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amaroK - THE audio player


We are pleased to read a recent review of amaroK in the Grumpy Editor series at, in which the author describes the best and worst features of four popular GNU/Posix audio players. Describing amaroK in all it's glory is difficult yet he manages to include most of amaroK's awesome features. On the negative side, he points out a number of usability problems (for example the lack of dynamic mode documentation).
We agree with his assessment, and are working to fix these issues to make amaroK better than ever. Some specific items already being addressed are:

"the flashing track name in the playlist display"
  • This has been addressed in amaroK svn, and is looking great!
"There is a "dynamic playlist" feature which is poorly documented"
  • The Dynamic Playlist documentation is in the process of being rewritten, as the whole Dynamic Mode interface will be quite different (and a lot neater) in the next version of amaroK.
"There is reasonable player support built into amaroK, but, of course, it only
supports iPods. Unlike the other players, amaroK allows the user to configure a mount command to make the player available."  
  • amaroK's media device support is progressing at a furious pace, with support for iPod and some iRiver (ifp) devices already included and progress being made towards generic USB device support. The media device system will be modular in version 1.4 (can be currently tested in amaroK SVN), allowing anyone to write an interface plugin for any device.

At this point we'd like to introduce you to, where you can submit wishes or bugreports so that we can fix them and improve the quality of amaroK.
All in all, the author seems impressed at the rate of development in the amaroK project, and suggests that we are one of the best media players out there -- we promise you that we will make amaroK the undeniable number 1 player.


amaroK 1.3 reviewed


It seems to be review time.
Since the development of amaroK 1.4 (which will have many awesome new features and improvements) began, some people have produced reviews of latest stable 1.3 series.

The amaroK team is thrilled to see amaroK way ahead of the pack in a recent article on, in which the author describes the best and worst features of four popular GNU/Posix audio players. Here (link to a.k.o article) is how they are addressing some of the issues mentioned in the review.

amaroK has also been reviewed in the GNU/Linux User Show #27, an informative podcast series about Linux related topics. The author describes most of amaroK's features and shows once again that the slogan "rediscover your music" fits perfectly. He also gives the amaroK team a good indication of problems first-time users might face. You can download the review at their website, or by adding the podcast to amaroK.


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