Currently, support for devices in Amarok 2 is limited to:

  • iPods
  • MTP Devices

If you own one of these devices and it worked in Amarok 1.x, it should work in Amarok 2.

Configuration and Connection

Starting with Amarok 2, media devices will be connected and disconnected using the Media Devices Applet. Supported devices will attempt to autoconnect on Amarok startup, so this tutorial only applies to people who want to disconnect/connect manually.

  1. Open the Media Devices Applet
  2. Plug in your device.
    1. In case you have an iPod, it will need to be mounted by some HAL-aware environment, such as KDE 4, in which case you could mount it through Dolphin or the New Device Notifier applet. Once mounted, it should show up in the Media Devices applet.
    2. In case you have an MTP device, make sure it's in MTP mode.
  3. Click the connect button (currently a green plus sign) to connect it. Once connected, a new device collection (e.g. iPod collection) should show up in the collection browser on the left.
  4. To disconnect, simply click the disconnect button (currently a red X sign).

Missing Features Not Yet Implemented

  1. Podcasts
  2. Synching
  3. Cover Art

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