Amarok/Archives/MP3:MP3 on Kubuntu 6.06

Easy Going

The easiest way to get MP3 support is upgrading to latest Amarok, it ships with a special feature which takes care of installing the needed software: Kubuntu Download Page


In case you don't want to upgrade Amarok, this how to will guide you to do what the feature in latest Amarok does. It's basically uncomment the universe repository for APT to get all needed software. If you're using Adept:

  • Open Adept
  • Menubar -> Adept -> Manage Repositories
  • Enable the lines which end with 'dapper universe' and 'dapper multiverse'
  • Click "Apply", "Close" and then choose "Fetch Updates" from the toolbar
  • Now you can install the needed software, listed below. Because of simplicity those are commands you have to enter in Konsole. You can of course use Adept or Synaptic to install the named packages (listed in italics).

Run the listed command for your chosen engine below (in Konsole):


  • sudo apt-get install libmad0 libxine-extracodecs



Musicbrainz (It doesn't work for MP3 files otherwise)

In Konsole:


  • sudo su -c "echo \"deb dapper main universe\" >> /etc/apt/sources.list"
  • wget #(optional)
  • sudo apt-key add kczessi.gpg && rm kczessi.gpg #(optional)
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install libtunepimp2c2a libtunepimp2-dev


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