP-F1 ogg player
  BUS=="usb", SYSFS{manufacturer}=="Samsung", SYSFS{product}=="YP-F1", NAME="ypf1"

It tells udev to use the name "ypf1" for the device with name "YP-F1" from the manufacturer "Samsung" on the USB bus.

Close Amarok, plug in the player and make sure that it is mounted. I used ivman to have it mounted automatically. I also told the KDE media manager to "Do nothing" by default for these types of drives.

Unmount and remove your player and restart Amarok. The next time the player is plugged in, Amarok will ask you if you want to use this device, select the "VFAT media plugin" and click OK.

In Amarok, click the Media device tag and then "Connect" to the device. You should now see the files on your media player. Click the configure icon and customise the pre-connect and post-disconnect actions. I left the pre-connect action blank but changed the post-disconnect action to be able to unmount the media player:

  pumount %d

You can also specify a pre-connect command to mount the device automatically if you are not using another service (like ivman).

That way, I know that after I disconnect the device in Amarok, I can just unplug the USB cable.

If you want Amarok to ignore a device, open the Device and Plugin Manager (click the Configure icon in the Media Browser) and choose "Do Not Handle" for a media device's plugin.

That does it for me. It seems to be working well although I have had some issues with some files not wanting to be transfered and stopping the transfer queue. This happened only once I will write more when I have worked out what actually happens.

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