This are the results of ferai and aumuell chatting on IRC on 9 July 2007.

  • Integration into Collection
    • Show device contents as another collection in collection browser
    • Hopefully provide a combined view of all collections
    • Use d'n'd for copying to media devices
    • Hide transfer queue from user, start transfers immediately in a background thread
  • Make media devices kio based
    • provide access to all music tracks as files
    • handle playlists, stats, ... as special files (e.g. text files containging key:value pairs)
    • this should provide a generic interface to all devices
    • device specific code will go into kio slave only
    • phonon will play all music on any media device
  • Playlist handling
    • Provide option to 'copy' and to 'sync' regular playlists
    • Delete tracks from the device if a playlist is synced and if it is not on any other playlist
    • Create a special 'Keep this' playlist for manually copied stuff

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